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Looks like I need to rework large chunks of this story :>
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(The sequel is here)
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Sometimes, your inventions can bring about great good for humanity. And sometimes, they do the opposite. However, a single man actually did BOTH with his creations, and is one of the few survivors left on Earth after the "Ash fall". He decides, with his breakthrough in spatial rendering, to leave the destroyed Earth behind and go for a new world. He aims to go to a fresh Earth, where everything is as it should be, without his existence.

Unfortunately, he goes slightly off-course, and ends up in the wrong world. How will his technology get him through this?

If any of you don't like a little pseudo steam-punk, then you shouldn't read this, because the main character's technology is heavily influenced on its style...except for three certain things.

The beginning of the story was inspired by "Techno-Babble in Equestria" made by N64Fan. You should go check it out. It's pretty good.

That work of art is "Steampunk Wanderer" by amlaidgh. I only found the name of the artist, so I don't know where it could have been originally posted. The original version of this art seems to be "Wanderer above the sea fog" by Caspar David Friedrich.

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Aww yea

So far so good

daaang this story is awesome! keep it coming

Immediate impressions the interloper has made will hopefully not ignite any more conflict.

Continue, my intrepid writer.

Longer chapters or GTFO.

440231Hold on i think i have some fucks in the africa relief fund....oh wait....their is no such thing...:trollestia:

440259Oh wait...i have just been told that we actually have a africa relief fund.....Sadly there are no fucks in there because no fucks were given about it.

440259Oh wait!There is somthing in the bottom of the relief fund jar!Aaaaaaaannnnddd..Got it!Hmmm...a slip of paper?What could be on it.....Ok it reads:I.O.U one single fuck to be given.....HmmmmmOh look at the date it was writen,1974!

I am quite a big fan of steampunk (classy copper machines ftw?).

And I can safely say that searching for fucks in ANY part of the southern hemisphere will end in dissapointment.:moustache:

I take it you were going for for a purple prose style? I would be fitting.
However, the effect is kinda ruined because of the frequent awkward parts. It would have benefitted from further editing.
It's still pretty good though, and I like the idea of a steampunk... thing I gues.
Oh, and that guy needs more characterisation.

hahaha :rainbowlaugh: doctor who music, just perfect :derpytongue2:

440756 About time someone noticed. Glad you liked it.

440718 a very ornate style, using rare words, flowery language and so on. For example, verdoyant instead of green.

I like it so far :twilightsmile:

so when will the next chapter come? :pinkiehappy:

440863 It would come, if my internet wasn't acting up again.:flutterrage:

440899 i will be waiting then :twilightsmile:
*lurks over into the corner*

441005 Just about ready. Be patient for a few more minutes.:rainbowkiss:

Sweet steamy niblets this is amazing
Keep it up!:heart:

Wow, this got a lot of comments and a lot of praise in a very short time. This is a very nice story you put together friend.

I use friend of course in the circular connotative meaning of the word often applied at the end of a sentence to imply no sarcasm is entreated upon by the speaker to the person whom they are speaking to, which of course may have been implied regardless of my phrase but that still leaves the fact that the mere basis of the comment was to congratulate you and to encourage the continued writing of additional chapter that follow this main character you have created.



441057 I'm still waiting for your update.:pinkiesmile:

441015 wow that quick :rainbowderp: i gues i timed it right :pinkiehappy: time to read some more :twilightsmile:

441082Im waiting for your update....

443510 29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lltzgnHi5F1qzib3wo1_400.jpg To finding the typos.

weknowmemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/fuck-that-bitch-yao-pff.png To the make-believe words and "atleast".

Haven't you ever heard of "making" words for a story? I only know the name in french: " Néologisme".

This is just getting better and better :twilightsmile:
Just the kind story i like :pinkiehappy:

I think you mean this: Neologism wich is the translation of the french word.

I believe that diarchy is the right word. Not monarchy. Because diarchy is when you have two rulers.

Brilliant concept, and wonderfully told, but there are numerous spelling, and technical errors so far.
(and being spelled ''adn'', words being left out here and there...etc.)
I suggest you get a proof reader for that, and there is a major flaw in your idea of a cloaking system.
Objects already reflect light on their own. That's how we see them in the first place. A red object would be absorbing all light except for red light which is reflected into your eyes. For something to be invisible it would need to replicate incoming light on the side opposite to where it is hitting at the same angle. Other than that you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

443845... am I really going to have to put "I know I make typos and forget words in my stories" in the description every time I start a new story?:ajbemused:

Damn you are fast with the updates LOVE IT

Yes everybody makes typos. Heck, I do, but you REALY need somebody to proofread your fic. I don't mean to be rude, because you are a great storyteller, and the fic is amazing, but there are so many errors that I frequently have to pause to guess what you actualy meant to say. Just ask for a proofreader.


I would say something but I'm scared for my life......

but for real, your stories aren't bad, there are many people who write worse stories or crossover with other franchises as they seem to have problems creating a story from nothing, but you don't

444146 I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm a simple fisherman in a simple wooden boat floating above a black-hole. When I throw in my fishing line, I snag something almost immediately. Sometimes, I get a sickly fish and toss it back for it to be nursed to full health...or die. And sometimes, I get several bites with one hook!:pinkiecrazy:

the music you suggest really adds to the theme for me i hope you keep adding more

I am enjoying reading this, keep it up.:pinkiehappy:

Oh man, keep them coming. Loving this story so far!

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