Dr. Rare is set in Pony Village, a place located in the distant past of Equestria where ponies co-exist with all sorts of interesting animals and creatures. In this village lives Rare Belle, an inventor. In the first chapter, he manages to build what he hopes will be the world's most perfect little filly robot, named Sweetie. According to Dr. Rare, her being a robot is supposed to be a secret. However, despite her being a hyper-intelligent android, she turns out to be a bit naive at times. Later on, she has multiple adventures such as bringing a huge bear home. To Dr. Rare's credit, she also happens to have super-strength. This story focuses on Sweetie's true childhood, and her misunderstandings of the world around her right after she's constructed, as well as Dr. Rare's ridiculous inventions, rivalries, and romantic misadventures.

Based on the 1980's gag manga Dr. Slump, the following fiction is an adaptation, and it focuses primarily on outdated jokes and questionable themes from Japan that some may find offensive, and/or discomforting.

Dr. Slump is owned and written by:
~Akira Toriyama
~Published by Shueisha
~For Monthly Shōnen Jump

Dr. Rare is rated teen for occasional violence, suggestive content, crude banter, strong language, use of alcohol and use of tobacco.

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That thumbnail is more adorable than it should be.

This is ADORABLE and I love it. You legit got the spirit of Arale and her little world nailed down.

Thanks, and please let me know how I'm doing. I enjoy writing this, but it doesn't actually have all that many readers, so I'm relying on what few comments I can for improvement.

Or am I just too darn good?:unsuresweetie::pinkiesmile:

Surprised this story didn't get an update given the sensible passing of Akira Toriyama, not even a homanage?

I was devastated. I really didn't have the energy. I'll update soon.

A reminder that Arale is canonically able to beat Goku in a fight. That happened.

Just, take your time, everyone just felt the same those days, thank you for replying my comment.

That intro took a lot more work on my part than you realize.:pinkiecrazy:

I have read the description and the prologue for the most recent chapter.... and I already feel like this would be a perfect as what Dr Slump used to be.

Llegué aquí gracias a la adorable mimiatura. Comenzaré a leer cuando termine de leer los otros fanfics que tengo en cola.

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