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Another friend joins the dead of the trenches. Another soldier slowly looses his grip on reality.

Proofread by my good friend, Zoljen.

This story was written for a writing competition I signed up for at Bronycon 2018.

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We all know that Rapidfire can be a jerk. He gets what he wants through deception and playing dirty.

But why? Why does he do all of these things? Does he just do for his own pleasure, or is there more depth to his decisions?

This story takes place before the capture of Wave Chill.

If you haven't read Piercing The Heavens by Calm Wind, don't read this story. You won't know what's going on.

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Twilight Sparkle decides to take a break from being co-ruler of Equestria, and travels through the portal to see Sunset Shimmer and her friends again. However, she finds the world that once was is gone. It is now a world of survival and insanity.

Sunset Shimmer, accompanied by her friend Thunder Bolt, has lived in this world for the past five years. Twilight must learn the new rules for survival if she hopes to make it back home.

This is a crossover with Mad Max: Fury Road, I'd recommend watching that movie before reading this. Otherwise, creative criticism is appreciated

Also, starting with Chapter 5 and forward, this story is being editing by ransom username. So I thank him for his help on this.

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