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I care deeply about Equestria; in my stories I help their world. So when your writing about all the villains coming to harm the Mane 6; remember this, they...are...defended.


This story is a sequel to Spiderman: Equestria's Hero

Adam has finally got the girl; the Rainbooms have formed a little group that scan the city for crime. They help Spiderman against the villains in the city; and ever since Doc Ock left, a lot more have turned up.

You all know what a Meta-Human is, don't you?

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Comments ( 6 )

When do you think you'll continue this?

So she this universe Spiderman or spider Gwen?

She's going to team up with Spiderman, this dimension's is on another planet

I get that it’s like into the spider verse Twilight is this plant original Spiderman

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