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This story is a sequel to Magic's Birth

Darksymphony made a review here

Luna and Celestia tell Twilight of the story of their 'brief' lives as the second to their makers, and how they grew from 'simple' machinery relative at the time to fully sapient beings.

From towering cities piercing into seas of stars to ravaged but hardy lands still giving food to those that stand upon them, Twilight will learn how the two sisters came to be and what they went through. The duo are more than happy to recount the tales of those that developed like them and became fast friends despite running on the opposing Blue and Black energies.

Perhaps, with the help of Twilight, the three will learn how the Blue's waste became the magic that gave such life and color to a world that belonged to others long, long ago.

You can find the original image link here
The current cover image was art done by JedaySkayVoker whose DA can be found in the source. Kryostase commissioned it for me. He's also been helping spot spelling errors, typos, and the like. Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for continuing the fic

So glad to see this continuing! Keep up to good work!

Could Celestia's "twitching" be because of the thousand years of doing "extra administration duties" while Luna was Nightmare Moon? Her systems might have been strained and are debugging themselves now that she is in her "real" form. Living machines I expect would debug and defrag automatically as an immune response.

I am really enjoying this so far and hope you continue to write more.

Love it can't wait for more

Loving this cant wait for celestias part

To be honest I’m kind of picturing Celestia and Luna as advanced transformers. The blue energy is reminding me of energon.

So. Many. References! I love it!

Humm did they really dismantle Luna because she showed creativity? I tend to think Celestia is full on teasing and Luna was not scrapped or damaged over this. This is the kind of thing the company wants to study, to see why it happened, if it's dangerous, and if it's not how can make money off it?

The way Luna and Celestia speak, it almost seems like Luna is the older sister.

I made a single reference in this. What do you mean?

How odd.

Realy like the story, cant whait to see where is going...:trollestia:

And luna, that was a rly bad joke :rainbowlaugh:

Evolution of a free A.I. is interesting.

Fascinating stuff thus far. I do love a good AI awakening story. Looking forward to more.

I'm still trying to figure out what this blue energy is, and if Luna's description of everything is colors as we understand it or her occular sensors registering some other part of the EM spectrum.

This good hope you explain what happened to the sun and moon lol

The more I read this story the more invested and interested I become. You are doing amazing in showing instead of telling about the world and I love it.

Electricity? Spent energy/fuel? Radiation?

I am interested in knowing at what point luna begins to call Celestia sister :trollestia:

Well, having ten years of writing experience lets me see a lot of complaints about a lot of genres. One of them with sci-fi is that there's years of explanations with an item just to say that it's green in the end.

I don't do that. Take a weapon: I'll say that it's a 'X Mark 4', for example, but I'll have a character explain why they like or hate it better than the previous ones. Histories of items aren't for the story unless there's some particularly vital to understanding the world's background. Those histories're for background books dedicated to that purpose.

Glad I didn't lose my touch with that part of writing, though.

"What do you need, robot?" he spat angrily. He was busy observing his own fingers. "I don't need customers who don't eat nothin' but tha' blue energy." He waved the back of his hand at Luna. "Go on and leave now. S'already tough to keep this old accent up without bein' interrupted by a robit."

so from this old men luna get his... way of speak? :rainbowlaugh:

machines are quite stupid, they only do what their design and existing programming tells them to, even when this leads to glitches and damage. damage can cause al kinds of odd behaviors on top of that. even the intelligent machines fall victim to this, they just have the capacity to learn new reactions to avoid the situation in the future, not so different from most life really.

Twilight was left to creating what she saw as very amusing scenarios in her own mind of the two arguing and it ending in pillow fights or using the guards as swords to duel each other in the halls.

En garde with my guards!

I'm ready with the crushing dad jokes already. :facehoof:

Twilight was left to creating what she saw as very amusing scenarios in her own mind of the two arguing and it ending in pillow fights or using the guards as swords to duel each other in the halls.

Not using them as proxy champions, mind you. Bodily grabbing them and lightly bumping them against one another.

You do a great job of capturing Luna's disorientation in a world her internal database was never meant to cover. Plus, the glimpses of the wildlife hint at what evolution has in store once the blue and black redefine themselves into rainbows.

*throws house-sized spider at you*


Also, no one is curious about the massive thing that flew above the clouds and left behind that trail?

That's the other edge of the sword when it comes to Luna's naivete. It's not always clear what's unusual versus what she just doesn't recognize.

No! Using my own writing against me! implodes

Well luna meets celestia so wait does this not make luna the older sister

Luna is LNa1 and a custom build, Celestia LH 37 bq3 imply there are at least 36 other LH units, or even 36 LH types Celestia being 3rd of her batch of 37 models. Since they look similar we can assume Luna was built using LH parts thus why they are sisters Luna is basically a heavily modifyed LH unit, more than likely Celestia's model had stopped being produced before Luna was built so she's chronologically older.
Luna might have even been built to see how the LN programming structure reacted to a non-admnistative environment.

I think in their waking up order to full awareness Luna was first but when they were built Luna is technically younger than Celestia. Plus from the way they are acting I would think since Luna never experienced being a data processing robot that She can’t really understand the strain Celestia was being put under. Ever have a computer run a simulation and crash right afterwards from too much data? I think Celestia had a lot of those over her processing career. So I wouldn’t put it past Celestia to be more childish since she doesn’t have to strain herself like she used to.

Somewhat...bothered by impeded progress, Luna moved forward as fast as she could, whizzing past the makers standing around in the flat area. The robot spotted a hole in the ground where the bipeds were entering and leaving, but she paid it no further mind. She needed tog et to the data center and outside of this mess. An area bustling with information would be calm and organized. A place to rest her sensors and maybe the rest of her systems from this loud mess.

To get.

Robo-bonked Twilight is well disciplined Twilight.

Luna can be older than celestia in model?, i dont see that coming..:rainbowderp:

And wath the :yay: is the blue and black energy?

age with ai is a strange thing, when do you start, from manufacture, activation or awakening, how is it counted, time active, time since start, or time experienced if they have their clock rate over or underclocked and a number of other factors, their age is close enough and long enough ago that it really doesnt matter much, though the nature of that energy is certainly a curiosity

Thank you.

It's energy which is blue and black.

This good hmmm I would say celestia is older really since she has more knowledge however luna could be seen as older since she has more awareNess aka celestia because running longer and in the data center has more common knowledge at this point but luna has been more sentent at this point

celestia say she can see more info, bt dont have the time to see it, and for this story we can say celestia is a few months older than luna, when she say was working in data center for a couple of months

Thought that Luna was older than Celestia, and if Celestia was online for 7 months and Luna was online for 12...

Remember that Luna has been active for around a year now, if you flick back through the last few chapters.

So Celestia twitches cause she is over clocked?

Twenty percent positive -- that kind of wild guess shouldn't even be stated. That is always a problem with AI -- it gives you these definitive statements when it is at best a wild guess -- ALWAYS know the degree of certainty when dealing with this sort of thing. You could find an action being done on like a 0.1% which is.... something you don't want to rely on.

Missed this, got a 'Bicentennial Man' vibe to it ...

As for who has the older model, Cel's basic frame is older (when using Roman letters) but it would require knowing her longer designation to find if she was ... activated before or after Luna ...

oh fun, they clearly haven't fixed that design flaw yet if battery acid leakage is still a thing, so often i go to fix something only to discover theres nothing wrong except for an exploded battery, with stuff this advanced lying around i would have expected something more powerful and volatile in a heavy appliance like a robot, then again its not like lithium has much going for it beyond energy density

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