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Ideas · 10:07pm Jan 22nd, 2019

They flow through my mind like a rushing stream, only to vanish, I must choose just one, but which? Eh, I'll figure it out at some point.

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Thanks for the fav!

Thanks for the fave on "What Makes a House a Home".:pinkiecrazy:

Thankies for the fav. ^^

Thankies for der fav.

Thanks for the fav on that old story!

  • Viewing 74 - 78 of 78
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Information on Me

Feel free to ask my name if you don't know it already. Or just stick with Swift.
I'm 18
I was born in Canada
I'm male/gender neutral
I'm a pretty tall person
My favorite colors are blue, red, and purple
My hobbies include reading, playing video games, practicing swordplay, writing, and building random crap with Lego.
My favorite ponies are...all of em.
I had a dream once. I achieved it. ^^

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