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Caring for a foal - Pinkietothepie

A romance between 2 ponies is turned upside down.

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Chapter 5 - Cuteness

Rainbow Blitz POV

I woke up the next morning with a TERRIBLE pain in my head... I rubbed my head and memories of last night flashed in my head...



Le End

Oh god this has to stop, I grabbed some cleaning utensils and cleaned for my life, the guys were still unconscious. That was one heck of a party I have to admit! I picked up the guys and put them in separate beds so they think nothing bad happened. I grabbed some pain killers. Oh god yes, that is so much better. The room stopped spinning, I regained my balance too.

I looked over to the guys again, sound asleep. But I noticed Scorcher was stirring, I looked him in the eyes. He stared back and within a moment he panicked. "Oh it's you... My head... Aches!" Scorcher said adjusting to the surroundings. I gave him some painkillers and he took them straight away. He sighed feeling better.

Scorcher POV

I grabbed my phone '100 Missed Calls ; Answer some you idiot!' Since when did my phone tell me things like that? Am I still drunk? I shut my eyes to try and recap what happened, nothing but pitch black.

I remembered I was the only remaining bachelor in the 'Bachelor University.' I grabbed my saddle bag, Keys? Yep, Wallet? PRAISE THE LORD! I walked home to explain why I wasn't there to my mother. She is gonna be PISSED I thought to myself as I came to the door. I snuck in, ran to my room and grabbed my laptop. I just browsed some stuff, anything to pass the time.

Firefly came in with a cold stare on her face. "Hi?" I said closing my laptop, "Where were you Scorcher?" She looked at me concerned. "I was at a party with my friends, Rainy Days just had her baby remember?" I said with an emphasis on REMEMBER. She panicked and just plainly said "I need to go wash some dishes." Scorcher defeats the mighty Firefly once again! I pumped my fist/hoof

Cricket Bat POV

I have been awake for a couple of minutes, Took some pain killers and got on my laptop. Facepony posts? Instapony too? Gees we had a heck of a party. I decided to call the hospital, "May I have a chat with Miss Rainy Days?" I asked twirling a cord. "Yes, here she is." The nurse replied as Rainy got on the phone. "Hello?" "It's me Rainy, just checking in!" I said happily. "Stormy is doing well, eating and drinking is fine." She replied. "Well, I'll go tell the guys!" I said getting ready to hang up. "Sure, bye." Call dropped.

A week passes and Rainy comes home.

Rainbow Blitz POV

I heard the door creak open, "Who is it?" I asked ready to attack. Rainy came into the room, "Oh Rainy, it's you." I said withdrawing my magic. She hugged me, and Stormy Skies came out from behind her! She's quite cute actually, Her mane was a light blue exactly like Rainy's. Her coat was a light green, she was cute like that. I coaxed her out, and she grabbed my hoof.

I picked her up and played with her, she was giggling. I set her down and she crawled towards me again. "No no, you have to go with your mama." She didn't understand, so I led her towards Cricket Bat's room. I knocked and asked "Can I come in?" "Yeah, sure..." Cricket Bat replied. I came in and Stormy hid behind me. "This is Stormy!" I said happily, He started to smile. I coaxed her out again and she went up to Cricket. "This is your daddy now!" I told her as she kept close again. "Dada?" She said hugging my leg.

Cricket nodded and picked her up, just then Rainy came into the room, so did Dark. Dark was surprised, she already knew how to say dad?

Dark Shadow POV

It was my date with Rainbow Dash tonight, I checked the time and explained "I have a date with Dashie tonight, See you guys!" I said waving off. I arrived at Dashie's home. She opened the door, she looked absolutely--- How do I say it... Absolutely wonderful. "Hey Dashie, looking good tonight!" I said as she grabbed her bag and followed me outside. "I always look nice to you Shady~" Rainbow Dash said brushing her tail under his head.

We later arrived at the movies. "What movie?" I asked looking up and down the wall of at least ten or so movies! "How about 'Kiss and Tell'?" I looked at her again, she had a bit of lust in her eyes, I could see it. I was prepared. I replied; "Feeling romantic huh?" I bought the tickets and we took our seats in the back. She kept kissing me through out the movie. Her kissing almost made me get a boner... What is wrong with me? I leaned over at one point and made out.

Rainy Days POV

I finally put Stormy to rest, it took a while. What an energetic filly, just like I was... I just wish I could be as young as I was, but I'm happy, I have the best friends in the world. I also have a family, the best husband and a new addition to the family. Stormy Skies would grow up to be a beautiful mare, she would take my place as the ruler of storm and rain alike. I just wish she stopped growing so quick. She was up to my waist now, she is growing quickly.

I watched her doze off and left the room. Cricket came up behind me and put his hooves around me. "Hey honey..." I could tell he was a tad drunk. I pushed him off and grabbed some tea. He followed once again, I stared at him and then he backed off for a moment. I sat down and had a sip. "Are you *hiccup* avoiding me?" He said staggering towards the couch. I wanted to slap him, really want to. He's my husband so I'll let him off.

Author's Note:

I did make a reference to Tomska's DRUNK SCIENCE!

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