• Published 13th Apr 2013
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Caring for a foal - Pinkietothepie

A romance between 2 ponies is turned upside down.

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Chapter 3 - Oh My Celestia

Rainy Days POV

I woke up in my room, the world spun. I stopped it by shaking my head. Visions of last night flashed in my mind, I shivered. I was also proud, I fucked an Earth Pony! It felt pretty good, At least now I can relax without any troubles! Someone knocked on my door. I opened it, Scorcher? Oh gees did he find out? Never trust cricket bat with anything!

"What did you do last night Rainy?" He stared at me with cold eyes. My eyes narrowed, "We played games and watched TV! It was great!" I said with a bead of sweat running down my face. He stared me up and down then left. "Okay then...." Scorcher said shutting the door. He was on to us, Scorcher saw it on our faces.

Cricket Bat POV

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, "Monday..." I groaned as I sat up. I ate some breakfast and dragged myself to school. I didn't feel like going to school as per usual, but if I want to get a life, I have to. Rainy and Scorcher were already there. Scorcher was chatting away to Rainy and Fluttershy. They seemed interested so I decided to listen too. He stopped when I walked up to them.

"Hey man, enjoy the weekend?" Scorcher said wide awake. How can he not be tired on a Monday? Its the worst day of the week! I just ignored the fact that he was bouncing. "It was fine thanks." We made small talk and then I noticed Rainy, she was clutching her stomach. I walked over to Rainy; "You okay?" I asked patting her back, "Just a cramp, I've been getting these lately." She said rubbing her stomach. She looked a little... Rounder than usual, is that normal? "I just gotta talk to Scorcher, just a minute Rainy." I said speeding towards Scorcher and running with him to a small room. "Ow?" He said just rubbing his ear.

Scorcher POV

I couldn't believe what Cricket Bat told me next. "Is it normal for a girl to have a round stomach? Rounder than usual?" He said with an awkward look on his face. I just couldn't speak, what did he just ask me!?. "Could she be... *Le Whisper* Pregnant?" Cricket Bat said shaking. I grabbed a pillow and shouted, screamed, ranted and raved into the pillow. Then I calmly said : "Have you done a test?"

"Uh no, but she is craving... And clutching her stomach..." He said looking around. "Get her a test, then come see me." I replied with a cold look.

Rainy Days POV

This pain is getting worse, the only thing that makes it better is chocolate. Cricket Bat charged in with a pregnancy test. Oh no...
I just had my test, I'm pregnant... With Cricket Bat's baby! What am I going to do? How will we cope, what about money, food or homes!? The pressure has already started! In 9 months, I'm going to have a foal! Why me? Why not someone else? I'm having a panic attack. What should I do? Who should I tell? Should I get an ultras--- Great idea! I'll get an ultra sound!

It's a girl, I'm having a mix of emotions. I have to tell Scorcher and my mom.

Mom totally freaked! She was... excited? I admit, I'm like, what 18, so is Cricket and Scorcher but still, Aren't I a bit young? Well... I've heard of 11 year olds getting pregnant so I guess I'm in the clear, Now my dad flipped out, not in a good way either. "You... WHAT!?!?!?" Well, I guess it went better then expected so, yeah. I'm also a Princess so I guess I'm repopulating the alicorns.