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Don't expect any more stories, since I'm horrible at storytelling. Unless however, I learn how to make a good story... Just in case, maybe you should expect more.

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  • 59 weeks
    Happy Birthday MLP!

    Happy birthday MLP, this doesn't redeem what happened yesterday...

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  • 60 weeks
    Where have I been?

    I had came back to the fandom last year after finding out MLP's current season was it's last. I had made some stories but I was losing interest in the fandom. After I made my Blog Post about The Hunger Games MLP, I just sorta.... left. Yesterday I came back and regret ever leaving. Sorry I left, I'm back now. I'm currently making a new story so if you wanna see that you might wanna stick around at least long enough to see the story.

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  • 110 weeks
    My Little Pony: Friendship means Nothing (Hunger Games)

    District 1: Twilight Sparkle (Twilight) and Spike. District 2: Rarity and Sweetie Belle. District 3: Rainbow Dash (Dashie) and Scootaloo (Scoots). District 4: Applejack and Applebloom. District 5: Fluttershy and Discord. District 6: Pinkanema Diane Pie (Pinkie Pie) and Cheese Sandwich. District 7: Octavia and Vinyl Scratch (DJ P0n-3). District 8: Button Mash (Button) and Cream Heart (Button's Mom). District 9: Derpy Hooves (Derpy) and Doctor Whooves (Dr. Whooves) District 10: Diamond Tiara

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  • 111 weeks
    The End

    Well, looks like the series is over. And i just watched the final episodes. All i can say is wow. That was an amazing finish, This show was amazing! If i had to rate it, in my honest opinion.

    95% Rating (Tied for 1st with 1 other)

    Even though the show is over, i will continue to post here until a possible other show of My Little Pony comes around, which in that case i'll be more focused on that show then.

    Goodbye, My Little Pony.

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  • 111 weeks
    The End Is Soon

    Tommorow, October 12th 2019, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is coming to a close. I guess this is goodbye to the show. All i can say is, thank you for being a part of my life and i'll see you all in the next generation. But i will still be making stories of the current generation and change it once the next generation comes. If i had to pick my favorite, it would be Sweetie Belle for now. Second would either be Rainbow Dash,

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Happy Birthday MLP! · 11:50am Oct 10th, 2020

Happy birthday MLP, this doesn't redeem what happened yesterday...

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It is being posted. I haven't finished Chapter 2 so it isn't included yet.

Chapter 1 has been completed. Once Chapter 2 is completed, I'll release the story. Of course, those won't be the only chapters.

Here's another hint: The story also involves Twilight Sparkle with a sniper rifle.

Still leaves a lot of possibilities as to what I'm writing, but maybe this just gave away the answer. Anyways I'm gonna think of how Chapter 2 is gonna go, see ya!

ooh! Can't wait!

No problem! A hint to my next story: It contains Betrayal, Drama, Sadness, Unforeseen Love and Pinkie Pie.

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