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The original Sunburst!


Rarity and Rainbow Dash spend a wonderful night together—the kind of night filled with pure magic.

But how long does magic last, and can its fleeting spark be caught and held?

Gold medal winner in the Gone By Morning event on writeoff.me! Thanks writeoff gang for your feedback, as always!

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Comments ( 17 )

Good story. I enjoyed reading it.

I particularly liked this line.

It simply wouldn’t help me to put one on right now. I feel as if they’re really for other ponies, you see. A label puts me in a box, and I’m not trying to be in a box for the benefit of somepony else’s clarification.”

You don’t always require a label when exploring who you are. :twilightsmile:

Thank you! That was a core idea I wanted to work with in this story. Rarity really felt like the one who would get it, and get it across, best.

this is so fucking good??? perfect 10/10

And I did, indeed, enjoy this; thank you for writing. :)

And thank you for reading!

A very sweet story!

Dash feels very much like herself here. I'd also be very hoof in mouth trying to explain those feelings. And it's also sweet of Rarity to be who she is and help Rainbow out as well.

If only Rainbow had stayed.

but that would be so unrainbow

The possibilities down that path are a very different story. It might be interesting, but I haven't given it much thought... yet.

I would have loved for Dash to stay.

Ah, well. C'est la vie.

I love this story and I love to be reading your work again. Rarity’s feelings definitely echoed my own feelings about my gender identity, thank you for sharing.

This didn't end the way I expected, and I kind of love that? Very sweet, chill vibe, nothing huge, just calm and quietly beautiful.

Pretty much the vibe I was going for! Thank you. :twilightsmile:

spoonlol #16 · Sunday · · ·

Very cute, and I love how mature Rarity seems in this. It plays against Dash’s naivety in this area.
Nice work

I very much enjoyed this, especially Rarity explaining how she felt about her feelings about love and who or what she may be. The contrast in personalities between her and Rainbow was a great way to make this point. Rarity definitely made this story perfect!

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