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Now THIS is a nice Slice of Life fic. An entertaining moment with only a minor plot, and a look at what an immortal, benevolent ruler who truly cares just might be like.

Great story. This is something I can really see Celestia doing. :twilightsmile:

You have my respect from this.

Very well done.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Beautiful story. Very well done.

This is what I needed before I go to bed. Something sweet, innocent, and more than capable of putting a smile on anyone's face.

You did a truly fantastic job of capturing Celestia's character in this and I am glad I read this story.

A well-earned like and fav for you, my friend! Keep up the truly fantastic work!

I love every single pony in Equestria.

Indeed you do, Your Highness. Indeed you do. :twilightsmile:

Major kudos for capturing Celestia at her best, good author. Hats off. :moustache:

brb, drowning in feelings.

I like it. It's nice, it's sweet, it's not overly complicated, and your presentation of Celestia is top notch. Have a like, favorite, and a new follower. :twilightsmile:

Momlestia is best pony!:rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:

Not many Slice-of-Life fics about Celestia that's actually slice of normal, everyday Celly's life. Yours is magnificent. Simple, short and very cute. Celly is best pone :trollestia:

This was wonderful. This is going someplace special so that next time I stumble in to a story where Celestia is secretly more evil than Nightmare Moon for some reason, I can hop back to this and read something better-characterized and uplifting.

2546615 i need a lifeguard



I really like how you characterized her, it feels like you pulled Celly straight from the show. Loving and devoted to her subjects, regal, but capable of enjoying the simple things in life, and with a mischievious sense of humor without being a troll.plus you addressed the ever asked question, why does she bother with nobles and beurocrats if she could do it all herself: because they're better at it in the long run.

And one more story that has made me legitimately smile. Exquisite work, dear author.

I hope you don't mind, but I reviewed your story in a blog rather than here.

That fact that you can write something as gentle and beautiful as this and that you've only written two fics so far, has to be some sort of tragedy. I eagerly await more from you if you continue to write.

your take on Celestia was wonderful and shows a side of her we rarely get to experience. that she is a pony who loves and desires love. so many paint her in harsher shades that such a rare gem as this is treasured all the more.

The first sentece, i'm was like, wow, this is AMAZING!!!!!!! :pinkiegasp:

WOOHOO! 100th Up-Vote ^_^

This is it. Everything I love about fanfiction, everything that proves that it can be every bit as good as original fiction is boiled down and exemplified by this story. People will see this; I will make sure of that.

109 likes, and not a single dislike. You good, you real good. :twilightsmile:

This is happy and nice. I really enjoy reading about Celestia, but so often stories about her are sad. It's nice to get to read a fic about her and smile. :twilightsmile:

I absolutely adore this story and your portrayal of my favorite pony! Thank you so much! I also tossed this into The Old Mares' Tales gold mine, congrats!

Here, then, is no less than Princess Celestia as I truly see her. Appreciative of her status and title, but not completely lost in it; good-natured, fun-loving... and with an ear for finance to boot! Be still my heart. I wish I could visit her all the time now. I also came to love the original ponies you created for this story--Walnut is almost predictably endearing, Crossbar is disciplined but not to the point of having a stick up his haunches, and if I said I didn't see myself in Breezy's horseshoes once or twice I'd be lying. :pinkiehappy:

Meanwhile I'm not a grammar ninja or anything but I didn't see any problems with the prose. Spelling was on-point and words flowed into one another, making reading this a speedy joy.

Thanks for writing this. I'm glad to see some people actually like to see Cel as benevolent (while also "human" for lack of a better term), with no strings attached. :heart:

2898021 Well, this is a surprise - Bookish Delight liking and commenting on one of my stories! I feel a little special. Your P3 project was the first pony fanfic I ever read and got me into writing my own fics.

I'm glad you and everyone else who's read this so far loves my portrayal of Celestia. I never liked how people seem to be convinced that she's some kind of secret tyrant or spends her days ripping herself apart with guilt over Luna. I'm convinced that it's not duty or honor that keeps her on that throne; it's love. She loves each of them dearly and works hard to do what's best for them. They follow her example and treat each other well, and they've been doing it since she took the throne and now Equestria is full of love and happiness. I don't think Equestria could be as peaceful and rich as it is with someone being a secret tyrant.

Thanks for your comment!

Thousands of years. I don't care how professional you are or guilty you may feel,* it indeed takes a genuine love for your role and your subjects to keep going for that long. I shudder to think how much crazier Equestria would be if Celly weren't in power and watching over everypony!

Anyway, so who's flattering who, now? I'm so glad I and my nonsense scribbles could help bring a promising new writer to life. At the same time, however, this is not going to help my modesty one bit. :rainbowlaugh:

Seriously, though, thank you, and your inspiration hereby commands you to keep writing. :trollestia:

*To be fair, I do consider Luna!guilt pretty plausible, but there's definitely a limit to how intense it'd be. Especially since she's, you know, back now and all. :pinkiesmile:

This. Was. Adorable.

Out of curiosity, has this been featured? Because with 190 likes to 1 dislike I'd think it's almost there.

That said, if it hasn't and it isn't within the next few days, send me a PM. I'm making a list of amazing stories that I feel didn't get the attention they deserved, and I'm hoping a couple of my favorite - and vaguely popular - authors will check them out and spread the word about them.

3026006 It has not been featured. And I don't think it will be, because only stories with 4,000 words or up get featured. Thanks for thinking of me, though!


Only stories of 4,000 or more? But then we miss awesome jewels like this one!

3029752 Well, I'll be honest, that was an unverified claim. And I have seen stories up there with less than 4,000 words, so maybe it's not as set in stone as I thought. If I do end up featured because of your efforts, I will be sure to thank you, so do what you like.

Great fic! :pinkiehappy:

That was ADORABLE! My cheeks are starting to hurt slightly from grinning so hard, and I was literally LOL at Celestia making those faces. I loved how Breezy was all "Yes, she does that"; we need to see more of this kind of prankster!Celestia, where it's just innocent fun at someone who knows it.

This was nice.

This is so cute! I love how she treats Walnut, and I was laughing when poor Breezy had to deal with her pranks. A wonderful read.

I loved this story!! I always knew Celstia was a sweetheart but this was just beautiful. I wish every leader in the world would read this and follow her example. Maybe then, this world could be more like Equestria.

It was great seeing that Celestia can also act normally and joke around as any other pony, even though she's a princess! It was wonderful!

Making faces at officials? Awesome.
Secret cookie compartment? Love it.
Single dislike? Who has the balls?

Not quite what I was expecting, but I like it. :twilightsmile: I'm hoping we'll see more of Celestia's sense of humor in season 4. That aspect of her character seems to have gone missing after season 1. :applejackunsure:

That was. . . brilliant. Yeah, that's really all I can think to say.

So light-hearted. Really sticks to the morals of the show. Loved it.

I'm very conflicted about this story. I absolutely love what seems to be about the first and last thirds of it. Walnut is fantastic, and I love Maple's "sun and moon" murmur.

But the second third... Celestia playing those pranks on Breeze. This entire scene honestly just aggravated me. I get that Celestia can be a prankster, but when it gets to the point where the pony she's pranking is visibly upset, and can't even perform her duties, then it seems less innocent (or loving) than mean-spirited. Especially considering this is apparently something she does often, and the story treats it like she's completely in the right. The way you tried to justify it, by saying that the entire thing was a "money grab," didn't work either. It just made Celestia come off as a jerk.

I'm going to give this a thumb, because the majority was very good. But I don't think it deserves a favorite.

Brovo! You really got it.

I thought it was pretty clear this wasn't a normal situation despite Breezy's comments. I thought she was mostly just doing it to keep Walnut from being worried or uncomfortable sitting next to a goddess-like princess.

I dunno. Considering Breezy knew what she was doing without looking...

I can see your second point, though. I just think it could have been done better.

She's probably done it before, but I doubt she ever took it this far. Like, she does it every once and a while, and doesn't take it that far

Daw! This is lovely! :twilightsmile:

Ahh, that was so cute. I'm still grinning like a dork, I can never hold a straight face when reading anything fluffy or amusing.

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