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There is no spoon.


Another friend joins the dead of the trenches. Another soldier slowly looses his grip on reality.

Proofread by my good friend, Zoljen.

This story was written for a writing competition I signed up for at Bronycon 2018.

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This type of story is one of the reasons I like World War I stories so much. It was suppost to be the war to end all wars, it ended nothing and only set up the stage for the next one. But in a way, it really was the war to end all wars because it was the last time the old European Ideals would fight, the last time monarchies would reign, from who won and lost new ideas would replace them for the incoming industrial age like Fascism and Communism.

But many fail to realize, while World War II was a war of emotion with the deaths of up to 6 million Jews and people losing their homes as well as a tale of heroism from resistance groups and the world banding together against a common enemy, World War I was a harsh reality wake up call. Before it, war was seen as necessary and considered to be glorious, but after it, war might be a necessary evil but it would never again be glorious. People would make friends through the stalemate of trench warfare only to lose them to gas attacks, shelling, machine guns, Bayonettes, a Trench Raid, or disease. The very sight of seeing your friends die in such brutal ways broke a lot of people and made them realize, war wasn't glorious it was nothing but a living nightmare of horrors. Many would go off to fight, only to never return to their loved ones or return so broken they'd practically be nothing but a sobbing mess. Some of those who served in World War I would go on to fight in the Second World War only to either die or become even more broken as a result.

“This guy wants to see his friend but I keep....telling him…. that we’re full-”

Have they announce the winner of the contest?


Author Interviewer

I'm 38, I don't want to see "he was in his forties" qualifying as "really old". XD

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