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It's not my commission, but whoa! · 8:15pm May 27th, 2014

If you don't love the Justices Flim and Flam, then you have no soul. I'll still love you, but that's the honest truth being presented, just for your information. :raritywink: :heart:


They're from the Mirrorverse, in case you haven't heard the news. Scoots2 is best fan. These guys need more fanart and fanfiction. I'm serious! :pinkiehappy:

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I always thought they'd make better lawyers than judges.

I think technically Equestria doesn't have lawyers, just judges. But maybe they were lawyers before they became super awesome Fairness machines? :pinkiesmile:

If there were no Lawyers, then I could see them being judges. But they way they spin words make them better suited as singing lawyers. :ajsmug:

Oh, I agree with you completely.

Thing is, the only time we've seen any sort of legal decree made is in Trade Ya, where a Princess handles the ruling without any other input beyond the defendant and the plaintiff. Admittedly, this may be a less than formal affair, but it is a tradition, so it might be proof. I might be forgetting some other scene that is more informative.

Beyond that, the comics themselves have shown the court at Canterlot. Apparently Celestia handled judgements in front of plaintiffs and defendants, which we only know about from Luna taking over the day shift for a day. I'm not sure if they've shown anything else, but that coupled with them as judges (they're literally presented as judges in the stained glass window, if the robes are any clue) would lead me to believe that in Equestria, you make your case on your own and the judge decides from there.

Sorry if you already knew all of that, but that's where my assumption comes from. :derpytongue2:

Flim: We should break out into song like when we entered Ponyville
Flam: I agree
Both: Ohhh! You've got opportunity in this court that you see.

Ah Ah see what I'm getting at.

As Yildun knows, the idea of them as the Justices Flim and Flam comes from this:

Behold the Stained Glass Window of Maximum Irony!

They're clearly justices, as they're portrayed with a courthouse behind them and a gavel and scales of justice. (And a yin-yang symbol at the top. Isn't that interesting?) So I was working with Extended Universe Canon. Besides, I like them as justices and the Elements of Fairness, precisely because they DO argue in such a biased way. It's usually judges who set the tone of their own courtrooms, too. Defense attorneys who burst into song might get overruled, but if that's the way the judge wants it, well . . . .

I did suggest that the plaintiff and defendant have attorneys, but when it came right down to it, it occurred to me that the justice system really may be as simple as "let's take it to the Princess: she'll know what to do."

Anyway, avoiding teal deer: it's Cook and Price's world. I just get to play with it.

Yeah, I figured as much after Yildun pointed out the Trade Ya episode. But I still feel that while we've gained an awesome idea of two Judges of fairness, we've lost a musical number about how a pony is guilty of a crime (or not guilty of one) in order to impress the judge and confuse their opponent.

2151974 Oh, mine do that. They argue both sides of each case at the same time. In song.

You could always write about them as singing lawyers anyway. I'd still support that wholeheartedly. It would make for an interesting scheme or just a strange turn of events that they got themselves into. It would probably be a different AU, unless your concept of them turning "honest" is to go to law school, which isn't really that surprising for the regular Flim and Flam, in my opinion. :pinkiesmile:

Perhaps they could invent lawyers! :rainbowlaugh:

I do like the idea of them inventing lawyers :pinkiehappy:.
Kind of makes sense for them.

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