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Oh god, I sure as hell wasn't expecting that!:rainbowlaugh:


You got me all excited in my pants and then killed me with the ending.:yay:

Well I sure hope somebody picks up that phone.....

BECAUSE I JUST CALLED IT!!!!! :pinkiehappy:

'You win: Twilight Sparkle! Yes, that's right, I know your name, you stupid, purple, bookworm.'

'Would you like to play again? Too bad.':facehoof:

Words can't express....:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

And Twilight eagerly clopped the night away...while aiming for the high score.



Old joke+ the idiots on here who will laugh at the same joke OVER AND OVER= Success.

Perfect 1000 words too.


I'll admit, I chuckled.

I knew it wasn't something sexual! I CALLED IT! I BUCKING CALLED IT! :yay:

1613623>>1613645 Well no shit, you guys.

This line 'The only light that filled her room was the dim glow coming from her tv.' pretty much gave it away for me. Nevertheless, it was amusing.

1613546 I was expecting a rubix cube or something....

1000 words of awesome!:rainbowwild:

That...was wonderful. Thank you.

I knew it was a video game. Wasn't expecting Wolf Puncher tho' :rainbowderp:

Ending was expected and has been done too many times before.

I think we're at the point where if it was sexual, it'd be a shocking twist with that kind of setup.

1613760 Finally some sense.

1613776 I'm considering writing one like that.

1613776>>1613783 oh my god that is genius. Write a story like this, and have it be totally sexual at the end!

1613789 Done. Going right now.

I thought of it, but I'm having enough issues with my Trixie-returns-to-Ponyville story. Wait ... maybe I'll have Trixie and Twilight hook up. That'd be unexpected, right? :rainbowlaugh: :twilightangry2:

I thought I was the only one considering that. Anyway, in before inevitable feature.

1613811 I don't write to get featured, I write to write. I tell you, I could right that idea, and make a featured story, but where's the fun in that?

Wow, that was funny. :rainbowlaugh:


1613648 This guy knows his shit.

While I've seen this done many times before, it was still an enjoyable read. A nice, quick story filled with naughty implications is still fun to read on occasion.

1613750 Same here. I'm surprised that this genre isn't getting old. We've been psyched so much by these, that there's this one story here that seems to be leading up to it and actually turns out to be naughty, and IT threw me for a loop!

I was talking about this getting featured, since we know it's probably going to happen. I write to write too, but doing one of these fics and having it actually end up being sex is kind of brilliant at this point.

1613847 Me and Regidar are on that as a type of joke.

And yes, sadly, this will probably make featured.

The real winner is the audience

This was so formulaic and boring that not even masterful writing could have saved it. And the writing was clunky at best.


"Expired for the night?"

I think you mean "retired."

Because of this I've been playing Wolf Puncher for the past hour. I hope you're happy.

This has been done... how many times?

OMG i was getting scared....and then the ending HOLY MOTHER :rainbowlaugh:

I think I have seen something similar before. :ajbemused:

1613588 Oh hi Kurt Cobain! Can I ask why the fourth track in 'nevermind' you wanted to 'breed?' Then the fourth track in 'in utero' you wanted to 'rape me'? Just being nosey.

I guessed it was a Pong Joystick. Hahaha.

1614064 The Fourth track on "Bleach" was School, and the fourth on Incesticide was "Been a Son". See any patterns?

I had no idea what it was.

Stupid joke is stupid joke. And It hasn't been funny since OH WAIT IT'S NEVER BEEN FUNNY.
Thumbs down.

Short, funny, and enjoyable. Have a thumb and a moustache. :moustache:

bwahahahaha!!! :rainbowlaugh:
this is gold! :twilightsmile:

1614074 Oh. you got me there. I thought you were trying to subliminally send sex vibes into my brain. Just like this story. As you were, you handsome devil.

Jokes been used alot but it's still fun to read regardless!

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