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The Human 7 take a cruise and end up on a adventure in a far off land that's out of this world where humans and Dinosaurs live in a time of peace. But that peace is about to be threatened and the girls are asked to help their new friends

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I love FiM. I love dinosaurs. I acknowledge the existence of Dinotopia. I like the potential here.
But my God you need to punctuate better, I could hear my internal monologue struggling for air towards the end of some of those sentences.

Still though, wish I'd thought of it. Damn I love dinosaurs.

7708526 well why I originally wrote this I had at latest two of the characters talking in the same paragraph but they said I needed to start a new one every time someone new was talking

Well, they were right. Don't be disheartened though, it's an interesting enough plot to read, and your grammar will no doubt improve with time.

7708604 well thank but I should let you know I have autism so I may or may not improve as much on grammar in fact I'm glad these computers have auto correct or my spelling be bad too

Oh, man. :pinkiegasp: How long has it been since I've seen Dinotopia? I got the whole series, you know. This looks promising. I say, keep it coming, bro.

Dinotopia, that's a movie, right? ...Or maybe I'm thinking of Zootopia.

7773637 mini series actually based on a book series of the same name by James Gurney actually

Looks like you've got a good start so far. I only faintly remember the Dinotopia books.

I wonder if Tree Hugger calms the dinosaurs the same way she did the Smooze.

tree hugger is coutpart to pony tree hugger, so how eg fluttershy know her?

to starlight nova it dinotopia it an old movie on 2002 and walt Disney aloud to put on tv channel and they took the topia and put zoo on it and make zootopia so it almost the different.

Awsome! Could you maybe throw some Jurassic park/World refrences in.
Are all carnivors bad? I haven't seen the series but I saw the animated movie and there was a friendly T-Rex, and to add to the refrences. Like maybe have the raptors from JW be there and Pinkie trains them.

Just a thought

Well to answer your question the carnivores aren't bad their just hungry by nature. I myself haven't read the full series but I have read most of the first book and it says that though some socialise with the humans like getting their teeth brushed or fixed and other things like that they mostly stay in the jungle to be like their Ancestors so on.
We're their any details you liked the most?

I like the idea of different areas like land sea and sky. But I don't think you touched on if they pick a sea type dinosaur.

and this is just me thinking but I see some paring.
Area and Dino partner
Twilight- Sea and Plesiosaur
Sunset- Land and T Rex
Rarity- Land and Tricerotops
Applejack- Land and Brachiosaurus
Rainbow Dash- Sky and Pterosaur
Fluttershy- Land and Parasaurolophus
Pinkie- Land and Velocoraptors

Oh right, well the reason for that was the Sea habits were mostly run by the Dolphins that come and go from
Dinotopia rescuing any who get caught in the Razor Reef which is why newcomers often get the nickname of Dolphinbacks over the years. There are humans helping along but their not particularly partners with the Dolphins.

Anything else it's good to hear opinions and questions

When the girls get their Dino partners will they be able to understand them.
I probably won't like if the dinos talk, I like theme just growling and snarling.

Actually they won't get their partners till like the very end and they would have to go to this place called Waterfall City which is the key place for learning on the island first to study the island and the Saurian language both how to speak it and how to write it in Footwirting

Will the next chapter come soon or later. It was kinda long for this chapter to come out.

That I honestly can't be sure of only time will tell

I love dinosaurs and I've never seen Dinotopia in a long time, but no offense, your grammar is pretty bad. I think you should hire a proofreader/editor to take care of it.

The others were confused about this and Applejack said, " Yall mean a Dinosaur? Spike that's plum ridiculous Dinosaurs aren't real anymore, they died off more than 65 million years ago.

Ah, come on, Applejack, you saw birds in your backyard!

But Twilight corrected, " Actually it's more 76,470,347 years give or take."

Actually, Twilight, dinosaurs died out during the end of the Maastrichtian age (which is spaned 70 to 65 million years ago), not in the mid-Campanian age (which is spaned 85 to 70 million years ago). Didn't you read dinosaur non-fiction books?

it got closer and closer to them but mostly to Pinkie Pie as she felt it sniffing on her then lower its head to one of the pockets of her coat she then knew what was going on and said, " Oh I see you just want one of my cookies don't you?" next she pulls out a plastic bag of chocolate chip cookies. She then opens the bag and checks them to later say to it, " You're in luck the plastic kept the water of the sea out so it's safe to eat." and offers them to the creature.

I'm not sure how did Pinkie put those cookies in her pockets in the first place, but Stegosauruses only eat mosses, ferns, horsetails, cycads and conifers or fruits, not desserts that are made by humans.

I like that story, and also, make all dinosaurs more animal-like including carnivores just like the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, and make them scientifically accurate. And I just hope that Twilight, who ends up getting separated alone, encounters a Tyrannosaurus Rex who saved her from a pack of Utahraptors, and then she tames the T-Rex.

And you call me a know it all


Sorry for the inaccurate time I was trying to avoid the Cliché of the time dinosaurs went extinct

Don't listen to him. He's a troll.

Don't listen to him. He's a troll.

It's ok, if that is his opinion then that is that

He's attacking my channel, and he trolling every comment I posted even in every comment I read. He needs to be stopped. Don't listen to everything he said about me.


Stop stalking people you freaking creep. You keep harassing this dude and giving rude replies to literally all his comments. Just leave him alone.

Whoa, whoa, wait. A story based on Dinotopia? I loved that book as a kid. Must watch.

Thanks I wrote it in 2017 but haven't gotten back to it till now

I've never read the novel nor watched the show, but I like that story.

I have two of those book specifically firestorm and windchaser the first one was about the blight and the second was two people adjusting to a new way of living on the island I hope this guy continues this story and actually finishes it cause I want to see the reaction of the elders to magic

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