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Super special interview power time GO! · 1:32am April 6th

So back in, uh... February?? c_c;;; Fimfiction user It Is All Hell was like, "Hey, you wanna get interviewed?" and I was all, "Fuck yeah, I wanna get interviewed!"

And then they sent me the interview and I did nothing. c_c; Given that I've been sitting on a single story review for several weeks now, this is perhaps merely par for the course for me at the moment.


I haven't pre-read these questions, I am diving into this here in the blog-writing window, let's do this! >:V

What are some reviewing-related complications for you, in terms of, for example, things you avoid reviewing, reluctantly review, go out of your way to review, etc.?

Oh man, good opener.

For the most part, avoiding things I don't like is easy. I can look at most story descriptions/tags/cover art and discern things like "is Twilestia" or "contains incest" but I repeat myself. The problem happens when something pops up incidentally in a story, or isn't clear from the description, or I go into an audiobook without having even looked at the Fimfiction page, which happens more frequently than it should. c_c; And when these issues of "there is no way I could have liked this story" pop up, I do my best to just flat out say that and be as gracious as possible.

Some Fimfiction authors compile their best-written stories into a book. Given the opportunity, would you consider doing something comparable with your best-written reviews? Either way, list a handful of reviews that you'd probably include.

This question is fascinating, because it forces me to consider the possibility of review-reviewers, which sounds like some kind of circle of hell. No, I can't imagine trying to figure out my own best-written reviews let alone asking someone else to read all 8000+. D: And I don't think anyone would read it, anyway.

The Royal Canterlot Library is a physical place that's burning down, and you only have time to save five stories. Give me your personal five, as well as your impersonal five (i.e., the five you think would be most important to preserve, regardless of your own taste). Please note that if What Is Left appears in neither, it'll be time to OnionDie.

...Oh my god, there's a lot of stories in this thing. D:

Okay, uh. My favorites. To Bring Light to Eternal Darkness. Broken Bindings. The Celestia Code. Do Not Serve These Ponies. Celestia XVII.

Most important? Arrow 18 Mission Logs. Through the Well of Pirene. Stardust. Princess Celestia Hates Tea. Biblical Monsters.

I tried to not overlap, that's a lot of stories to have to pare down. <_<

But of course, the real answer is, the library burns down with me inside because there's over 600 stories in it and I spend too long looking through them all and cross-referencing my own reviews to figure out which are the best and/or most important and only end up saving Detective jakkid166 in Everything. :3 And What Is Left, of course, uwu.

I got a Fluttershy tattoo in 2019 (although it's so abstract you'd never tell that that's what it is). Have you paid tribute to your favourite pony or the show in any way that isn't a Fimfiction story?

Hmm... I don't think so, no. I mean, I only just recently got a space of my own to decorate with pony toys, and decorate I have. <_<

Well, actually, no, that's not true. I did, after all, reinterpret the mane six and many of their antagonists, as well as various places around Equestria, as decks for a superhero card game, only to then reinterpret them all as characters from a series of comic books that never existed, for the sake of being able to publish them as workshop content for the official digital interpretation of said game. :) And I'm still working on it!

...god why D:

Can you give me your take on what the furry world is, as compared to the MLP fandom, and including how they overlap, both in principle and practice?

Okay, here's the ugly truth.

Bronies are a subset of furries.

Simply by enjoying a show featuring talking horses, the MLP fandom completes the major criterion to qualify as furry.


There is another, one might say more important, criterion to consider.

Which is self-identification. <_<

So the end result is actually just an overlapping Venn diagram. You've got MLP fans who are furries, and those who don't want to be called furries, and this is okay. I'm not even going to make snide remarks about the second set being in denial or anything. Because at the end of the day, all that matters is what people are comfortable calling themselves, and we should give them that space.

And then we can make fun of them for being in denial. :V

Power metal and psytrance, huh? My favourite genres are probably power electronics and goth rock. Do you think power metal and psytrance are compatible with one another, and why? Either way, suggest some elements that one might find in a hypothetical song that fused them.

Not at all, lol, which is why I tend to make those my go-to answers to the 'favorite musical genres' question. I really do like just about everything, and in fact you've caught me in the final leg of a full Weird Al Yankovic discography re-listen and rating session, which I mention only because it's the reason why this blog is being finished so late at night. >_> Takes a lot of writing to do both.

Things that you'd find a song fusing power metal and psy-trance? Uhhhh oh god lol, all I can come up with is fast BPM and probably sci-fi lyrics/quotes.

The Moderately High Court of Adjudicating Relevant and Important Shit calls you to the stand to defend your assessment - "yer gud, scrub :V" - of Ice Star.

Ice Star is a good writer and also a scrub who refuses to admit such V: so get rekt

You are "fan fiction masochist :B." Suppose you met "fan fiction sadist >:B" and began some kind of intimate relationship with them. What would that look like? Would there, for instance, be punishment through trash fan fiction? How about crotchtit nipple clamps? Yes, I listened to your Barcast interview to prepare for my interview, LOL.

Good lord, they'll let people on the internet just say any old thing these days. >_>;;; How dare you dig up old dirt on me that was publicly posted somewhere that I totally forgot about despite having freely participated in. :B

Honestly, I'm not actually into kinky stuff, so it probably would not last very long unless hypothetical person could say the same. But at least it could work, is what I'm saying, because I think someone who writes fanfiction just to make other people hurt would have to be a consummate troll, and thus have a really wacky sense of humor, which I dig. :)

For the love of god, just leave the nipple clamps out of it. D:

why does that have to be my final sentence ._.

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Comments ( 8 )

Then someone would have to review your review of reviews, then someone would have to review that...

"For the love of god, just leave the nipple clamps out of it."

Wait... Did you steal this quote from Gordon Ramsey? :trixieshiftright:

Look, we all need something to do while the world burns down around us. I can imagine worse ways to ignore the apocalypse. :trollestia:

I’m so disappointed in myself for having forgotten all about Jakkid until now ;-; Yes though please do save him, no amount of other stories would be too great a sacrifice.

Thanks, Perfect! I currently don't have time to do more than skim this, but I'll come back within the next few days to give it a proper look and leave a more thoughtful comment. And the apology wasn't necessary - it was, after all, your Hellboy that opened Pandora's legs by telling you, "take as much time as you need."

Author Interviewer


no? :B

given that he is a magnanimous sort, I am certain Detective jakkid166, the greatest detective of all time, would forgive you :)

that sure is a thing that you just said! c_c

Okay, thoughtful comment time... I'm so impressed by your crackhood - "but I repeat myself" was particularly legendary - that if Mr. Tired Luna (Paul) rejects my marriage proposal, will you marry me instead? Also, I initially wasn't sold on the way you use emoticons, but I now see that it's irreplaceable. :)

Author Interviewer

I believe this means I have won :)

yeah, sure what's the worst that could happen :V

Hahaha, nicely done and I definitely hear you on the library is burning down and whoops there I go with it ><

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