Caring for a foal

by Pinkietothepie

First published

A romance between 2 ponies is turned upside down.

What happens when two of a pegasus' best friends hit it off? Rainy days a pegasus and Cricket Bat the earth pony are/were madly in love, things get heated and 9 months later, you can guess. How will they cope with the pressure? Will Scorcher and Fluttershy get closer? W.I.P! Leave a like and give me advice!


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Hello there, My name is Rainbow Blitz. This story will be from different POV's. Its a love between an alicorn and earth pony, Let us begin.


The first day of Year 9. My name is Scorcher Storm, I am part of the fire clans of Ponyville, protecting citizens. But enough about me, Lets get on with this. I walked up to my best friends, Cricket Bat; An earth pony who is the best batter in Equestria. And Rainy Days, Rainbow Blitz sister. The bell rang as we went inside our class.

"Great another year of these teachers." I muttered to them, "Remember last year I got in trouble for yawning?" Cricket Bat said face-hoofing. Praise Celestia, the lunch bell rang! The teacher shouted something but none of us listened, Everyone wanted to get out from this prison block.

Rainy Days POV

"Who wants lunch?" I said beaming, "I'll buy this time guys." Cricket bat said smiling at us. "I hope they have dandelion sandwich!" I said searching the wall of food. I saw everything BUT dandelion sandwiches. Fluttershy came up to me, "Didn't you hear? They took away those for health reasons. People found pollen in their food..." Fluttershy said shivering. Scorcher was staring at Fluttershy with a blush, Never in my days have I seen Scorcher blush!

"Hey uh, Scorcher? We'll leave you to this--- Whatever it is." Cricket Bat interrupted. I looked at Cricket with a shrug, "He has a crush on Flutters. We should play wingman" I nodded and we left.

Scorcher POV

I kept staring, I didn't know why, She was just so beautiful. She told me I was blushing and I looked away covering my face. "It's okay... I blush too, It's normal." Flutters turned me to face her. I looked in to her glowing eyes, She backed away for some odd reason.

"What did I do?" I said shrugging, "I just get really shy... That's all..." Flutters said looking away. I turned her head to face me, "Wanna go out?" I said closing my eyes waiting for the "NO" Then suddenly... She kissed me! I fell over, motionless, I had never felt so much excitement, energy or power in my life. "Of course I will! I've had a crush on you since day 1... I get too shy to say anything that's all..." Flutters said with a silent squee. YES! Score one for the boys back at Manehatten!

Cricket Bat POV
Hey guys, Its just Blitz here again, In this I'm away on royal business. Just keep that in mind okay? I do come back towards the end. Have fun!

Cricket Bat's Actual POV

Me and Rainy sat awkwardly, we were at her place now. We tried to make some small talk but to no avail. She put the TV on and we watched some boring shows. I needed some action, I stared at her body. KEEP IT TOGETHER! Should I ask? It would be a bit rude to just touch her... What if she says no?

Chapter 2 - A long night ahead

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Okay guys, get ready, This is only a teeny, tiny bit of sexuality between those two. Sorry to all those... Cloppers.

Cricket Bat POV

She keeps looking over at me.... What should I do? I moved closer, Rainy moved away. "You okay?" I asked with a concerned look. "I wanna--- Have---" Rainy stuttered. She moved closer? I've seen enough stories to know where this is going. I just nodded, This was gonna be one heck of a night!

It was at least 1 AM when I woke up. I realized what we had done and I just felt proud, but at the same time guilty. I fucked an alicorn, what am I doing with my life? At least it's now a Sunday. I better clean this place up, I took a look of my surroundings. The place was a pig sty! I started to clean, if she woke up and found this place in ruins, I would be screwed for sure! I grabbed a broom and pan and began to sweep. In a few hours, the place started to sparkle. I cleaned Rainy up too. Covered her up and got back to bed.

Scorcher POV

I woke up at least at 7 AM. What a great night it was, my first date with another Pegasus. Usually it was Earth ponies or unicorns. Fluttershy had to be the best date out of them all! She was the most beautiful pony I ever saw. I decided I was gonna call Blitz and tell him.

Hello? "Hey Blitz it's Scorcher! Oh hey bro how's it going? "Good, I got a date! It was a Pegasus." Was she hot? He mockingly asked. Kidding! Nicely done. "Heh thanks, I better go see Cricket Bat." Alright talk to you later Scorcher. I dropped the call.

I knocked on his door, not home? Maybe he's at Rainy Days' house? I knocked on her door and Cricket answered. His mane was frizzled, as was his tail. "Dude, what happened to you? Your all... untidy!" I cried out "You don't wanna know." He shut the door and opened it again and he was all tidy again. He walked out the door. "Rainy and me we---" He stopped, "Had a great time! We played games!" He continued with shifty eyes.

I was quite suspicious, Cricket didn't...? No, he's too nice for that.

Okay guys, get ready in the next chapter or so, You will become shocked.

Chapter 3 - Oh My Celestia

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Rainy Days POV

I woke up in my room, the world spun. I stopped it by shaking my head. Visions of last night flashed in my mind, I shivered. I was also proud, I fucked an Earth Pony! It felt pretty good, At least now I can relax without any troubles! Someone knocked on my door. I opened it, Scorcher? Oh gees did he find out? Never trust cricket bat with anything!

"What did you do last night Rainy?" He stared at me with cold eyes. My eyes narrowed, "We played games and watched TV! It was great!" I said with a bead of sweat running down my face. He stared me up and down then left. "Okay then...." Scorcher said shutting the door. He was on to us, Scorcher saw it on our faces.

Cricket Bat POV

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, "Monday..." I groaned as I sat up. I ate some breakfast and dragged myself to school. I didn't feel like going to school as per usual, but if I want to get a life, I have to. Rainy and Scorcher were already there. Scorcher was chatting away to Rainy and Fluttershy. They seemed interested so I decided to listen too. He stopped when I walked up to them.

"Hey man, enjoy the weekend?" Scorcher said wide awake. How can he not be tired on a Monday? Its the worst day of the week! I just ignored the fact that he was bouncing. "It was fine thanks." We made small talk and then I noticed Rainy, she was clutching her stomach. I walked over to Rainy; "You okay?" I asked patting her back, "Just a cramp, I've been getting these lately." She said rubbing her stomach. She looked a little... Rounder than usual, is that normal? "I just gotta talk to Scorcher, just a minute Rainy." I said speeding towards Scorcher and running with him to a small room. "Ow?" He said just rubbing his ear.

Scorcher POV

I couldn't believe what Cricket Bat told me next. "Is it normal for a girl to have a round stomach? Rounder than usual?" He said with an awkward look on his face. I just couldn't speak, what did he just ask me!?. "Could she be... *Le Whisper* Pregnant?" Cricket Bat said shaking. I grabbed a pillow and shouted, screamed, ranted and raved into the pillow. Then I calmly said : "Have you done a test?"

"Uh no, but she is craving... And clutching her stomach..." He said looking around. "Get her a test, then come see me." I replied with a cold look.

Rainy Days POV

This pain is getting worse, the only thing that makes it better is chocolate. Cricket Bat charged in with a pregnancy test. Oh no...
I just had my test, I'm pregnant... With Cricket Bat's baby! What am I going to do? How will we cope, what about money, food or homes!? The pressure has already started! In 9 months, I'm going to have a foal! Why me? Why not someone else? I'm having a panic attack. What should I do? Who should I tell? Should I get an ultras--- Great idea! I'll get an ultra sound!

It's a girl, I'm having a mix of emotions. I have to tell Scorcher and my mom.

Mom totally freaked! She was... excited? I admit, I'm like, what 18, so is Cricket and Scorcher but still, Aren't I a bit young? Well... I've heard of 11 year olds getting pregnant so I guess I'm in the clear, Now my dad flipped out, not in a good way either. "You... WHAT!?!?!?" Well, I guess it went better then expected so, yeah. I'm also a Princess so I guess I'm repopulating the alicorns.

Chapter 4 - A foal is born

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Rainy Days POV

I know you were expecting Rainy Days, But quickly, this is when the foal is born, if you don't like birth scenes, skip this!

Actual Rainy Days POV

It's been nine months now... I think It's going to happen soon... Its the middle of the night. I can't help but groan in pain! It's getting worse, I have to call Scorcher! I grabbed the phone and dialed the number, "Scorcher? I need help..." I said with a slight tear from the pain. "Yeah I'll be there!" He cried and within moments he was there. "Is the foal coming?" Scorcher said concerned. All I could do was nod.

Scorcher POV

It's been hours since Rainy went to the hospital! How long can it take? I called Blitz and Cricket. Hello? "Blitz! The foal is either born or is about to." That's great! Boy or girl? "I'm not sure they didn't tell me..." I looked towards the door, is something bad happening? You better tell the girls! "Okay, Bye Blitz." The call dropped, I then called the girls and finally Cricket Bat. It's 12 PM/AM now... I'm starting to panic. The girls were excited, I was just frantic. If Rainy got hurt, Blitz would kill me! Gotta stay strong! I grabbed my eyes, So tired, then my stomach, So hungry. But must, stay strong!

I wonder if they have a café? Just as I thought that the doctor came out. He motioned us in and we saw Rainy with the foal. It's a girl! Cricket Bat hugged Rainy. I feel angry and happy... But sad that Cricket Bat won't be with us as much. It was a beautiful girl, and an Alicorn. "I'll call her... Stormy Skies." Rainy said as the baby stirred. She grabbed my hoof! How cute, I can't wait until Blitz gets back!

Rainbow Blitz POV

Now where did they say the hospital was? Oh yeah the Ponyville hospital ward. I walked to the counter, "May I see Miss Rainy Days?" I said with excitement. "7B." She said flatly, I didn't say anything, I just got up there as quick as I could. Rainy was my sister after all, I couldn't miss this for the world. I ran to the room and there was Rainy, and Cricket holding their young daughter. "She's an alicorn?" I was kind of shocked, but also a bit calm. Rainy was an alicorn, so was I...

I just nodded with approval, I was happy, but also angry at Cricket Bat. I wanted to throttle him, really bad. But I am bound to my thoughts since I'm in a hospital with a foal.

Cricket bat POV

Blitz here, I just wanna say this may or may not be the last chapter, Maybe an epilogue, Okay sorry go ahead.

Cricket Bat's real POV

I couldn't help but shed a tear, Scorcher noticed.

I admitted I did, but Scorcher understood it. It was a happy occasion, Blitz on the other hand was full on crying his eyes out.
"How long until Rainy recovers and goes home?" I said awaiting a quick response, "A week, two at tops." The doctor said flatly, he just walked out the door. "A whole week without my girl and child? How am I gonna survive that?" I said grabbing at my face. "You have us?" The guys said with grins. Well I'm screwed I thought to myself. The guys were okay at some points, but after a while they get really annoying, I don't hate them it's just their personalities. Blitz is a total nutter, Scorcher is a smart ass, Dark Shadow is a mad scientist too. I couldn't stand a week or two with them!

Scorcher POV

I was tired as hell, the doctor did say we could go home at anytime... Should I? No, I'm gonna stick by my friends! I mean, Celestia, she just had a foal! But I am so tired, Oh wait things are changing!

She's dozing off, I think I should go... "Hey guys it's getting late, I gotta get home!" I said rubbing my eyes to see clearly. Blitz nodded with approval. "I think we all should go home. Rainy is asleep, so is Stormy." Blitz sounded sane for once! It's a miracle!

We all left them, and met up at my house. It was a celebration. "CONGRATULATIONS TO CRICKET BAT! FOR GRADUATING BACHELOR UNIVERSITY!" Blitz cried out. Of course, Blitz was with Applejack at the moment but he tried to keep his sexual activity safe. We all cheered for Cricket. I was unfortunately the only one who was married or had a girlfriend. Fluttershy and me were best friends, maybe even closer.

I was disappointed, I was the only bachelor still in bachelor university, or so Blitz called it... Blitz saw my upset look and patted me on the back. "Hey it's okay bro, a lot of stallions are single! You may still be single but it's okay! Who knows, Fluttershy might want to go further?" He said with a reassuring look. I felt a bit better.


Chapter 5 - Cuteness

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Rainbow Blitz POV

I woke up the next morning with a TERRIBLE pain in my head... I rubbed my head and memories of last night flashed in my head...



Le End

Oh god this has to stop, I grabbed some cleaning utensils and cleaned for my life, the guys were still unconscious. That was one heck of a party I have to admit! I picked up the guys and put them in separate beds so they think nothing bad happened. I grabbed some pain killers. Oh god yes, that is so much better. The room stopped spinning, I regained my balance too.

I looked over to the guys again, sound asleep. But I noticed Scorcher was stirring, I looked him in the eyes. He stared back and within a moment he panicked. "Oh it's you... My head... Aches!" Scorcher said adjusting to the surroundings. I gave him some painkillers and he took them straight away. He sighed feeling better.

Scorcher POV

I grabbed my phone '100 Missed Calls ; Answer some you idiot!' Since when did my phone tell me things like that? Am I still drunk? I shut my eyes to try and recap what happened, nothing but pitch black.

I remembered I was the only remaining bachelor in the 'Bachelor University.' I grabbed my saddle bag, Keys? Yep, Wallet? PRAISE THE LORD! I walked home to explain why I wasn't there to my mother. She is gonna be PISSED I thought to myself as I came to the door. I snuck in, ran to my room and grabbed my laptop. I just browsed some stuff, anything to pass the time.

Firefly came in with a cold stare on her face. "Hi?" I said closing my laptop, "Where were you Scorcher?" She looked at me concerned. "I was at a party with my friends, Rainy Days just had her baby remember?" I said with an emphasis on REMEMBER. She panicked and just plainly said "I need to go wash some dishes." Scorcher defeats the mighty Firefly once again! I pumped my fist/hoof

Cricket Bat POV

I have been awake for a couple of minutes, Took some pain killers and got on my laptop. Facepony posts? Instapony too? Gees we had a heck of a party. I decided to call the hospital, "May I have a chat with Miss Rainy Days?" I asked twirling a cord. "Yes, here she is." The nurse replied as Rainy got on the phone. "Hello?" "It's me Rainy, just checking in!" I said happily. "Stormy is doing well, eating and drinking is fine." She replied. "Well, I'll go tell the guys!" I said getting ready to hang up. "Sure, bye." Call dropped.

A week passes and Rainy comes home.

Rainbow Blitz POV

I heard the door creak open, "Who is it?" I asked ready to attack. Rainy came into the room, "Oh Rainy, it's you." I said withdrawing my magic. She hugged me, and Stormy Skies came out from behind her! She's quite cute actually, Her mane was a light blue exactly like Rainy's. Her coat was a light green, she was cute like that. I coaxed her out, and she grabbed my hoof.

I picked her up and played with her, she was giggling. I set her down and she crawled towards me again. "No no, you have to go with your mama." She didn't understand, so I led her towards Cricket Bat's room. I knocked and asked "Can I come in?" "Yeah, sure..." Cricket Bat replied. I came in and Stormy hid behind me. "This is Stormy!" I said happily, He started to smile. I coaxed her out again and she went up to Cricket. "This is your daddy now!" I told her as she kept close again. "Dada?" She said hugging my leg.

Cricket nodded and picked her up, just then Rainy came into the room, so did Dark. Dark was surprised, she already knew how to say dad?

Dark Shadow POV

It was my date with Rainbow Dash tonight, I checked the time and explained "I have a date with Dashie tonight, See you guys!" I said waving off. I arrived at Dashie's home. She opened the door, she looked absolutely--- How do I say it... Absolutely wonderful. "Hey Dashie, looking good tonight!" I said as she grabbed her bag and followed me outside. "I always look nice to you Shady~" Rainbow Dash said brushing her tail under his head.

We later arrived at the movies. "What movie?" I asked looking up and down the wall of at least ten or so movies! "How about 'Kiss and Tell'?" I looked at her again, she had a bit of lust in her eyes, I could see it. I was prepared. I replied; "Feeling romantic huh?" I bought the tickets and we took our seats in the back. She kept kissing me through out the movie. Her kissing almost made me get a boner... What is wrong with me? I leaned over at one point and made out.

Rainy Days POV

I finally put Stormy to rest, it took a while. What an energetic filly, just like I was... I just wish I could be as young as I was, but I'm happy, I have the best friends in the world. I also have a family, the best husband and a new addition to the family. Stormy Skies would grow up to be a beautiful mare, she would take my place as the ruler of storm and rain alike. I just wish she stopped growing so quick. She was up to my waist now, she is growing quickly.

I watched her doze off and left the room. Cricket came up behind me and put his hooves around me. "Hey honey..." I could tell he was a tad drunk. I pushed him off and grabbed some tea. He followed once again, I stared at him and then he backed off for a moment. I sat down and had a sip. "Are you *hiccup* avoiding me?" He said staggering towards the couch. I wanted to slap him, really want to. He's my husband so I'll let him off.