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D'aww. I've always thought these two were adorable. :rainbowkiss:

Read this over on EqD when it went up and found it really cute and touching. I couldn't help routing for both Twilight and Trixie and felt saddened when one of them had to lose. Still, it had a uplifting ending that goes well with the show's tone.

I found the competition part to be very well handled and exciting. Coming up with things on the fly really shows the pairs' strengths and weaknesses.

Great one shot! It's worth anyone's time to read!

Good story.

Wow. One of most level-headed fics about Twilight-Trixie confrontation and friendship. Good work, I applause you sir

Whoah. The similarities between this any my own head-canon is... eerie :applejackconfused:

Great story. The duel was very well done and I didn't feel that either of them were 'favored,' as it were. And it ultimately ended on a good note, a nice little friendshipping fic.

Read this a couple nights ago, forgot to look for it again.
Your writing is fantastic, along with this story. Twilight's final reaction from the audience is something I never saw coming, and I honestly got a newfound Trixie feel when she said how it was like that for her, but with a whole town. Good show, sir.

386694 Or madam. I'm not sure which, and I don't want to offend.

386698 Thank you very much. And it is sir, you guessed right.

A very nice story, though I've never really been a Trixie fan.

An upvote and a favourite for you!

A very nice, enjoyable fic. Felt like it flowed more naturally than most Twilight-Trixie fics.

After reading this again, and as much as I really LOVE:heart: your Ink Well stories, I think this might be the best thing you've written. It's feels so natural and real. It's more like an episode put into story form. And it doesn't immediately try to force Trixie and Twilight in to a relationship. I really do love this story! :trixieshiftright::twilightsmile:

Twilight and Trixie. Two sides of the same coin. Both powerful in their own craft. I knew Trixie would win, but I am so glad they both could still be friends after all was said and done.

Instafave. Now write more, I demand more.

Alright! Finally finished. As I stated, I'd leave a comment review for you so here you go!

First of all, absolutely excellent imagery in the story. It was very easy to picture everything in my mind as I read it, including the specific magic tricks that both Twi and Trixie performed. Everything was very vivid and clear without too much attention focused on actually writing every little detail out. Things like "Her cape and hat were the most decorative things in the room," give us plenty of detail without the need of unnecessary elaboration and clutter. It really helped keep a good flow of the story and I never really lost interest.

The plot itself was strong and perfect for this sort of one-act style. It could almost be used in an episode, which I think says a great deal about how strong the writing was for it. There are several lessons to be learned, there is plenty of conflict and resolution, and the characters themselves are very much written to their personalities in the show. The whole "Showmanship vs Talent" is a very compelling argument, and definitely shows the inherent difference between Twilight and Trixie.

Speaking of these characters, this is where the story really shined. For a while there, I must say I was a bit aggravated at Trixie. You definitely portrayed her arrogance very well and did a good job at showing her overall vanity. At first, however, I found myself wondering where you were going to take Trixie. It wasn't until the later part of the magic show that we get a glimpse of Trixie's mentality changing. Before that point, it was like reading a story about a bully trying to embarrass someone else and I was finding it hard to like Trixie. In fact, it was getting to a point where I disliked her even more than when she was first introduced in the show. Though she has a right to be bitter, it's clear that she is biased in her views concerning the events in Ponyville (considering Twilight did everything she could to try and NOT show Trixie up, only stepping in to save the town). Knowing this as an unbiased observer, I couldn't help but roll my eyes when Trixie began to complain about her lot in life after Ponyville.

However, the true magic of the story is how you were able to turn this around very quickly, yet seamlessly. It was during the part where Trixie realized that she had gone too far and she had essentially embarrassed Twilight for no other reason than her own ego and vanity that we start to see behind the mask that Trixie nearly constantly wears. It was with this epiphany, the moment she realized just how much her ego had corrupted her, that we started to see some redemption in her character. The talk between her and Twilight afterwards goes further with it, showing a mare who has truly learned that there are things more important that fame.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story. Though I complain about Trixie's "biased memory" when it comes to Ponyville, that is more of a problem with her character than the writing, as in I believe that is how the character in the show was meant to be portrayed and you simply captured it very well. However, you kept me hooked despite not liking the character and, at the end, you gave me new respect for her and helped put a smile on my face. I wouldn't mind seeing this Trixie in future stories!

Well done! I really enjoyed it and I look forward to reading your other works!

1792896 Quite the comment, glad you liked it! And don't worry. Trixie shall return.

Very nicely written. A nice way to resolve the conflict between the two, and show the differences. Showmanship isn't just about power, its about the presentation.

This was beautifully done. Well-written and well in-character for both of them. You've really captured the defining differences between them - Trixie may be weaker, but she is an accomplished performer. That said, Twilight has potential to dazzle the crowd with sheer power, so I expected the duel to be neck-to-neck. I think both of them came across as interesting and respectable in their own right.

And the ending was sweet. Oh Twilight, you really thought defeating Trixie would have won her over? Of course, I'm glad she didn't go the other way either and try to give Trixie an easy win to placate her with, because that would just have been insulting. Instead there's a bit of understanding and some final closure. Very good indeed.

You get a single upvote, but think of it as five or so, okay?

An oldie, but one hell of a goodie. How I wish this was how it went down in the show...

Yeah... I was disappointed with how that got handled in the show... but what can you do?

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