• Published 13th Apr 2013
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Caring for a foal - Pinkietothepie

A romance between 2 ponies is turned upside down.

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Hello there, My name is Rainbow Blitz. This story will be from different POV's. Its a love between an alicorn and earth pony, Let us begin.


The first day of Year 9. My name is Scorcher Storm, I am part of the fire clans of Ponyville, protecting citizens. But enough about me, Lets get on with this. I walked up to my best friends, Cricket Bat; An earth pony who is the best batter in Equestria. And Rainy Days, Rainbow Blitz sister. The bell rang as we went inside our class.

"Great another year of these teachers." I muttered to them, "Remember last year I got in trouble for yawning?" Cricket Bat said face-hoofing. Praise Celestia, the lunch bell rang! The teacher shouted something but none of us listened, Everyone wanted to get out from this prison block.

Rainy Days POV

"Who wants lunch?" I said beaming, "I'll buy this time guys." Cricket bat said smiling at us. "I hope they have dandelion sandwich!" I said searching the wall of food. I saw everything BUT dandelion sandwiches. Fluttershy came up to me, "Didn't you hear? They took away those for health reasons. People found pollen in their food..." Fluttershy said shivering. Scorcher was staring at Fluttershy with a blush, Never in my days have I seen Scorcher blush!

"Hey uh, Scorcher? We'll leave you to this--- Whatever it is." Cricket Bat interrupted. I looked at Cricket with a shrug, "He has a crush on Flutters. We should play wingman" I nodded and we left.

Scorcher POV

I kept staring, I didn't know why, She was just so beautiful. She told me I was blushing and I looked away covering my face. "It's okay... I blush too, It's normal." Flutters turned me to face her. I looked in to her glowing eyes, She backed away for some odd reason.

"What did I do?" I said shrugging, "I just get really shy... That's all..." Flutters said looking away. I turned her head to face me, "Wanna go out?" I said closing my eyes waiting for the "NO" Then suddenly... She kissed me! I fell over, motionless, I had never felt so much excitement, energy or power in my life. "Of course I will! I've had a crush on you since day 1... I get too shy to say anything that's all..." Flutters said with a silent squee. YES! Score one for the boys back at Manehatten!

Cricket Bat POV
Hey guys, Its just Blitz here again, In this I'm away on royal business. Just keep that in mind okay? I do come back towards the end. Have fun!

Cricket Bat's Actual POV

Me and Rainy sat awkwardly, we were at her place now. We tried to make some small talk but to no avail. She put the TV on and we watched some boring shows. I needed some action, I stared at her body. KEEP IT TOGETHER! Should I ask? It would be a bit rude to just touch her... What if she says no?

Author's Note:

Sorry if I spelt any words wrong. Thanks to Scorcher for the amazing story line. Go check out his story too! Rainy Days belongs to me, Scorcher and Cricket bat belong to Scorcher.