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My universe is where people can become heroes.

Right yourself into a story, make yourself a hero. I only have two rules:

1) You can't become a hero who already has someone, as them.

2) And you can't alternate my universe. Like; say Screwball's and Mothball's daughter is Moonlight.

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Come on people, the Adamverse needs more content.

Don't just do it for Adam.

Do it for yourselves, and make yourself a hero.

I'm working on something that ties into the Night Falls story.

It's called Order 66.

You can pick any hero. Whether it be from animated movies, the DC universe or even as you said, the Spider-verse.

Okay, is it limited to mcu or can I pick a hero from an animated movie(i.e Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)?

What is means is, heroes who already have identities. For example; I'm Spiderman, Rainbow Dash is Quicksilver, if you read my infinity war, you'll see all the heroes that are taken.

Basically, you can make yourself any hero that's not taken.

I am curious, what do you mean by "who already has someone"?

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