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I care deeply about Equestria; in my stories I help their world. So when your writing about all the villains coming to harm the Mane 6; remember this, they...are...defended.


This story is a sequel to Spiderman Equestria's Hero: Rise of the Insidious Six.

Spiderman.... the hero of Canterlot city, the warrior of the multiverse; may finally meet his match.

Rykers' worst inmates have escaped and are now on the loose again; can Adam, and his friends, defeat them and send them back to jail before they bring the whole city down.

Spiderman is in for a some great adventures in this season; musicals, team ups.... and maybe even a wedding. All coming in this, the third season of Spiderman Equestria's Hero.

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Adam Van Helsing, A.K.A Noir Spiderman has been sent to the land known as Tramplevania. Home to some of the deadliest monsters in the world; including a certain Count Morbius, and his Brides.

It is also the home of the deceased, Dr Otto Fidler. Creator of the Electro Monster.

Spiderman must vanquish these monsters from this land, so that Twilight Sparkle's family may enter the gates of Heaven.

Adamverse: Earth 9.

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This story is a sequel to Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2)

Spiderman must face the super-villain group, known as the Insidious Six; who named themselves after the Sinister Six. Each villain has some kind of grudge against the wall-crawler, including the one who assembled them; The Master Planner.

No one knows who this villain is, but he's coming. All I can tell you, it's someone Adam's fought before. And they know who Adam is.....

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Can the Avengers, the Autobots, Discord and his family; stop the first Decepticon from stealing all six infinity stones. Before he snaps his fingers and Half of reality is wiped out.

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He wears a hockey mask, he carries a machete & he's on his way. Adam and the Rainbooms are in college now, they decided to take a trip to the woods. But what happens when Pinkie finds an old locket...

….a locket that belonged to.... Pamila Voorhees.

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This story is a sequel to Spiderman: Equestria's Hero

Adam has finally got the girl; the Rainbooms have formed a little group that scan the city for crime. They help Spiderman against the villains in the city; and ever since Doc Ock left, a lot more have turned up.

You all know what a Meta-Human is, don't you?

Chapters (29)

With the universe in danger; Adam must return to this new world, but not for a visit. Because one of his most evil enemies is after a great power.

Can Spiderman stop Mysterio from stealing the Mind Stone from Discord, save Screwball and destroy the infinity stones once and for all.

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Adam is superhero from earth; he came to Canterlot High to find the girl of his dreams, Fluttershy.

Unfortunately, a hero's work is never done. Villains are beginning to appear in this land, can Spiderman stop them before evil takes over.

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The evil in Equestria has returned and it's up to a team of friends to stop them. The team must use the Elements of Harmony and become powerful beings; Power Rangers.

With another world in need and their friend taken by the forces of darkness, can Adam; with the help of his friends, protect the world that is precious to him.

And save Discord.

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