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I am one with the salmon. -Gan

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IM BACK BITCHESSSSSSSSSS (p.s. It's a girl!) · 5:26pm Aug 4th, 2014

Hey guys! I know it's been like 4-5 months, I forgot. But IM BACK. Why have I been gone? I'll just make this short:

1. I HAD A BABY GIRL. Yes, I've been hiding this from you for so long, but I have a child at the age of 21. Yeah. Buttt we named her Sarah and she's the most beautiful thing I've seen.

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I only like to be known as Gan, for the rest of me is a mystery. I never show my face, the salmon gets greedy sometimes. If you are lucky enough to see my world famous tortillas, that will certainly be me, but I will have long changed, for that disguise has failed me. Even if hiding in a fridge is uncomfortable, I still have to do it at least 4 times a week, after the police would have searched you're crappy apartment and finding no evidence I was there, them being wrong. But again, I am only Gan, and I am just some mysterious clopper who constantly has to change his disguises because my tortillas would have failed me. Now goodbye, because I forgot that you were coming around seven, where you'll find me sitting on your-
Join my group if you like some hot M/M Braeburn clop!
My fuck it list:
[] become popular
[x] make a fic on mobile
[x] Get 10 followers
[x] get someone over 1,000 followers to follow me
[x] make my own group
[] Get featured once
[] Get featured twice
[] get featured 5 times
[] make 10 stories
[] 50 stories
[] 100 stories
[] ship Braeburn with every stallion
[] Get an editor
[] Make an official OC

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