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A year has passed since Adagio failed her sisters at the Battle of the Bands, and Aria thinks she could have done it better. They follow Aria's plan, which turns out to be a bit less peaceful than her sister's.

My entry into EbonQuill's Dark Reprise: Dazzlings Contest, on the low road path (Dazzlings Ascendant)

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Well this was random. Funny, but random.

This was something of a last-minute idea. The original entry to the contest was going to be absolutely nothing like this. It focused on Adagio, and was dark as hell. I lost confidence in that, so I went with something funny instead.

Thanks for reading.

Was afraid this would be in poor taste, but ended up pretty entertaining. Good job.

Even with you saying that, I'm still terrified that this is in poor taste. Thanks for reading, though.


I loved this.

Some good shit right here. Thumbs up.

“I apologize for my outburst,” said Adagio, as calmly as one could do with a hole in their arm.


Boondocks and Archer?


Your keen eye for references makes my heart soar

Okay, so normally I don't read EqG stories, but when I see a cover that has someone holding a camo M16 while decked out in forest camo, how can I not click?
Take my favorite and the knowledge that this will most likely be the only EqG story ill ever favorite, you damn bastard.

Funny story, you have my gratatatitude :rainbowwild:

RIP Armdagio


lol references

(laughs) That was brilliant!!!!! They could've gone with Plan P.

I really liked your characterization of the sirens, especially Aria. It was quite funny.

That said, I was kind of surprised that Rarity's shield just stopped the bullets. If the most powerful shield-caster in Equestria can have his shield broken by changlings bashing their head through it, I suspect the shields of a human in Equestria are going to be shredded like paper mache by bullets, especially repeated rounds. I don't think Applejack's super strength would have made her bullet proof either.

Eh, it's academic anyway, since Dash would have just ran over and yanked the guns out of their hands before they could shoot.

Oh, and Sonata eating colorful cereal boxes is something that makes my day.

My headcanon explanation for that is that the physics are different between the worlds. Also, I guess changelings have heads that are harder than bullets?

I dunno, but thanks for reading and enjoying!

Psychotic and bloodthirsty Aria, truly omnivorous Sonata, comedic Adagiabuse...

Yes. This pleases FanOfMostEverything. Enjoyably wacky throughout. Thank you for it.

“In my defense,” said Sonata. “If I’m not supposed to eat it, why is it so colorful?”

"“What the bitch?!” Aria tugged at her pigtails. “You assholes have superpowers now?!”

“We kinda always had superpowers, if you think about it…” said Fluttershy. “Just… Very specific, music-themed superpowers.”

“But this is some Avengers shit right here!”

“Dude, we’re definitely the Justice League,” said Rainbow. “DC for life!”

“Huh?” Pinkie Pie, who had somehow managed to sleep through that whole ordeal, suddenly snapped awake. “What’s going on? Is it time for class yet?”

“Pinkie, they just tried to shoot us,” said Sunset.

“Oh, cool, wake me when homeroom starts.”

“I don't really know what ‘a little bit’ of an assassination is,” said Rarity.

Holy fuck, my sides.

And this, my friends, is why you always practice proper firearm safety— always assume the weapon is loaded, and always prove it safe when you pick it up, regardless of what the person who gave it to you says.

This was all kinds of fucked-up and ridiculous, and I love it for that. :rainbowlaugh:

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