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Soon after the founding of Equestria, in a remote corner of the map, one earth pony dreams of taking flight. Will the force of his dream and support from his childhood friend be enough, or are the shackles keeping him grounded simply too heavy?

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A nice story. Well written, and a nice premise, though if it was meant to give me a feel, it didn't do its job.

However, I question as to why this story has more downvotes than upvotes? Let me change that...

An upvote and a favourite for you!

Geez guys, I get it, this story is a miss, but why all the hatred? A little input and maybe I could fix it! Instead I get 3 down votes, 2 ups, and 1 comment. Go figure.:applejackconfused:

I don't think this story is a miss at all. You really created some amazing characters and wonderful imagery, and I'm shocked it hasn't been more well received. I really hope to see more stories as well written as this. Keep up the great work!

Hmm, well I thought it was okay. It needs a bit of editing here and there and the paragraphs need to be a tad smaller but it should be well received. I can't really see why... :unsuresweetie:

Wonderful. Truly a wonderful tale. Where to begin?

First of all, I loved the characters. They were well written and well portrayed, despite the relatively short length of the story (it's a one act and these were Original characters.) We learned everything we needed to know about the world, the town, the history, and the personalities of the main characters involved. Nutmug and Day Dream's friendship was evident from the beginning, but not all was revealed. You paced it and revealed a new and deeper facet of each with each step of the tale; with each new version of Day Dream's contraption. They vary greatly in personality yet they have such a strong connection, and you are able to describe that wonderfully. Their ending was satisfying on every level it needed to be: plotwise, character-wise, and on a personal-level for me.

You captured the essence of dreaming very well. Day Dream's desires and his drive to constantly improve and push himself to reach this peak, to achieve the "impossible", is something I can relate very strongly to. I have big dreams, some of them I have already achieved or I am living at the moment, and I know that I constantly push myself and strive to reach these dreams. It's almost an addiction that can keep you up at night. To compose the perfect song. To write the perfect story. To build a flying machine. To climb the highest mountain. To move to a country you've always wanted to. All dreams and goals that require a certain amount of sweat, blood, and tears. Desire and dedication. Hope and drive. You captured this exceedingly well, not just wish Day Dream but with Nutmeg, too. Her dreams for the town, and their contrasting nature with Day Dream's, show how varied everyones life goals can be.

However, the ending showed that sometimes the dream isn't worth living without that special someone to live it with. Day Dream had Nutmug's support the whole way, and now he would support her.

A beautiful tale, woven in delicate prose and featuring charming and likeable, if not highly relate-able, characters.

Well done. One of my favorites on the site.

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