• Published 13th Apr 2013
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Caring for a foal - Pinkietothepie

A romance between 2 ponies is turned upside down.

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Chapter 4 - A foal is born

Rainy Days POV

I know you were expecting Rainy Days, But quickly, this is when the foal is born, if you don't like birth scenes, skip this!

Actual Rainy Days POV

It's been nine months now... I think It's going to happen soon... Its the middle of the night. I can't help but groan in pain! It's getting worse, I have to call Scorcher! I grabbed the phone and dialed the number, "Scorcher? I need help..." I said with a slight tear from the pain. "Yeah I'll be there!" He cried and within moments he was there. "Is the foal coming?" Scorcher said concerned. All I could do was nod.

Scorcher POV

It's been hours since Rainy went to the hospital! How long can it take? I called Blitz and Cricket. Hello? "Blitz! The foal is either born or is about to." That's great! Boy or girl? "I'm not sure they didn't tell me..." I looked towards the door, is something bad happening? You better tell the girls! "Okay, Bye Blitz." The call dropped, I then called the girls and finally Cricket Bat. It's 12 PM/AM now... I'm starting to panic. The girls were excited, I was just frantic. If Rainy got hurt, Blitz would kill me! Gotta stay strong! I grabbed my eyes, So tired, then my stomach, So hungry. But must, stay strong!

I wonder if they have a café? Just as I thought that the doctor came out. He motioned us in and we saw Rainy with the foal. It's a girl! Cricket Bat hugged Rainy. I feel angry and happy... But sad that Cricket Bat won't be with us as much. It was a beautiful girl, and an Alicorn. "I'll call her... Stormy Skies." Rainy said as the baby stirred. She grabbed my hoof! How cute, I can't wait until Blitz gets back!

Rainbow Blitz POV

Now where did they say the hospital was? Oh yeah the Ponyville hospital ward. I walked to the counter, "May I see Miss Rainy Days?" I said with excitement. "7B." She said flatly, I didn't say anything, I just got up there as quick as I could. Rainy was my sister after all, I couldn't miss this for the world. I ran to the room and there was Rainy, and Cricket holding their young daughter. "She's an alicorn?" I was kind of shocked, but also a bit calm. Rainy was an alicorn, so was I...

I just nodded with approval, I was happy, but also angry at Cricket Bat. I wanted to throttle him, really bad. But I am bound to my thoughts since I'm in a hospital with a foal.

Cricket bat POV

Blitz here, I just wanna say this may or may not be the last chapter, Maybe an epilogue, Okay sorry go ahead.

Cricket Bat's real POV

I couldn't help but shed a tear, Scorcher noticed.

I admitted I did, but Scorcher understood it. It was a happy occasion, Blitz on the other hand was full on crying his eyes out.
"How long until Rainy recovers and goes home?" I said awaiting a quick response, "A week, two at tops." The doctor said flatly, he just walked out the door. "A whole week without my girl and child? How am I gonna survive that?" I said grabbing at my face. "You have us?" The guys said with grins. Well I'm screwed I thought to myself. The guys were okay at some points, but after a while they get really annoying, I don't hate them it's just their personalities. Blitz is a total nutter, Scorcher is a smart ass, Dark Shadow is a mad scientist too. I couldn't stand a week or two with them!

Scorcher POV

I was tired as hell, the doctor did say we could go home at anytime... Should I? No, I'm gonna stick by my friends! I mean, Celestia, she just had a foal! But I am so tired, Oh wait things are changing!

She's dozing off, I think I should go... "Hey guys it's getting late, I gotta get home!" I said rubbing my eyes to see clearly. Blitz nodded with approval. "I think we all should go home. Rainy is asleep, so is Stormy." Blitz sounded sane for once! It's a miracle!

We all left them, and met up at my house. It was a celebration. "CONGRATULATIONS TO CRICKET BAT! FOR GRADUATING BACHELOR UNIVERSITY!" Blitz cried out. Of course, Blitz was with Applejack at the moment but he tried to keep his sexual activity safe. We all cheered for Cricket. I was unfortunately the only one who was married or had a girlfriend. Fluttershy and me were best friends, maybe even closer.

I was disappointed, I was the only bachelor still in bachelor university, or so Blitz called it... Blitz saw my upset look and patted me on the back. "Hey it's okay bro, a lot of stallions are single! You may still be single but it's okay! Who knows, Fluttershy might want to go further?" He said with a reassuring look. I felt a bit better.


Author's Note:

Sorry if I did any spelling wrong or I offended the laws of physics. And if you didn't like it, Comment and I'll see what I can do about it. And if I offended anyone at all let me know and I will change it immediately.

Thanks! -Blitz