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This group is for stories centered around the fan-made song Lullaby for a princess. It was not made by me, but it's a song that Princess Celestia songs to Luna, shortly after her banishment had started.

This is actually the first group on here with this subject. This is not just another useless repeat.

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Probably either one of those two; I'm not sure at this point. :P

Did coco or no name invite you? It wasn't me.

Eeyup. I crash-landed after getting an invite.

I have joined this group! (More like crash-landed, to be honest)

Yep. I’m on mobile right now but once I get into my computer I will change the banner :)

Did you see my comment?

It's great! Could you add it please? I made you admin, so you can now. Also, you can find a group pic.

Thank you all for joining! Can anyone get a veiw picture and banner for this group?

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