• Published 13th Apr 2013
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Caring for a foal - Pinkietothepie

A romance between 2 ponies is turned upside down.

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Chapter 2 - A long night ahead

Okay guys, get ready, This is only a teeny, tiny bit of sexuality between those two. Sorry to all those... Cloppers.

Cricket Bat POV

She keeps looking over at me.... What should I do? I moved closer, Rainy moved away. "You okay?" I asked with a concerned look. "I wanna--- Have---" Rainy stuttered. She moved closer? I've seen enough stories to know where this is going. I just nodded, This was gonna be one heck of a night!

It was at least 1 AM when I woke up. I realized what we had done and I just felt proud, but at the same time guilty. I fucked an alicorn, what am I doing with my life? At least it's now a Sunday. I better clean this place up, I took a look of my surroundings. The place was a pig sty! I started to clean, if she woke up and found this place in ruins, I would be screwed for sure! I grabbed a broom and pan and began to sweep. In a few hours, the place started to sparkle. I cleaned Rainy up too. Covered her up and got back to bed.

Scorcher POV

I woke up at least at 7 AM. What a great night it was, my first date with another Pegasus. Usually it was Earth ponies or unicorns. Fluttershy had to be the best date out of them all! She was the most beautiful pony I ever saw. I decided I was gonna call Blitz and tell him.

Hello? "Hey Blitz it's Scorcher! Oh hey bro how's it going? "Good, I got a date! It was a Pegasus." Was she hot? He mockingly asked. Kidding! Nicely done. "Heh thanks, I better go see Cricket Bat." Alright talk to you later Scorcher. I dropped the call.

I knocked on his door, not home? Maybe he's at Rainy Days' house? I knocked on her door and Cricket answered. His mane was frizzled, as was his tail. "Dude, what happened to you? Your all... untidy!" I cried out "You don't wanna know." He shut the door and opened it again and he was all tidy again. He walked out the door. "Rainy and me we---" He stopped, "Had a great time! We played games!" He continued with shifty eyes.

I was quite suspicious, Cricket didn't...? No, he's too nice for that.

Okay guys, get ready in the next chapter or so, You will become shocked.

Author's Note:

Sorry if I spelt anything wrong!