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In a alternate timeline where the ponies of Equestria were living in Middle Earth the Mane Six and a few others will join the Fellowship of the Ring.

This is a Fanfiction story form my own account there https://www.fanfiction.net/u/6885229/
and it's very well liked so I hope you enjoy it too

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I'm glad, so do I.
What was your opinion on the prologue and first chapter and do give me your best thoughts

sam and pinkie.

pinkie and frodo? just not yet

No the ponies are soul companions you know like the daemons on Golden Compass so only one for one Middle Earth citizen

but Frodo doesn't have one yet shown.

Yes he does it's Applejack

i thought appple jack was billbo?

No that was grany Smith

So any other guesses

Let me guess: Spike has some kind of connection to Smaug.

No Gollum. It's mentioned in the prologue and will be expected later on

After reading this, I'll say that it was an okay read but I'm not really a fan of exact crossovers like this, meaning implementing mlp into Lord of the rings like this. It wasn't that entertaining for me.

Does Spike have some kind of connection to Smaug?

I like dragons. So, does he have a connection?

No I didn't intend spike to have a connection with smaug

What was your favorite part of the chapter

That's good I hope you like the rest of it

One thing I don't understand is if the ponies are just representations of the souls of men, elves, hobbits etc...why were Celestia and Luna given rings of power? Whose souls are they or they different somehow?

I didn't have any thoughts to that at first but as I progressed I went into the lines of Sauron wanting to control on only the minds of middle earth but the souls too so he aimed for the ponies

Cadance is Arwen's pony, sn't she?

You know I forgot to place an guess the next pony quiz on the a/n thanks for reminding me as for your answer I want to give others a chance so you'll have to wait

Okay, so your story has not been spectacular so far, because you've honestly just been copying out the movie and adding little pony bits in here and there, but for that same reason it hasn't been terrible either because you've had base of good source material.

But this...this took a turn for the worse when you decided to double down Evil Boromir, to the point of having him kick his own pony (!) just to make sure that we know he's the bad guy. Except Boromir isn't the bad guy. He isn't A bad guy, he's a good and noble man corrupted by the malice of the ring, which plays upon his love of his city and his people as well as his fear that they are overmatched by the power of Sauron. The fact that you appear to have missed all this in favour of transparent evildoing is somewhat disappointing.

I added my own twist and turns by mentioning the curse on the ponies and the fact of those belonging to elves turning into stone

Oh and Sunset Shimmer turning human in Isegaurd

This chapter was the best one so far, not just because of the prominent original element but also because you actually managed to make it thematically fit in with the wider story. Sauron having Chrysalis as his partner makes perfect sense, as does the fact that he kills her even though doing so will cripple him (in some ways this ties in with the way that he lost the ability to assume a fair form during the wrack of Numenor, or his master Morgoth suffering the same loss after the Rape of the Silmarils) in a way that illustrates the idea that 'oft evil will shall evil mar'.

The idea of Starlight as a kind of wraith reminds me a bit of the Shadow of Mordor games, were you inspired by them? It might have been fun to have Starlight go the whole hog and possess Twilight.

Yes I was inspired by the shadow of mordor game, I'm very glad you like this chapter it took me a while too think about it but for to put it into words.
Did you like the pony riddle on the doors of Durin in the previous chapter

Sir, you have my attention! Now the history will be interesting with the elves!

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