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I am an artist (hence my profile pic) and I am restarting my acc. Okay? Okay.


What happens when two of a pegasus' best friends hit it off? Rainy days a pegasus and Cricket Bat the earth pony are/were madly in love, things get heated and 9 months later, you can guess. How will they cope with the pressure? Will Scorcher and Fluttershy get closer? W.I.P! Leave a like and give me advice!

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11. It take 11 months, not 9, for a foal to be born.

Ok so wip means work in progress, so I just have to ask why post if still a work in progress. Also why even have wip in the title.
Also spell the numbers out.

also give credit for the damn freaky edit. Sibsy is not gonna be happy someone changed her picture

Good, but the chapters are too short! :(

Sorry if things don't seem right, I tried my hardest, but thanks for telling me these things.

RB Already DID Give credit on the DA picture :facehoof:

I guess RB Tried to make it as human as possible, Same as me in my story.

Not a problem, Haters gonna hate. :pinkiehappy:

People update stories a lot sometimes. Therefore those too are a work in progress.

In my opinion its not bad for a first story: Good grammar, Decent length considering the fact that its the first time writing, But people are entitled to their opinions :pinkiesmile:

2421847 So why didn't he make this Humanized?

2422582 I didn't really know it was 11 months, So I just thought, "Hmm, it takes 9 months for a real baby so may as well huh?" It may not be perfect, but I tried.

I think RB's answer should suffice from me.

Just seemed odd to actually see it in a title. I'm one of those people that say what they think. Also when I think wip, I think rough around the edges.

2423176 I understand, I just wanted people to know it's not done yet, such as most stories on this.

Great, I think it was a good story-- Just needs grammar. I'll be your editor if you want :rainbowdetermined2:


I also have an oc named Scorcher, I created him one day off the top of my head. He is now the most famous character of my work. When i read that there was another i was like
this displeases me...
But mow i'm like lol another Scorcher.

Lol wut? May i suggest kind advice? Ahem

Frigging touch screen!!!! Any ways,

Oh come on!!!!! Pace your writing !!!!! There i'm done!!!

2479167 Haha! Around what month/year did you create him? :moustache:

This past... Summer i believe. August i think

2481608 Well, we created ours like 1 or 1 and a half years ago.

How long have u been in this fandom

Is there gonna be another one

2489806 Probably. Although I will make different stories, maybe a prequel? When they were in Primary/Kindy. :yay:

2483397 I saw the first episode and watched it for ages, so a while. I can't remember exactly. :yay:

I think theres a lot of potential here. If you ever need anything. I'd be happy to see what i can do.

Bass Drop out

2492755 Thanks alot, I will definitely ask. :raritywink:

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