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I write poni. I am easily distracted. I like Oreos.

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Comments ( 18 )

Hehe. I know that feel.

Very nice indeed.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I absolutely cannot believe that Skeeter was your first read. That's sweet, man. Cute story. :twilightsmile:

One day applebloom will start regretting getting older too and bam everyone already dead on the farm.

Dawwwww that was nice

Aww... Rainbow is a big sweetheart, if you give her a chance. :rainbowkiss:

i don't like getting older too but there is some fun to it. a lot of people think its just its the end of maturity or even another year wasted and nothing accomplished. but every year you grow a bit wiser.

... And that's how you do a good, short romantic one-shot. Very enjoyable!

:fluttercry: => :pinkiehappy: As I was reading.

Went completely opposite of what I expected and am glad for it. Well done.

Awww! this is so sweet! <3

This made me laugh.

No idea why though. XD

3291502because its full of truth and jest. Makes for a string swig of laughter

aawwwwww!!! that was sooo cute!!!!:pinkiehappy::heart:


Cute, nice, and very true about the feelings about birthdays when you're adult :pinkiesad2:

Very short but very sweet. Great job. Very realistic feelings...though I wish it wasn't. Part of me gets it why there are many people apprehensive about Birthdays but another part of me doesn't. I look at Birthdays as a blessing worth celebrating. Though I am biased. I was only given six weeks to live at birth and my parents were told that I'd be a vegetable if I lived past that point. I'm 31 now and still trying to figure out what vegetable I am supposed to be. Thus every day is a blessing and each Birthday is something I look forward to and celebrate with great zeal.

Great job!


I love it. Short, but sweet.

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