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Tired of really good stories get sucked down into the bog of obscurity before they could ever shine? Me neither, but I guess we should still do something about it regardless. So this is a group of hopefully 100+ members (so i dont have to make puppet accounts to help vote) who will bring in stories who have less than 100 votes total and we all read and rate. That way all stories get a fair shot at being awesome YAY. So be a pal and:

1. Join Up <--best decision of your life
2. Read stories/Post stories
5.Enjoy internet stardom

I've never made a group before so since I have unanimously been voted Captain, I hereby instate you all as my first mates and would appreciate any advice you give...yar

I should mention that our goal is not to find and help bad authors like the TWE and other such groups, but to just make sure that no diamond of a story falls through the cracks and gets lost in obscurity. If you want to comment on the stories or help the author then have at it, but as long as you vote one way or the other I dont care what you do after that. If we find some good ones, we can add it to a folder or know, if i feel like it.

First order of business is to get more members and a couple stories to add. So go through you friends lists and send out those invites. And then go through your favorites and send us some links of stories < 100 votes so we can start critiquing those bastards.

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This looks like an interesting group, as little as it may be at the moment.

Ok, here goes. Hope I spare you the job of at least one of you imfamous Puppet Accounts.

Comments and votes are generally welcome.

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