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It is the responsibility of a king to care for his people and maintain order in his kingdom. That shouldn't be much trouble for a ruler as powerful as Discord, right? With his faithful and insecure advisor at his side, the draconequus sets out to explore his new world and personally see to it that peace reigns in Equestria.

However, the ponies want nothing to do with their frightening new ruler, and the unamused Spirits of Equestria aim to drag the Spirit of Chaos away before he can cause any more harm. Can Discord be the ruler Equestria needs? Or is he truly doomed to become the monster he is seen to be?

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This... :rainbowderp: This is a very intriguing take on Discord's origins. I'll be tracking this, so try not to disappoint me, m'kay? :twilightsmile:
Seriously though, you're off to an amazing start.

This is gonna be awesome.

#3 · Jan 26th, 2012 · · · Prologue ·

this.....is both the greatest and most insane thing ever...........of all time..........I LOVE IT!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

QUITE, quite interesting. Tracked.

You know, that Discord actually loyal, funny, and very sweet in his own way. And I hate that "love' spirit, he's brainwashing ponies.

Knowing what discord's going to become in the future makes this a bittersweet tale, but I'm loving the playful young dragonequus. I do worry about what will become of Savvy though.

Finding this incredibly entertaining~

But, I'm curious...is Savoir going to become Screwball?

Yesss! SCREWBALL HERE!!! Discord helping ponies and kicking' other spirits ass! Way to go, woo hooo!

Discord is powered by hatred, violence, and randomness. He's not going to like the auras of happiness and harmony his successful attempts to help ponies will create, so he has to compensate by solving problems in a somewhat chaotic manner. :rainbowderp: Hm, that would work quite well actually.

It's what I do. :trollestia:

Uh-oh, Discy's in troooouble :pinkiecrazy:

I must say I wasn't expecting the Screwball name to show up the way it did, but when I think about it, who else but a jester or other humor-talented pony would take a liking to Discord? I mean, which of the Mane 6 was happy about the cotton candy clouds and chocolate rain? :pinkiehappy:

What, no platypuses?

195850 Thst would have been the obvious thing to do! But no one expects an ostrich.

This just keeps getting more and more intresting, great job~

When you think about it, Discord went very, very easy on our favorite marshmallow equines. Nightmare Moon was willing to kill and it showed. Discord held Twilight in his hands and did nothing. He was either so incredibly over confident that he thought her no threat at all (and the fact that he cheered when he thought he won showed he was uncertain) or that he had no desire to hurt her despite her being his biggest threat. That's part of the problem I have with fics that present him as some ultimate evil He was a manipulative bastard, but in the end, all he wanted was to have fun; and maiming and killing others didn't seem to be part of that.

Anyways, good chapter. :moustache:

All this conflict with the Spirits is interesting, and with each one I can see definite development in Discord and Screwball resulting. What I'm most curious about is when Celestia and Luna will enter the fray and what the result will be.
I'm starting to hope this story turns out into an alternate universe. I'm caring too much for Discord right now to be ok with him getting petrified in the future...

I've been thinking for a while to somehow write a story with Discord and fit in a line along the lines of "I can remove the trademark characters of a pegasus. I can steal away the signature symbol of the unicorn, the source of their magic. How hard do you think it would be for me to remove a heart?" That's not to say I'm opposed to seeing Discord as truly evil in other fics as long as the author does a good job with the story. Hell, sometimes he's just more fun as being purely ill-intentioned than having any reason to sympathize with him.

We'll run into Celestia and Luna in Chapters Nine and Ten, respectively. That is, if things keep on schedule.
And for the ending... Well, we'll see. Just stick around~

Aw hells yes, I knew I'd like this story :rainbowkiss: Why the crap didnt I read this sooner?


I donno, but I'm glad you liked it!

And hey, check out Heavenly Turmoil, the pseudo-prequel/sequel/sidequel to this one if you'd like!

You know what, I just realized!

You ever read Nuklear Age? Cotton Candy Discord reminds me of Nuklear Man :rainbowlaugh: In his behavior, his origin, his cosmic opposers...

But most importantly in his behavior.
"Stupid sun. What you ever do for Nukie?"

You know, I never have. Now I have to check this out.

291997 Yeah, that's about the only version of Discord I don't like either, the portrayals of him as a mindless brute or dark force. It pops up a LOT in art, dunno how often it does in fanfic... :trixieshiftleft: Makes Discord a lot more dull, loses a lot of what makes him special.

I'm finally getting around to reading all the Discord stories that are out there. This one's off to an interesting start. It's a little grim what with the way Discord came into being but the tone stays light enough for me to continue on.

That poor pony. That poor poor pony. She's got her work cut out for her to keep the new king in line. The back and forth between Savoir Faire and Discord is really amusing, especially with her mind going coo-coo with trying to stay focused on her job.

A great start! I'm looking forward to the rest!

That was actually a carry-over from my origins of Discord from "Heavenly Turmoil." If you're reading Discord stories and you don't like Grimdark, well... this would be the first time I ever recommend someone didn't read one of my stories.

That was a wicked awesome chapter, especially Time's breakdown and last insane act. That ending.. dayum! And here I thought Death would be the cruel SOB. Well done!

Oh, don't worry about me. I've read far worse things in this fandom and in others.

Getting through more of the story and I really enjoy how Discord is figuring out all that he can do. It's like a kitten finding some string and playing with it.

Of course, I can tell things will be ramped up with the other spirits looking to coral their wayward sibling. Looking forward to it!

Aaaaand revelation.

This is both insightful and intriguing. I really like how you slowly reveal more about Discord's nature and how he reacts to things. He doesn't even realize it, but he's a slave to his instincts and has to act in a certain way to survive. However, you paint it in a pleasant gray area, where chaos isn't necessarily a bad thing. And you craft it all in a compelling story! Bravo!

If you ask me, Nature seemed even more screwed up than Discord. Scary. At least she got her Wizard of Oz moment by dropping a house on her head.

I also like how Savoir has slowly, and without even realizing it, been warming up to her new friend. Friendship just sneaks up on you.

Ever onward!

Ugh. I share something with Discord. Brussel sprouts. Our one true weakness.

Anyway, I'm really invested in Screwball's character. I hope to see more development as I go deeper.

Leave it to Discord to create a legacy that nopony appreciates years later. The guy really needs a publicists.

I get the feeling that Harmony is going to be the one that ultimately creates the elements that seal Discord. And she won't like it.

Screwball's a crazy one. She can juggle and take a pie to the face like none other! I wonder if Trixie has inherited any of her bad luck...

Oooh, Death is next. This will be interesting.

After finishing the last chapter, I had to get right into this one. Screwball's fate was too important!

Huh, I figured that Screwball had some type of split personality, what with the voice and all, and it seems that was the case. I'm with Discord. I don't like Savoir Faire.

A good chuckle was had for how Discord managed to wake Screwball up. Much D'aww was had shortly afterwards.

Keep it up!

before finding screwballs fate: :fluttercry:
after: :pinkiehappy:

SCREWBALL LIVES! CHOCOLATE MILK FOR ALL! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::yay:

She lives! Huzzah; time to celebrate with cotton candy! :pinkiehappy:

So the indents on the paragraphs have all gone to hell. Man, it doesn't matter if it's uploaded from GoogleDocs or copy-pasted from Word, FiMfiction just loves making things difficult.

.....everything makes so much more sense now.....

So the secret to keeping Discord from running rampant nd becoming a permanently evil monster is to keep him within the confines of a successful circus?

Makes sense to me. I love this story even though it is bound to have a tragic end. I will stick around though. Maybe I will be surprised by where this leads nonetheless. Or maybe by how it gets there. One never knows.

Discord has found his paradise.
:unsuresweetie: Now I'm REALLY worried about how this going to end... We haven't run out of Spirits yet.

All this talk of sense! You guys are expecting too much. And Jack, I'm very confident that the rest of the story will keep you guessing.

It won't be much longer until the next Spirit gets their turn. And trust me, they're going to make Time look harmless in comparison.

Seeing the notification in my inbox that this story updated totally made my day. This was one of my favorite chapters yet, I was thrilled to see more Masky and Patsy, I love what you've done with those two. I'll refrain from any wild guessing about the direction this story will be going or how it will end, you're a great writer and whatever your grand and glorious plan for this story is, after reading it up until this point, I'm convinced it will be golden.

Thanks so much! It fills my heart with rainbows whenever I see someone excited about my story.

And if you like seeing Masky and Patsy, you should check out Elements of Larceny. It's a whole story that focuses on them.

I don't suggest trying what Discord did with the cotton candy. I still haven't gotten it out of my hair. I bet I look like Pinkie.:pinkiehappy:

discord's favorite question is the same as mine. cool:twilightsmile:

This is a really interesting fic. Tracking. Love the take on it and it makes me feel...hopeful that he has good intentions but at the same time i worry for him and Screwball. Truly fun to read :)

This is so full of D'awww and awesome! Please continue, this is why I go to FIMFiction! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

This is an evil, evil fic - it's so full of cute moments and well-timed gags and utter hilarity and that lovely relationship between Screwball & Discord, and good ol' Discy so clearly wants to do good...

And that makes it a tragedy even when it's not, because we know that scene in the flash-forward is his destiny and it cannot be escaped. Our favourite couple are doomed to failure and darkness. You make me sad. :fluttercry: (I love it!:pinkiehappy:)

Thanks so much! It's my goal for this story to make everyone tear up at least once, either out of sadness or laughter, so looks like that's one down! And 2,700 to go...

Well, this next chapter should be out by the end of the night, so let's see if I can't get some waterworks going with that one.

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