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Fic recs, July 26th! · 4:10pm July 26th

Looks like ScarlettBlade is calling it quits. :( He's been around forever, though, I guess can't complain if he feels it's time to move on.

But hey, Scribbler's still around, and her latest reading is Skywriter's Roaming, with Clever Hooves, StarryFlame and NeighratorPony!

This is another audiobook catchup blog, so there's a bunch of random stuff, plus a bunch of new readers! And a milestone!

H: 5 R: 5 C: 12 V: 1 N: 2

Birthday Blues (And Oranges) by Twinkletail
Reading by Scribbler
Genre: Shipping
Applejack doesn't like birthdays.
I haven't felt this connected to Applejack since the last time Applejack was unexpectedly written from an angle I could connect to. :O This is a meditation about growing old and how birthdays are markers along the path to inevitable senescence. Sadly for me, it ends up not being a problem for AJ because she has shipping to make everything better. :| But what can ya do.

Marble in the Mirror by jmj
Reading by Sparrow9642
Genre: Psychological Horror
Marble doesn't much care for ponies, but few scare her more than the one in the mirror.
To make things clear, this is a low-key Cupcakes-related story. And for all that that connection is used to explain what's going on in ways that I don't think were completely necessary, this really isn't bad as Cupcakes-related fics go. If it does anything right, it's in giving us a look into the character of Marble Pie, a pony so shy even Fluttershy is like, damn girl, get a hold of yourself. What it's like to live being that shy, how she relates to other ponies and especially her family, it's all good stuff, for all that this is a version of Marble who's… well, not exactly what we see in canon.
Recommended If You Like Dark Fics

On Deaf Ears by Ice Star
Reading by AnEpicContrarian
Good pacing, the right amount of background music, and good use of vocal effects for this story. If I had one complaint, it's that he's got a deep, smooth voice but he's clearly forcing himself to talk at the lower end of his register, so you get that gravelly crack every now and then. It's minor though, not enough to keep me from going after more of his readings!
Genre: Sad Shipping
Celestia has lunch with a friend.
Well, this was a lot of fun, probably because I love Dislestia but also because I like watching Celestia deal with her centuries of sadness. This has a very good narrative trick in the one-sided conversation that actually has two sides, I liked that a lot. Might not appeal to anyone who doesn't think Celestia ever had a thing for Discord, but otherwise, it's pretty great!
Recommended for Shippers

When Haggling, Bring a Griffon by LightOfTriumph
Reading by Midnight29
Genre: Comedy
Ocellus goes to the Ponyville Flea Market to find a new bookcase. Gallus invites himself along.
I'm usually pretty meh on Student Six stories, but if more people wrote fics like this? That would go away! The real hook here, if you're not into the characters to begin with, is the impressive salespony who has the severe misfortune to find himself pitted against the Equestrian equivalent of a Ferengi. Just listening to the guy's dialogue was a marvel to behold. Then Gallus tears him apart, which is intensely hilarious. A real feel-good piece all around. I will say the ending was a little less than comedic, which again, I'm not that interested in the characters, so that's on me, but I think this will please pretty much anyone who enjoys a good laugh at watching someone who deserves it be eviscerated by someone who's really good at it.
Highly Recommended

Fallout: Equestria- Bounty Hunting by WeaponPrime
Reading by Everfree's Narrations
Mature: Violence
Genre: FoE
A bounty hunter visits his favorite bar.
"Short" and "Fallout: Equestria" do not usually go together, but this surprised me with economic action and very strong character work. I really liked the interactions these characters have, and with only three (maybe three and a half) notable players, just enough is put out to give the impression that these people know each other and this world has things going on all the time. It ends on a note of just suggesting what happens next, but that was honestly perfect. It's not even super gory or anything!

The Fashionista by Cillerenda
Reading by Scribbler
Review #7300!
Genre: Sad
She was a spoiled brat, is what Applejack would call her.
This is a companion piece to the excellent The Farmer's Daughter, which Scribbler also read because she has a good eye for this stuff. :) This is basically that story but from AJ's point of view. Ergo, instead of the community tragedy Rarity's story explores, this one is entirely personal, and again, Cillerenda's ability to portray not just grief, but children dealing with grief is the highlight. There's little point to comparing the two stories, since they're both two sides of the same coin, and either can be approached first.
Highly Recommended

Biased and Incomplete by DuncanR
Reading by Scribbler, et. al.
Genre: Drama
The thing about archaeology is, it's nothing like in the books.
The amazing thing about this story is DuncanR predicting the primary conceit of Daring Don't and then taking it in a completely different direction. That said, this gets off to a poor start with its first conversation. I mean, the way it's set up is good, it delivers a strong message, but if anyone would understand the value of rereading a story, you'd think it would be Twilight Sparkle. Meanwhile, the rest of this is just a cavalcade of Rainbow Dash being as stupid as possible at any given moment. It features one of my least-liked tropes: a character getting lost in their fantasy and doing something dumb in the real world because of it. And so much of the drama could have been short-circuited if only Dash had asked the right question — the obvious question — at any point: "Are the Daring Do books real?" I mean, she does ask it when it's narratively convenient for the dramatic reveal, but there are literally three spots before that where it would have slotted in perfectly naturally to the flow of a conversation. And the "I don't read fiction" gag (?) got old quick. So I can't say I enjoyed this, and I'm not sure who would. This is a rare misfire from an otherwise great author.
Vaguely Recommended

Slender by Jade Ring
Reading by Scribbler, et. al.
Genre: Dark/Sad
The foals of Ponyville are each having the same dream before they disappear.
I was going to say something about writing Slendermane stories in 2021, but this is actually from 2012, and I think that speaks to its quality. Fact is, it's not the scariest story ever, per my genre tags, but it is well written and tells a good story using a now-classic internet meme. The multiple endings make it feel a tad unfocused, but at least the best one was saved for last. This is really a lot better than it has any right to be, and will certainly appeal to fans of the central figure as well as those who just like creepy stuff happening to ponies.
Recommended for Fans of Dark Fics

Flutterdoomshy by Estee
Reading by Illya Leonov and Art Star
Genre: HiE DOOM Crossover
Fluttershy is always ready to provide a new companion to any creature who comes looking for one. But when the animal in question is Angel, well, that's different.
Have you seen the memes of Doomguy hanging out with Isabelle from Animal Crossing before? I don't think they spawned this story, but knowing they exist made this make a whole lot of sense. (It actually makes far less sense that this is apparently all about DOOM canon!) Concept aside, this is a fantastic story, told with weighty detail and Estee's typical economic writing. It's like someone walked through a field of stories, plucking out the best words and sentences to arrange them just so. Also, I choked up by the end and I have zero idea why. It's good, it's fun, it uses canon in interesting ways and it gives us a look at a side of Fluttershy we rarely see. This is easily the best HiE crossover fic since Order and Chaos.
Highly Recommended

Wayward Courier by Speven Dillberg
Reading by AppleSawsB
This is a 5-hour audiobook, in one chunk! :O That's not something you see often! Thankfully, he sounds like Rod Serling, has solid delivery and makes good use of background music, so he's going on the list. That said, the background music was fine, but the musical interludes were mixed way too high. Plus, it wasn't often clear when the scene changed from first-person to third-person narration, because he used the same voice for both, but that's really more an issue with the story than the reading. Still good!
Genre: HiE Fallout Crossover
A mishap with a transportalponder leaves the Mojave Wasteland's Courier stranded in a magical world of colorful equines.
Given that this is the same kind of story as the previous — main character from video game franchise comes to Equestria somehow — it's actually pretty useful to compare them. This, for instance, is a bog-standard HiE where the protagonist is a boring, gritty hardass with very little in the way of character. There's no real emotional core to the story, even considering the single scene where the Courier expresses regret for having inadvertently blown up a settlement and commiserates with Luna. The only theme here is that ponies are soft and the world of Fallout is hardcore, man! No opportunity is missed to give the human a chance to show off his badassness, from saving the CMCs from Diamond Dogs with murder to fighting a three-on-one demonstration bout against batpony guards. (Said scene is, I should add, extremely dull and also extremely confusing, as it is witnessed by a stadium full of supposedly soft ponies shouting, "Fight! Fight! Fight!" Like, seriously, what the hell?) And of course, we get full readouts on his inventory and what all his guns do, and Applejack doesn't like that he's murderous so she loudly gives him the cold shoulder all the freaking time. About the only really interesting idea here is that English just so happens to be equivalent to Zecora's native tongue. I mean, it doesn't make sense, but I was willing to buy it. There are three funny parts up through where I stopped, which isn't saying much. What killed it for me was Luna and the Courier getting drunk and having sex. Like, there's pretty much no warning, and it made me realize that I was not enjoying the story in the least, and that I had zero idea who it was written for. It's not awful, but I mostly lasted as long as I did in the name of following the reading.
DNF: 22/30

The Enchanter by My name is R
Reading by the Author
Not bad, not bad! There's some background noise and a good bit of mac 'n cheese, so his microphone and/or setup aren't the best, but it also doesn't sound like a built-in mic, so he's doing quite well. More importantly, his cadence and flow of delivery are both on point, so on to the list he goes!
Genre: Historical AU Adventure
Star Swirl and Somnambula are called upon to save a village from enslavement by the dark wizard Sombra.
This was a short but rousing adventure, like an RPG campaign module for two. I do wonder at the AU bits; like, Sombra being a dark wizard is fine, he fits the part and it's basically just saying what he is only different. But Star Swirl is a king, and that never really affects the story in any way. This could have just been an adventure with two of the Pillars, no questions asked. Still, it's not a bad story by any stretch, and it's a quick read. :)
Recommended for Fans of Fantasy Adventure

This Isn't a Sad Letter by not plu
Reading by Scribbler
Genre: Sad Epistolary Future Fic
Oh boy. My knee-jerk reaction is just to shout "I don't get it!" and whine about communication with the reader. But I've just been listening to Game Maker's Toolkit on Youtube, and now I can't help but approach this as a game. Not quite an ARG, not enough scope for that, but a puzzle the reader is meant to figure out, and one that, perhaps annoyingly, may not have one real solution. And that brings it down to am I just too dumb to pick up what the author's put down, or did they leave something out, go too obscure? It doesn't help that the later prequel, which undoubtedly would spell out things in better detail, is unfinished since late last year. But this is short, so I suggest people read it and leave a comment, here and/or there. I'm interested to hear other takes.
Recommended If You Like Puzzles

Discord's Doll by Nonya Beezewax
Reading by Sparrow9642
Mature: Gore, Violence, Death
Genre: Grimdark/Shipping/Sad
Twilight and her friends are invited to Discord's house for a party. Discord hasn't been coping well.
Silly me for thinking the Fluttercord was going to be part of this story I had the most problem with. No, no, it was the grimdark. The first chapter really prepares you for nothing. I mean, it actually builds a solid atmosphere, with this weird, extradimensional mansion, the leadup to what feels like a murder mystery, and warnings like "Discord's been sensitive lately" and "he talks to the doll, but doesn't expect anyone else to". But this is undercut by a number of things, first of all the writing. There are tons of saidisms and a lot of repetitions, though the rest of it is neither great nor awful. But then there's the scene where Applejack makes an offhanded remark about Pinkie taking a vow of silence, which sounds like a gag, save that we're immediately told, no, that actually happened, and then Pinkie breaks said vow immediately after that. In the same scene! What was the point? Let's not mention the characters coming upon a butler who's slipped and fallen to his death on a staircase and having zero reaction to it. But what broke me was the second chapter, where we find out how Fluttershy died. The Cutie Mark Crusaders killed her. <.< Seriously. She was apparently suffering hallucinations, completely out of her mind for some time before this, and she grabbed Sweetie Belle, thinking she was Angel bunny, and wouldn't let her go. So Scootaloo goes after her with a piece of glass? How was that an appropriate reaction, even if Sweetie was somewhat in danger of suffocation? And then Apple Bloom beats Fluttershy's skull in. c.c Suffice to say, after that wonderful description, I really had no further desire to continue with the story.
DNF: 2/6

The Plainwalkers: Death of a Soldier by Bolt Magnet
Reading by Everfree's Narrations
Genre: Sad Humanized Warfic
You never really start thinking about death until you're about to die.
If you want deep world-building or even explanations of what's going on, this will not be the story for you. The language use made me think this was just ponies at war with griffons for a while, since I tend not to look at tags for readings. But what this is is a solid monologue from a dying soldier, as evidenced by how well it reads aloud. Applejack shows up to put a little more pathos on the protagonist's death, but honestly wasn't even needed for that. Watching someone face their own death is always moving in and of itself.
Recommended If You Enjoy War Stories

Plush Toy by Apricotstone
Reading by Scribbler, et. al.
Genre: Shipping
Fluttershy has sewn a plush toy of Applejack. Now she just has to give it to her…
I'm always up for a Flutterjack story, those are so rare. But the more I listened to this, the more I realized that, well, Fluttershy's basically doing everything wrong. The plush itself is kind of creepy. Her behavior trends toward the obsessive. And when she finally goes to confess to Applejack, well, she's Fluttershy, but her actions also remind me that I'm really sick of how much dramatic weight stories tend to put on the importance of The Confession. Like, Fluttershy or not, you don't have to be a blubbering, lying mess when informing your crush of the emotional imposition you're making upon them. I'm honestly as tired of that as I am of the reciprocal crush, which this story of course halso as. It's cute in the moment, especially thanks to the voice acting, and I appreciate the scene with Pinkie that sort of lets Fluttershy talk to herself out loud to another pony. But this is really just a straightforward series of shipping tropes, and ultimately nothing special.
Recommended for Shippers Only

Pie Polar Dessert by Magpiepony
Reading by TheLostNarrator and Magpiepony
Genre: Romance/Mental Health
Why is Rainbow Dash making pie in the middle of the night?
I find myself really appreciating stories that combine these genre tags. I always say, a relationship isn't going to fix whatever's wrong with you, but sometimes you get with someone and it becomes serious and then you both find out that something's wrong that you didn't realize before. And then you have to deal with it. So this is both cute — I do so love PinkieDash still — and very uplifting, because Rainbow's not about to give up on Pinkie. And it's also realistic, because, again, a relationship won't fix what's wrong with you, though it's good to have help. :)

My Amazing Rainbow Dash by Kayes
Reading by Scribbler
Genre: AppleDash
Applejack was the first pony in her family to come out as gay.
I will go to my grave being mad about AppleDash. >:| This is pretty standard as shipfics go, though I did like that the focus of the second half is how AJ and Rainbow first met. I do wish there had been more focus on the LGBT issues the story opens with, however. The backstories of either pony have almost nothing to do with what comes after them And this is also one of those first-person fics that's way too self-aware to be legitimately first-person rather than third-person with the pronouns changed. But if you like AppleDash, you'll like it.
Recommended for AppleDashers

Blizzard Filly by Hades Shadow 92
Reading by Luna Farrowe
Genre: Sad/Light Mystery
Applejack finds a filly half-frozen in the snow. The next morning brings questions.
Worth pointing out for records-keeping that the reading is by Luna Farrowe, but it was uploaded on the author's Youtube channel as a gift from someone else. Moving on. The character tags almost give away the story here, except that I don't think the twist or mystery is really the point. After all, it's not tagged Mystery, is it? No, this is about the emotional bond Applejack forms with the filly. Which, I must say, takes place in record time. Ignoring that, I could definitely get into the idea, but I have to admit that if this had spent more time with the two of them, it would have had a stronger impact by the end.
Recommended If You Like Sadfics

Lady on the Streets/Freak Between the Sheets by ShotgunNeko
Reading by Talent Jack and Cobalt Willows
Cobalt Willows just so happens to be Doctor Cobra. :O I can't say I'm impressed by this reading, however. So much intro. Also the microphone quality is not super great, not to mention Cobalt did most of the narrating. :| The voice acting was good, but suffice to say, I won't be pursuing more from this channel.
Genre: Sensual Comedy
Frustrated after a lackluster date, Rarity looks for some meaningless loving to cure what ails her.
Wow, a clopfic without the clop. :O This really brushes up against the T-rating as Rarity anticipates what she's going to have Applejack do to her. I have to say, though, the story is paced just perfectly. Everything that happens is left to the imagination as a spaghetti incident, the nature of which Applejack can only boggle at afterward. Great ending, two good pairings, won't be for everyone, but if it sounds like you'll enjoy it, don't skip it.
Recommended If You Enjoy More Sensual Shipping

First Party by ObabScribbler
Reading by Scribbler and Michael Ignacio, Jr.
Genre: Tragedy
I can't tell anyone what's wrong with me. Well… maybe I can tell her…
Here's a story where every word strikes like a hammer blow. A cutting dive into Moondancer's character that lines up so well with what I read between the lines in Amending Fences that I wonder if it even qualifies as fanfiction. This will, and has, connect with a lot of young folks who've had to keep their true identities secret from those around them, while… Well, let's be honest, we all know how this story ends for Moondancer, and it ain't pretty. But it doesn't have to be that way for everyone, so hang in there.
Highly Recommended

Won't Wait on Love by unipie
Reading by Kenny TAG
Straight up, not bad at all. Left a few bobbles in, probably shouldn't sing, but I have no real complaints, so he goes on the list.
Genre: Scratchtavia Drama
Vinyl's neglectful nature has left her friendship with Octavia on the rocks.
I also have very little to say about the actual story. Other than the drama, it doesn't offer much you can't find in any other ScratchTavia. The writing is fine. It's based off the fan song "I Am Octavia", which I've never been a fan of, so I didn't have much appreciation for that element. It's okay, I guess?
Recommended for ScratchTavia Shippers

A Description of a Fountain in Canterlot's Gardens by Amit
Reading by Cerulean Rush
I'm apparently already subscribed to this guy? O.o Who is this? He's got good delivery, and no bullshit, so the reading was good. It's also his only one. No idea if he'll do more or not.
Genre: What It Says on the Tin
This story was clearly ahead of its time. I apparently downvoted it when I originally read it, and I have no idea why, but it predates Lost Cities by five months. I have to wonder if it didn't inspire Cold in Gardez to write that austere classic. It's not exactly the same sort of story, but similar enough that if you enjoy Lost Cities, you'll probably like this as well.

Unsung by Fabby
Reading by Scribbler
Genre: Dark
Twilight blows out her candle and tries to go to bed. She fails.
The basic throughline of this story is neat, as it shifts from existential horror and artsy darkness into something more meaningful and recognizable. But then you take a look back over it, and it kind of doesn't make any sense? At least the setup doesn't. And I have to wonder about that title. Is it a Background Pony reference? Because if it is, it doesn't really make sense, and if it isn't, what does it mean? But it's at least the kind of story you can enjoy in the moment for what it is.
Recommended If You Like Artsy Darkness

One Apple Short (In Which Twilight Learns Never to Underestimate an Apple Tree) by Impossible Numbers
Reading by Scribbler
Genre: Random Comedy
How hard could picking apples be, really?
This thing is immensely entertaining, due to being a nonstop surprise-a-second ridiculous, over-the-top romp. I was just continuously flabbergasted by what happened next, and it never lets up for a moment. What a hoot.

Again by Seer
Reading by Scribbler
Genre: Mental Illness/Horror
Rarity is getting ready to go out with her friends. She just needs to check on a few things first.
This is everyone's reminder that obsessive-compulsive disorder is not fun, quirky, cute or "something everyone has, a little." It is a debilitating mental disease that keeps people from living full lives. It is a mental prison from which there is little escape. And I can say this because I know that my OCD is nowhere near as bad as what's depicted in this story, but I still do this shit on a regular basis regardless. This is a story that is absolutely heartbreaking because it is just so perfect.
Highly Recommended

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Comments ( 15 )

Yeah, Scribbler reading 'Slender' of all things made me do a double take. My first horror fic, if I can remember. 'Grogar' really was a stealth remake that turned out a hundred times better.

That ending is still one of my best tho...

Oh gosh, a review of one of my personal favorite one-shots I've done? And it ends in a recommendation? Thank you so much! :raritystarry:

Have you seen the memes of Doomguy hanging out with Isabelle from Animal Crossing before? I don't think they spawned this story, but knowing they exist made this make a whole lot of sense.

It all stems from the rabbit.

Oh hey! Another fan fiction readers edition

I am honored that you would review my story. It was both my first story and my first reading, so the fact that both meet your approval is nice. The bit where Starswirl is a king is because the entire story was actually written and conceived as a prequal to a longer and more involved tale I haven’t written yet. That is an important plot point in the planned sequel. I’m still undecided on whether to make the second story. I made sure the first could stand alone in case I never returned to that world.

Seer #6 · July 26th · · ·

Hey thanks for the very kind words man! Appreciate that a lot!
It's interesting that you pegged this one as a horror. I'd always thought of it as more of a sadfic myself, but having read your review I can definitely see how it might be considered a horror story! It's a fascinating angle on a piece which I hadn't thought of in a fair while before Scribblers wonderful reading, and has definitely made me consider it in a new light :)

iisaw #7 · July 26th · · ·

...have to wonder if it didn't inspire Cold in Gardez to write that austere classic.

I'd bet a lot of money the inspiration was Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. Remarkably similar in tone.

Thank you for the review! Your assessment is totally fair. At the time I set out to write fluff between my favourite pair, and so I did. There wasn't much else to it, I'll admit.

I was wondering why such an old fic was getting notifs, I wasn't aware there was an audio reading!


While CiG was certainly aware of the story (See their comment) and Lost Cities was not published until almost a month following said comment, I would not take your bet, because you are most certainly right. Calvino is papa to both.

From the review, I was looking forward to read Fountain. How sad then to discover I’d already read it! Well, no harm to reread both it and CiG’s story, although the latter has a new, final chapter since when I last visited it. Oh! and a sequel, still incomplete.

㎰ - Of what little Calvino I’ve read, I liked If on a winter's night a traveler much more than Cities. Highly recommend, would be confused again. :unsuresweetie:

Yeah, I just now read Fountain, and it certainly has that vibe. Some really odd word-choices, but that seems to be part of its charm.

Oh, I :heart:love:heart: If on a winter's night a traveler! I was in bed with my wife when I finished reading it for the first time, and read the last few lines out loud to her. Perfect moment! :rainbowlaugh:

His The Path to the Spiders' Nests is also really good, if very dark.

I want to read... argh, can't think of the title right now, but it's the one where the characters can't speak and have to communicate using tarot cards. Calvino is the master of telling stories by writing about something else, it seems!

jmj #11 · July 26th · · ·

Thank you for another review, sir. I didn't think you'd like this one, so it was very nice to get a recommendation. Thank you, once again, for all you do here.

Author Interviewer

Ah! That does make sense. :)

That's half the reason I include the links in these reviews. :)

I just found out about If on a winter's night, I need to read that someday.

kits #13 · July 26th · · 1 ·

> Recommended for AppleDashers

You misspelled “tasteless people” :P


So, people do say that all the time, but PP is actually the right one here -- Amit's story gave me the idea to try and write a story without any characters. I chose cities, which led to many of the comparisons with Calvino's Invisible Cities. It wasn't until after I wrote the first few Lost Cities vignettes, and people pointed out the similarities with Calvino's classic, that I finally got around to reading Invisible Cities, which inspired some of my later chapters (and also the little authors' notes at the start of each chapter).

Good eye, PP.

Author Interviewer

g'day t'you too :')

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