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    Fic recs, May 20th: Project Get! #17!

    Hey! :D Welcome back to Project Get!, where I sort my RIL by views and grab the last 10 on the list that aren't sequels, unfinished, or by the same author twice! I've been trying to do this a lot more frequently, but 'frequent' has not exactly described these blogs out of me, has it? D: I dunno if that could change in the near future. I've got outpatient surgery on Wednesday this week, so I'm

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    State of the Writer, April 2024!

    It's another boring one! I ain't wrote nothin'! :B

    It actually feels lately like I've been crawling out of a pit? So maybe there's a light ahead? But it's also blocked by Balatro lol somepony save me D:

    The only other thing relevant to this blog is that I've had notes for a vs. post sitting in my notes document for probably the entire month now, what is wrong with me? D:

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    Fic recs, April 28th!

    TheQuinch has done a reading of Grimm's There's a Monster Under the Stairs! He's also begun CanvasWolfDoll's Sepia Tock!

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    Fic recs, April 22nd: Jordan179 edition

    Once again, though a good bit late, I bring it upon myself to memorialize an author via reviews of their stories. Though this time, it's different, as I had no connection to Jordan179 and only learned of his passing (three years ago this month, coincidentally), from this post

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    Another post about video games and Youtube and stuff

    If I'm going to waste time watching shit on Youtube, the least I can do is tell people about it. :P

    Ceave is a crazy Austrian with a love of video games and a head for philosophizing about them. Plus he really, really hates coins, no matter how tasty they may look.

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State of the writer, march 2024 · 3:16am April 1st


I forgot to do anything really because I have to get up early for an appointment tomorrow and I've been preoccupied with it :C so much for getting to bed on time


Happy trans day of visibility and stuff

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You gotta be invisible the rest of the year now. Get spooky with it.

Happy Easter / Trans Visibility Day / April Fool's Eve or Day (it's 1 April here now).

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Inspirational 🙌🏽

Good luck with your appointment!

Happy belated egg day. hope the appmt went well!

Author Interviewer

Back to having advantage on stealth checks! :B

It was no big deal! :) I even got up at a reasonable hour.

Now I just have to hope I can poop again. :B

You got that 🙌🏽

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