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This story is a sequel to Cinematic Adventures: Corpse Bride

After graduating from Canterlot High, Sunset Shimmer finds herself unsure of what she is to do next. Does she go back to Equestria for good? Does she stay and go off to college? An accidental malfunction with the television portal sends Sunset off to a galaxy far far away and it is up to Twilight Sparkle and the Mane Six to save her.

Follow them as they meet Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and the Rebel Alliance who are in the midst of battling the evil Galactic Empire. Whether they win or fail, one thing is clear. The force shall be with them...always

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Aw yeah. I can't wait to see what they have in store for the mane 6 and Sunset shimmer

May the Fourth be with you, to all who stumble upon our latest piece today. Up till now, the 'Cinematic Adventures' team has come together to bring you our own interpretation of some of the finest movies that society has grown up with. Taking certain liberties in order to provide a retelling on details that we find most memorable and those that could've been easily fixed. And today, we bring to you a rendition of a feature you'd have to have grown seeing at least 'once' in your lifetime. And if this be your first introduction to one of the greatest motion pictures of all time, you are in luck for we have special plans in store for fans old and new...

But first... we begin our tale with what we've longed to see from 'Equestria Girls': The day they graduate. But one subject in question finds herself lost in her direction as to what she wants to do, and that being... Sunset Shimmer. Last time we saw her involved in anything 'Cinematic' related, she joined her mentor and her friends to do battle with a malicious witch during the events of 'The Conjuring'. Only now since graduating from Canterlot High, invited to attend a grand party that serves to congratulate her for her success and inviting her back home where she grew up, Sunset finds herself not knowing how she wants to spend her future. Does she move on with her human life and attempt a job based on skillsets she already knows? Or does she decide to come home to Equestria and spend the remainder of her days back to being the pony she was before?

All those questions however are put on hold... for a great power from within the television beckons the group into an adventure they are never going to forget. And believe me when I say this much faithful readers: For what Mr. Enigma and I have in mind, everyone is in for a treat on this day which we celebrate all that is... 'Star Wars'.

Oh yes... because no person has ever truly lived without seeing 'Star Wars' at least 'once' in their lives.

I wonder where Sunset Shimmer gone off to right after she got sucked into the portal?

And so begins yet another big C.A.

I kind of figured that this would premiere today, cause it’s Star Wars Day!

Nobody knows...

Except for Mr. Enigma and myself. But we're keeping what happens a surprise. There's a reason you try not to separate from the group during these portal travels. You'll never know where you'll end up, good or bad.

We spent the last few days putting this chapter together and prepared it solely for today. Production on the remainder of the story is proceeding as we speak.

not to be rude but shouldn't there be a tag for star wars?

I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens.

Too late, you're giving the wrong impression...

I'm sure there's a tag of that someplace.

*Sees the tag* There... 'happy', Kaa? Or does the peanut gallery have more to say?

Comment posted by A Man Undercover deleted May 4th, 2021

jeez i wasn't being rude

Not trying to sound like a jerk, but he didn't say anything rude. Unless of course, he edited his comment in, which case, go on and say whatever you want.

Can't wait to see where this goes. It'd be cool to see Sunset Shimmer use a Lightsaber.

Also, I think Twilight's got a crush on someone.

thank you. i didn't say anything rude. i just asked "shouldn't there be a tag for star wars?"


Aw, great. Now I’m going to have that song stuck in my head all through out this FanFiction story.



Jeremy Jahns reference (I think).

Oh yes, Sunset Shimmer with a lightsaber of her own. Up till now, the closest we got is a fan project from earlier that previously combined MLP and Star Wars. But that's still going to be something extra special for this story.

As for the other subject in question, Twilight Sparkle is definitely feeling something. Though it's difficult to say if she's in love with Storm Shield or she's having a difficult time trying to come to terms with a fact that Celestia has a son, who was a Prince long before Twilight was given the Princess title, and finds herself uncertain as to how to approach this pony.

Yeah... probably. Especially since this is only the first of an entire trilogy we are working with. Hope you can put up with that for the time being.

The girls has got to be cautious and careful. The Galactic Empire is something not to be messed with.

Yes!!! We’re a bout to start off with a blast to the stars! Whoaaah!!!

So excited! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐!!!

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I kind of do miss hearing the Fox fanfare before the Lucas film logo, but I understand things got to change with the recent films. Also, finally took notice of certain dark side characters not having those orange eyes like Anakin did which apparently means either "not full dark side" or "just hiding it real good". I've got a feeling this is Leia calling out with abilities she doesn't know about yet. On another note, I honestly think the Equestria Girls series should have gotten a big finale like the main one, a graduation of course being the most ideal scenario.

Oh definitely not. For years we've seen what the Empire are all about. Lots of colonies have fallen prey to their ways in pursuit of achieving their own goals. The girls (And the boys) are definitely in for quite an encounter.

Yeah. Especially with guys like Darth Vader, Tarkin, and the Emperor. Not to mention the fact that they've got a planet destroyer.

Yep... been planning this to happen for quite some time. And there's still plenty more to come.

Happy star wars day

Yeah... I do recall when they did that. Having grown up with a few VHS tapes of the movies. But as much as I despise change with a passion myself, it's inevitable that it happens and the only way we as a species can hope to survive is 'adapt' to change, roll with the punches, make do or do without.

It is slightly vague as to who has been calling out through the portal, though I'm sure everyone has some idea as to who it may be. And I do agree with you: If there was a grander means to conclude 'Equestria Girls' on a high note, it would involve a graduation for Sunset and her friends and some great magical occurrence that leads them to making a difficult choice. So in a way, Mr. Enigma and I are sort of taking a few ideas from such an idea and applying it to this project (At least until Equestria Girls 'does' make a comeback in some form... maybe).

Storm Shield is joining the adventure too? Didn’t see that coming.

May the Fourth be with you on this grand days. True, one chapter is out right now... but this story is only just beginning.

May the 4th be with you because this is a great start

Good luck with this adventure, and may the 4th be with you.

Happy May 4th, everyone!!

And I'll be waiting the next chapters with ambition

Ahhh, So it begins. This is going to be an epic adventure!

Still have to read the previous story, but nice to see your next story. And on the fourth of May to boot.

We most certainly hope so. We haven't even gotten to the opening scene of the movie just yet.

And May the 4th be with you as well.

Definitely. 'Epic' is practically in the dictionary with 'Star Wars' being a prime example.

Comment posted by A Man Undercover deleted May 4th, 2021

Not 'everyone' is a big fan of 'Star Wars', that much we understand. But as we often say, 'A man hasn't lived not until they've at least seen the movie 'once' in their lifetime.' Whether it be a good experience or a bad one, just to have at least get an idea and understanding as to why fans 'like' the franchise so much is better than none at all. Heck there are fans who like 'Star Trek' more than 'Star Wars' and I myself don't follow the former as much... but I do respect why fans like the series.

There's so much that happened in that last story, we can say that much. Feel free to enjoy.

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Comment posted by A Man Undercover deleted May 4th, 2021

The same thing to you too. May-the forth be with you.

Excellent opening. And it always begged the question about what should've happened for the Equestria Girls finale. They even made that plan that both Pony and Human Sunset would be brought to order to determine Pony Sunset's final fate in terms of where she would go. But no, they couldn't make it happen. But at least we can do our own things on where she'd go following graduation.

I know right? I think we as a fandom were deprived of a proper finish when it comes to 'Equestria Girls'. I did hear that rumor actually, I was curious if there was even a human Sunset Shimmer considering every pony has their own human alternative. I mean I swear if they weren't going to make a televised special, the least they could do is make a book. Even if it's one of those books that are clearly written for a younger audience.

One of those Graphix novels wouldn't be so bad either.

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