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    That is all.

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An eternal fate. (Poetry) · 6:12am May 1st, 2018

A fate yet eternal with a pain ever present,
She appears every night, a spectre of fate,
Her eyes filled with wrath, her presence brought with it blame,
For ignorance long ago, made sure a young girl would not age,
And a child to grow up, with his mind to become his cage,
For each night he begged, for mercy or death,
But neither was brought, for the curse has a debt,
A lifetime of fear for failing the ones he held dear,
A life he failed to save to haunt him to his grave,
and bring forth the pain, of the loved one he failed to save,
First, it brought fear, then hate and eventually acceptance,
For the boy found the curse to be a shocking new lesson,
One must accept who they are and find that truth deep inside,
Least death guides our hands and brings our early demise.

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