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Time steadily marches in Equestria, for some more than others, and with it brings change. Relationships between races and nations are strained, the country itself is divided in two, and every day ponies fight and die for their nation.

This is the story of those left at home, left behind, and living in a world they never dreamed of. Can they cope with what seems to be the end of harmony? Or, when pushed far enough, is it ponies that move nations?

The final installment of Ink Well's tale. The question is: where is he?

Chapters (27)
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Comments ( 87 )

This is gonna be a start of a huge conflict. How many chapters do you plan to release?

And so the dominoes fall, leading to a winding road to the end.

Everything going on, and Celestia still parties as though nothing is wrong...

Seems like Twilight is not only losing faith in Celestia, but actually thinking that Celly might want Luna to win due to her partying while Canterlot burns. Also, how are Shining Armor and Cadance doing? They probably aren't dead. And how about the Crystal Empire? Is it allied with Equestria?

Also, Rainbow Dash joining the NLR must have really hurt Equestria. The Element of Loyalty choosing the other side. I bet a lot of ponies must have thought long and hard about joining up with Luna after Loyalty made her choice.

I can't wait to read the next one. The wheel of fate is turning and who knows what might happen next, well other than you, Medicshy, obviously you know.


Don't run for president. So far as I can tell, you either have to lie a lot to make it there or get so corrupted it's not worth it.


That was actually Rose thinking that, but you're not entirely off base otherwise. And all questions will (hopefully) be answered in due time.

Possibly, and I have no idea. As many as it takes.

Oh, it would be too SIMPLE if I just moved on here. I haven't introduced half the main cast yet!

Have a little patience. I can't TRULY promise it, but I dearly hope it will be worth the wait. :heart:

Hey, technically Ink Well hasn't been introduced in this story yet. He exists, he's been around, but he hasn't been 'introduced'.

No spoilers, of course, but patience. There is a long haul here, you've come this far, hopefully you're in for the rest of it.

Why didn't they buy the ticket for Rose, then let Ink Well fly to Canterlot? It doesn't look all that far.

The same reason Celestia took a chariot to visit: Because ponies are lazy.

Or because nobody makes the best decisions when half-manic and worried for your/your love's life... Or something. :derpytongue2: It made sense at the time.

Hey, so long as used sparingly, "they were being stupid" is a perfectly valid explanation. :derpytongue2:

4020205 I.... Ummm..... Hmm....

Well, some good happens in the next chapter, that much I can promise. Or at least some happier....

It's only gonna get worse before it gets better, but it will get significantly better, I Pinkie Promise. :pinkiesmile:

Feels like a lot of set-up and the start to Equestria's industrial revolution. I wonder if Steam Cloud is really a spy and if she is who is she working for? Celestia? The changelings? A hidden third party?

And at least we know where one of Ink Well and Rose's missing children is.

In order: It is a lot of set up, but there's a lot to cover, maybe, maybe, maybe, and maybe.

Well, once in a blue moon is slightly unfair. I've been trying to keep it to once in a normal moon with this story, and this chapter was only delayed a week because my editor had real life issues pop up. But the GOOD news is that I am already probably 1/2 to 1/3 of the way through the next chapter, and with significantly less to distract me in life right now, I should be able to have it out faster...

of course, this promise is coming from me, who has a horrible track record of breaking that exact promise, but I will do my very best.

Though... I know what you mean. I'm kind of wishing so much sad didn't have to happen, but it's going to make the happy that much sweeter when it comes... I hope. Otherwise it's all gonna get tinged in bittersweet, and then I'll have to throw out the whole batch and start again. :pinkiesad2:

Wow, it's really awesome how this story can change from depression to happiness this quickly, I've got a nagging feeling the next chapter may not be so happy however!

A war Ink Well started? Is Celestia kidding me? Is she trying to make me laugh? Is the HUEHUEHUEs coming?

First of all, I really like the glass windows you got there, Celestia. There's no moon or any stars or anything like that there.

Secondly, the griffons weren't going to trust her after she admitted she started the Weather Factory which had kidnapped and enslaved griffons. That's a casus belli to war, right then and there. Hell, they talked to Ink Well and Luna only because he saved their diplomat and she was on the moon.

Thirdly, Celestia didn't have to go to war. She forced it herself with her own actions. She could have done something that made Luna feel that she was needed - maybe pushed some of the government services for Luna to be in charge of; or like Cadance - give a part of Equestria to her. But she didn't. She could have done something for the pegasi but she didn't. This war was coming, no matter how much Twilight Sparkle wants to close her eyes and shout "NO!" at the top of her voice. The evidence was there. Both Celestia and Twilight just didn't want to acknowledge it.

4098722 I'm glad this has been so moving, though I'm sorry about the emotional roller coaster. Hopefully it won't even take 4 months for it to finish, but I'll let you know when its done so you can plan your own mental anguish night. :scootangel:

4099186 Yeah... politics never ends nearly as cleanly as people trying to kill you.

For anyone curious, yes, Monsters and Other Foalish Things IS a part of this universe, so hopefully that will explain any confusion around Scootaloo.

I'm hoping that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon get their comeuppance in the near future

I read the ORIGINAL story, back in the day... I definitely do NOT like stories that follow the path of Luna and Tia splitting ways, dividing the nation, or the mane 6 being at war grade odds with one another... I ONLY just found these later stores recently... I might give them a read... But then again, between comments and story descriptions... I might not... And I read a metric crap ton of stories.

Newsworthy was such a great story... That is the only reason I'm spending even a moment here at all... Dang... I probably won't be able to get into this if it's truly gone from news man uncovering shady conspiracy stuff to what i'm seeing described here... A shame... The original story was exceptional, and one I remember fondly and enthusiastically over so many other forgotten stories from ages back... Oh well... :pinkiesad2:

4181292 All stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Some ends are happier than others, some sad. The fact that you liked Newsworthy brings me great joy, as I always like to hear when people enjoy something I have written.

The fact that you don't think you will like this story, or, from the way you are talking, probably ANY of the ones after Newsworthy, really makes me quite sad, but there's really little that I can actually do to sway you. I would kindly urge you to actually attempt to give the story a go than simply write it off on a description, 'book by its cover' and all that, but if you don't wish to, thank you for your comment, and keep the happy memories of Newsworthy. The fact that you enjoyed that is worth a lot in my book. :heart:

And, really, what's one universe compared to another in this fandom? If this sways your opinion at all: Spoilers, this story ends happily. I just can't bring myself to write anything other than a happy ending, no matter how dark or dreary it gets before then. It's been the case for the the initial 4 parts, it will be the case for the finale. Whether or not you read it, the journey is there for those who will take it, and I will accept all opinions. Even the ones that hurt. It's what any good friend does. :scootangel:

Hmm... want to read, because I've spent the last three days burning through the Ink Well stories... but I hate the concept of a civil war, or the entire "Solar Empire/Lunar Republic" idea.

What to do...

4213260 my suggestion: Start it, give it a try, see if it catches your interest, if not, then it's not for you.

Brilliant story as always! I wonder, does Twilight in your story look exactly like in the show or do you imagine her grown higher, with a flowing mane, looking more like Celestia, Luna or Cadence after all this years passing?

4267037 In my head, she looks a little more like Cadance, and neither of them look like Celestia or Luna even after the passing of the years...

I would explain why, but it's a rather long and slightly convoluted reasoning that, at least in my head, makes sense but I don't want to burst anyone else's bubble about how alicorns may or may not work, so I'll just hope this suffices:

Alicorn theory is complicated.

Though I am quite pleased that you are enjoying the story so far! I'm just hoping the finale is worth the hype and the wait.

I have an idea on who Homeward really is, guess i will find out if it is who i think it is as we get on
Love this series you have created btw, keep up the great work

4677536 i am pretty shure every one knows who he is.

Ah, he still has the psychic paper.

I'm surprised this story hasn't gotten more attention, given the previous installments. I guess I can understand people getting turned off by Celestia clearly going off the deep end, but still.

4752068 People need to wait for the ending... If you judge a book by its cover or the first few chapters, you will never truly enjoy the endings...

I can't believe I waited this long to finally read this and catch up on your work, Medicshy. I can't wait to read more. ^_^

Is Steam's father Flim or Flam?

5253668 That actually gets answered in the next chapter. I am currently working on it, but between work and other distractions it has been slightly delayed... Probably still gonna come in under my normal time, but ya never know.

If you are too curious to wait, though, I suppose I could send you a note.

5258871 As long as it gets answered eventually, I'm good. Thanks though!

Comment posted by nobodywaseverhere deleted Dec 9th, 2014

This update is a great Hearth's Warming gift! You spoil us, really. And all the great character interactions were almost enough to distract me from the entire issue of Homeward Bound, until you went and drew attention to it at the last moment :derpytongue2:

Also, this thought made me giggle in a most refined and proper manner:

She gently spun Wind around to face her, keeping her hooves on Wind's shoulders and smiling warmly as she looked the conflicted pegasus in the face.


5424140 Preeeeetty much. But not quite. Glad you enjoyed it

Another wonderful chapter, Medicshy! <3

5424140 I had that same thought. I *so* wanted it to happen. :3


Seriously you two. So impatient. It's been 19 chapters and Steam's a slow mover, give her time to think! Assuming she does actually do that...

It's like you guys don't even remember the letter she's been hiding since the cave...

5429592 I actually did completely forget about that, particularly because it hasn't come up at all since it was originally mentioned. I had to go back through chapters to remember what you were talking about. XD

A girl can still hope, though (and ship, always ship). :P

5429980 Shipping is good... I will admit, I am a fan to some extent :P

Who else BUT Ink Well could have done this. (Aside, of course, from an idiot with a box and a screwdriver....)

*squee* Yay! New chapter! ^_^ <3

5519540 Yup, and then something like 5 more and it should be done! I think. Unless it explodes to being even LONGER AGAIN... But I don't think it will... but it might...

Depends on if this mini interludeish thing is 3 or 2 chapters long... and if the following 3 major events all get wrapped up in one chapter or take longer...

After all, this story was supposed to be 15 chapters MAX, so who knows what will happen?

5523167 I look forward to reading the rest. ^_^

Hmm, interesting little update. There is a great deal left to say, but perhaps one thats yet to be answered. And one that is sorta bugging me here. Is what he did to earn the changelings trust here. The allusions are pretty set, but nicely hinted at.

End of the fourth story would've gotten him an in with the changelings, and Sandstorm might've sought him out after Newsprint died. Wouldn't be too hard to seal the deal with them by just saying, "yo, you're not going to have anything left to feed on if this doesn't stop".

5743031 I know, I know, I'm sorry... I have gotten horribly busy the last few months... I believe, not counting the chapter I'm about to put up, we're down to... three or four. So if I'm a horrible person and take a month a piece, like I have been on average, It'll be done by summer.

However, my birthday is just over a month from now, and I would like to only have the 'epilogue' left when I do that, which is such a small thing it's quite possible that it will just be in the final chapter...

Ah, good. Somepony is going to be there to bear witness to the thrilling conclusion of this war. Somepony who'd gone for minimalism but ended up with magician.

*SQUEEEEEEE* NEW CHAPTER! YAY! Great chapter, Medy! I'm really REALLY glad to finally see what I've been waiting half the story for finally happen! ^_^

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