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This story is a sequel to FEMALE❤️‍🩹ANGER

Diamond Tiara writes a poem about her family.

This is the Equestria Girls version of the story. To find the pony version (which has differing content and characterizations) please click the sequel link. Posting permission granted by Majin Syeekoh. Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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Why did you need to get Majin Syeekoh’s permission to post Mothers like Medea and FEMALE❤️‍🩹ANGER?

Ice Star #2 · May 29th · · 1 ·

Nothing in the rules stated whether an Equestria Girls version and a FiM version of a story were allowed, especially not for stories of the same rating. I explained my situation and their differences and asked whether it was doable.

A very visceral story for anyone who has gone through any sort of abuse from a parent, especially abuse from one's mother. Definitely brought me to the feely feels zone, but rather than good feely feels I felt a painful twang of remembrance of pains I've suffered. Yet, that is not a hit against the poem, rather the opposite, it is an incredibly well written poem with a very intriguing style of writing that I wasn't sure of at first but came to appreciate and understand by the end.

TLDR; It is very good, very understandable for those who have suffered abuse, 10/10 would read again.

I can and will make as many people join the free verse poetry gang as possible.

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