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Guess what's here? · 3:39pm May 31st

Test copies of the final production versions are here, and having met with my approval, both editions are ready for printing distribution copies!

Hardcover limited printing edition:

"Royal" size (6.14 x 9.21 inches). Linen bound, slightly heavier weight paper, with a nice dust jacket. All the upgrade options. 105 pages.


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Seashell paperback incoming! · 4:15pm April 29th

Once again, the proof copy is out for delivery right now.

The hardcover edition proof copy turned out great - some text mistakes to fix, but no printing errors that aren't mine! Lulu can print a book to specifications! Yay!

So the copy mistakes are fixed in that edition, and production copies are ready to print. I pretty much just have to go to the website and hit the button, and the presses start rolling. Do they uses presses in printing anymore? I doubt it. Well, you know what I mean.

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It's coming! · 5:12pm April 16th

it's out for delivery

I can't wait I'm so amped up I can't type good so I've rewritten this bunch of times and I'm giving up now because it's just


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Seashell is hitting print! · 4:21pm April 8th

That's right. We're there.
Writing is complete, interior layout is complete, cover is complete.
Time to print a proof copy! :pinkiegasp:

I'm super-nervouscited right now. :pinkiehappy:

I just ordered the first proof from Lulu Press. In a few days I get the physical copy in my hooves, and I get to see what I screwed up my work on actual pieces of paper in linen-bound hardcover with a dust jacket and everything.

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Seashell: getting closer to print! · 3:55pm March 15th

Here's where we are on the Seashell print book:
83 pages all told, including front matter and a preface. 75 of them so far are story. Anticipating about 10-20 more pages to be finished. Almost there!
Cover's done (for the hardcover edition dust-jacket, at least, will probably have to be redone for the paperback but whatever).

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Jinglemas 2023, done! · 1:35am Dec 28th, 2023

I wrote this thing for Penguifyer, and today is my assigned day to deliver the gift, so I guess this is when the story drops:

Twilight, on her new wings, couldn't find her way around Cloudsdale. It may have left more of mark on her than she wants to admit. Written for Jinglemas 2023.
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I hope they enjoy it, and I hope all of you will too!


Seashell: The Book™: progress report · 3:18am Dec 2nd, 2023

I'm pleased to be able to say progress is being made, although to temper the good news, it hasn't been entirely easy.

I've just gotten over the first of the two major emotional hills I'm expecting the story to have to encounter. And while I'm glad I wrote it, it was hard on me. It may be been bleeding out into other parts of my life in some ways, which hasn't been great, but I guess it's encouraging in a way because I think that's a hallmark of good writing; it should influence you.

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Jinglemas 2023! · 1:50am Nov 25th, 2023

Do you like Secret Santa exchanges? Do you like stories? Do you wish there was a way to combine the two into some sort of abominable Frankenstein amalgamation of a holiday season tradition? Well, there is!


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Seashell: The Book™: progress so far · 5:06am Nov 2nd, 2023

It's happening, my good pony people.

Seashell. It's coming back. In printed book form!

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Spam accounts! Spam accounts everywhere! · 4:26pm Oct 24th, 2023

...Well, mostly not impacting the actual experience on the site, to be fair.

Not yet, anyway.

But yeah, this morning a weird account created today happened to catch my eye. I've seen a few others like it before as well, but didn't think about it. Spam's a fact of life. Normal internet problems, ya know?
Something made me go digging deeper this time.

So I started looking at the most recently created accounts, and what they are.
They're ALL spammers. Thousands of accounts worth.

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