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The Tau Ceti star system is home to a primitive, pre-spaceflight race that next to nobody knows anything about, Leader Tonkin Kaan of the Sinai Junta decides that she wants to know but—is that a pony swimming in the depths of outer space!?

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This is just genius...

Good job.

Well, at least the human is logical enough to understand physics-breaking ponies like Surprise (And me) should not be investigated.

As the quote in The Last Unicorn goes.

Keep walking, dont look back, and dont run. Never run from an Immortal, it gets their attention.:pinkiecrazy:

That...was brilliant. And had me all but in the floor in hysterical laughter.

Great job!


She neared five metres in length <...> the Ter was 0.88 of the metre, making her 4.4 Ter long.

Ah, the old nemesis of any science fiction writer: actual science. In this case, basic maths. That would be ~5.68 'Ter' - divide, not multiply.

Funnily enough, the maths I did was actually right in my head, the Ter is actually 1.13 metres, and thus makes 5 metres 4.4 Ter. I just listed the wrong conversion.

1 Ter is 1.13 Metres, and conversely a metre is 0.88 Ter. This isn't actually the first story I've listed the wrong conversion in and had to go back and fix later. :twilightblush:

Serves me right for making up a whole set of fictional units and not being very good at maths in general. :facehoof:


This pony IS the defense system for Tau Ceti! She's the PERFECT force against alien invaders! :pinkiecrazy:

If she's a 'defense' for the system in general, it looks like the inhabitants of the area, namely ponies, don't like her either and have been trying to test the limits of what she can survive. What with Pinkie and Vinyl trying a few ways to get rid of her...seems she's more chaotic a force than Discord, at least in a way of being absolutely annoying. :pinkiecrazy:

It's my little theory that she got 'stranded' in space and got distracted by virtue of being in space, and has been wandering the system ever since. Since she only really does things when 'others' are around the only ones she's likely to encounter are spaceships...thus making it likely that she encountered 'The Others" and they set up a defensive ring as a result...so she's been wandering for QUITE some time too.

What a strange, and yet entertaining, set of circumstances. :trollestia:

No no no no no.

The defense system was always of ulix’ith’nail origin, but what people often assume wrongly is that it's there to defend Tau Ceti, when in fact it's there to protect the aliens from the insanity-causing natives.

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