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This story is a sequel to Nude Lullaby

Due to problems with the air conditioning in her club's dressing room Vinyl ( DjPon 3) and her visiting roommate/girlfriend Octavia do what they must to cool down and maybe learn something about each other too.

Rated T for nudity

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This story is a sequel to Nude Laps

Sweetie Belle has a secret when she sleeps, one that she doesn't tell to her friends or even her sister. One night after seeing things that shocked and made her uneasy earlier she goes to sleep like normal only to be awaken by the sound of a gentle tune coming from the moon. So as a dream spirit she goes out side where a drift carries her to a moon like environment where Princess Luna was in just the same state as Sweetie Belle herself naked.

rated t for nudity.

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After getting advice from Spitfire on how to increase her speed Rainbow Dash gets Pinkie Pie to clock her and compare only the method requires less clothing

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In a alternate timeline where the ponies of Equestria were living in Middle Earth the Mane Six and a few others will join the Fellowship of the Ring.

This is a Fanfiction story form my own account there https://www.fanfiction.net/u/6885229/
and it's very well liked so I hope you enjoy it too

Chapters (19)

The Human 7 take a cruise and end up on a adventure in a far off land that's out of this world where humans and Dinosaurs live in a time of peace. But that peace is about to be threatened and the girls are asked to help their new friends

Chapters (4)