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Twilight gets a new hobby, trolling. Who better to do it to than Spike? So with the help of her friends, family and even her mentor she will spend her free time pranking, conning and tricking her personal assistant. Expect everypony to be really out of character!

Special thanks to prereader: That_One_Brony

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inb4 featured.
Come on, you know it's happening..

Other than Rarity doing the whole laughing thing I thought that this was highly in character, nice.

I like and I cant really pick a fault with it.

You know you can get banned for firsting, right? Maybe even if it is your own story. :P

Yep...short, silly story? Inb4 feature box.

1258286 I thought you said fisting instead of firsting.

Now for the chapter where Spike starts burning ponies!

1258445 I don't put a ore tag and I intend on keeping it that way!

1258463 You have to admit, they kind of deserve it. Honestly, I'm not even slightly into gore fics, but this can not go unpunished!

1258468 There's going to be more trolling, much, much more. *maniacal laugh*

No...just no...Spike already gets enough abuse as it is and this is just downright uncalled for. :ajbemused:

1258514 Forgive me if I say that Spike already suffers enough and pretty much gets pushed aside a lot by the others.

Spike called brutish and uncivilized for not eating gems with silverware.
I have the funniest mental image of Spike trying to stab a sapphire with a fork right now,:rainbowlaugh:

1258531 Stab it with their steely knifes but they just can't kill the... gem?

1258520 keep in mind with every passing day they grow weaker he gets stronger .

Revenge is near

Oh dear...I give it at least four more attempts like this before Spike goes off the deep end.

I mean, Spike abuse is funny every now and then...but don't focus on it.

1258569 I still just think this story is really unneeded. Spike abuse was never funny then and it never shall be.

Spike does have a weak grip... :duck:

Oh Geez "(Banned)":rainbowderp:
It actually happened:derpyderp1:

Reading time:twilightsmile:

Nothing wrong with a little Spike abuse :rainbowlaugh:

A story.
A few chuckles, but... Not really my cup o' tea.

:ajbemused: But in all seriousness, enough spike abuse.

1259381 Amen to that. Support Spike LOVE, not Spike Abuse.

Recently, I've been increasingly pissed off with the neglect and abuse Spike gets from the fandom, and I'm starting to hate it. See how that sounds? I'm starting to hate a fandom that exercises love and acceptance for the way they treat the only dragon character on the show, the one who, superficially, is more of an outcast than any other recurring character. Something's wrong there, and this fanfic doesn't help one bit.

Spike abuse in itself is not funny It can be, but it has to be a funny story regardless of which character is being abused. This particular fanfic is not funny enough to justify the Spike abuse. Although, that's only if you can call it Spike abuse, since canon Spike is not that much of a dumbass. He's more OOC than anyone else.

I'm gonna keep en eye on updates to this so I can laugh at it.


I hope Spike kills Twilight at the end of this.

Wild shot in the dark, I'd guess posting first, even on your own story, is still a ban-able offense?:applejackunsure:

Sup folks, Svgb, the bearer of bad news (and first person Crazy got in contact with) here!

If you are wondering the ban was for his first post, passs that on to anyone who asks!


1258269 You are clearly not very familiar with these characters. At all.

1259624 Though spike abuse IS funny depending on the type of abuse, the amount etc.

But at any given time no spike abuse is better than no spike abuse.:applecry:


poor spike D:


I'm just gonna lend my two cents and say that Spike abuse CAN be funny, but not usually in the deliberate sense. For example, Spike falling off a ladder and being buried under a pile of books because Rarity entered the library while he was reshelving? That can be funny.

I suppose what I'm saying is that a little bit of abuse from the authour can be amusing, but deliberate abuse from characters is not. I say that even though I don't like Spike, just for the record.

1261488 I think I'm not interpreting myself well with this matter. What I mean is that some authors just use Spike for the butt of many jokes and whatnot. Stuff like what you described happening to Spike and the ladder sounds pretty good in the show. The fact is that a lot of authors seem to, for some twisted reason, love to make Spike into a joke.


Yeah... I might not much care for his character, but hating for the sake of hating irritates me no matter who's suffering. Now if were talking about modern pop stars and rappers however...

1261530 Oh yeah, that's a WHOLE different ballpark.


Heh. I was watching a commercial for "The X Factor" earlier today (stupid show) when I saw the greatest moment in the history of reality TV. One of the talentless pop star judges was telling this guy that everybody works hard for their dreams, but that some people just aren't meant to reach them. So then this guy says the greatest line of all time. He said, and I quote, "So that's why you use auto-tune?"

1261821 I saw that video on YouTube! Serves those hacks right.

That ... was ... amazing!!
I can't wait for some more of this, you have a great sense of humor good sir.
That is pretty funny.


Annoying an impulsive young creature that live in the same house as you know where you sleep and can breath magic fire does not seem like a good idea to me. Plus he has quick access to a certain trolling princess who has been know to like trolling twilight.

1261530>>1261518 I did not intend on hating on Spike, I chose him at random. Sorry if it offended you.

I seriously can't stand Spike being abused any further (especially by Twilight who is a so called 'friend')

1265045 Just take a joke, please! I didn't know that Spike got all this hate, I was just trying to write a fic based on a clever name. I wasn't trying to be offensive or anything like that!!!

Look your idea for having a joke fic is great and all... but watching Spike (who has been the epitome of abuse from everypony that he considers a 'friend', more specifically Twilight Sparkle... who has disgusted me on how she has been treating the poor boy, is just nor fair)... its like watching an episode of Family Guy and Spike is Meg Griffin and the other ponies are there to troll him cause its 'fun' (and Family Guy sucks to be honest)... maybe if you have 1-2 chapters where Twilight is regretting on trolling Spike so much, this fic can be redeemed

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