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How To Use Super tasty Original Aloe juices · 2:39am Oct 20th, 2016

Aloe vera has a way to heal the skin. It handles everything from burns to pimples. Each hospital should have aloe in the burns ward. It is excellent for treating burns. Every kitchen should have that healthy plants. You do not need to live in a desert cactus to plant it. It thrives almost anywhere, the best in the sun.

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[FMP] New Reading, New Plans, and New Pants! · 3:35am Jan 3rd, 2017


Ditzy Doo Loves Muffins - A Poem · 11:52pm Aug 4th, 2019

Ditzy Doo Loves Muffins

I enjoy eating muffins
I like them big and small
If you get me a dozen
Then I will eat them all

There is much I like about muffins
Their soft texture and sweet taste
Cold or fresh out of the oven
In my mouth they will be placed

Sometimes I'll set them out to cool
But with their enticing scent so fast entrapping
In eager anticipation I'll start to drool

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mfw I've reached the top · 10:09pm Sep 8th, 2016

"Alicorn Milk" is now the newest inductee to the most hallowed hall in fimfiction history:

I've made it, you guys. I've reached the summit. Testicular mediocrity below me; open skies above. Feels good.


Bronycon Blogs Coming Soon · 8:52am Aug 6th, 2019

This is a filler blog, hi. Not dead yet. I caught my flight and so on, didn't crash, barely broke my arm fighting the flight attendant, etc.

So, I'm going to do another big fuck-off bronycon dramatization roundup blog thing soon, but I'm currently in Budapest, partially because the name is similar to "Barcelona", I am not very good at reading, and -- as I just said -- I got into a pretty big fight with a flight attendant back there at the Baltimore airport.

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"The Point of No Return" Review: How Guilt can mess with your Perception · 7:34pm May 5th, 2019

Sometimes, when I watch a new episode or read a new comic issue of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, what I see in it lines up perfectly with something that has happened to me before. "The Point of No Return" is one of these episodes. Even much more so than in the past, since I found myself in a similar situation as Twilight literally only a few days before it aired.

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