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I am a philosopher and spiritualist, I like to help others when I can.

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    My next stay in the hospital will be 5-7 days after that.

    I will update this post as the process completes.

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To lead · 1:20pm Jul 18th, 2015

Come take my hoof, I am light,
I shall lead you from dark to bright.
Follow my voice I am here,
Waiting for you to hear.
Come to the sound I plead,
From this dark place I will lead.

Seek out my spark, I am life,
From you shall I take your strife.
This way I plead, come to me now,
come to me now, to the light bow,
follow in joy, dance and play,
to the light, let your heart sway,

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Comments ( 10 )

*Start's clapping slowly* *Get's faster* That was beautiful. Truly beautiful.

good poem like i said before you should get a local publisher to publish these in books.:pinkiehappy:

Thats what my dad dose

3248758 the light and life of what?

3251835 figuratively speaking.

3251837 ok? That doesn't explain anything

3251857 ok a bit much but ok

Your poetry is always so lovely and so inspirational. :twilightsmile: I always love reading it.

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