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I write about high school girls on a site about ponies...nope, nothing out of the ordinary here.


This story is a sequel to the fic Dazzling Shimmering Splendor, though you don't need to read it for this fic.

Sonata Dusk has a slight crush on Flash Drive's drummer Brawly Beats, Though sadly, she has no idea how to approach him considering the only time they have together is gym class. Her sister Aria says she knows how she could get him to notice her during a game of dodge ball. Perhaps Sonata should've just waited to ask Adagio instead.

Thanks to all of the people who preread the fic for me, you know who you are.:raritywink:

Special thanks to Calm Wind for helping me find the cover art, and BRyeMC for the edits! You guys are awesome!

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It's the first day of Spring Break, so the Rainbooms and the Dazzlings decide where better to spend it then at the beach? While there, Sunset is asked by Adagio if she'd be willing to see something alone with her.

Why does this request both excite and terrify Sunset at the same time?

Many thanks to a bunch of wonderful people who aided me in this endeavor. Thanks to Harmony Charmer for all of her support in the creation of this fic, BRyeMC for the edits, Calm Wind for the cover art, and all those who read the fic and told me that they enjoyed it.

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It's the summer season in Tartarus, and it's hot as Hell there! After being re-banished, Tirek is forced to live through the unbearable temperatures. Tirek is hot, and he'll do anything to try and beat the heat. So when he heard about somepony selling lemonade in a far off corner of Tartarus, what will he do? Will he go as far as selling his soul? Maybe.

* Thanks to Normal for drawing the great cover art that inspired this fic!
*Thanks to BRyeMC, Calm Wind, CogWing, and Kestrel for prereading and supporting this fic! And, thanks once more to Kestrel for his great job editing the fic!

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Things have changed in Canterlot High after the events of the Fall Formal. Sunset Shimmer no longer bullies anyone, and the school is now free from her iron grip and all are happy about it. Well...everyone except Sunset Shimmer herself. Even after multiple events to atone for her previous actions, most students won't do anything but shoot her a cold glance. For the first time in her life, Sunset Shimmer feels alone and unwanted in the world. This may all change when the last person she'd ever expect to speak to again asks her one question.

"Um..are you ok?"

Special thanks to pre-readers Tidal, CogWing, and BRyeMC

Super special thanks to my amazing artist friend Scootafail, who did the mega awesome cover art for this fic!
Also tons of thanks to my good friend Kestrel for editing. You're awesome man!
Story takes place after Equestria Girls. Friend Shipping SunShy. (No clop!!)

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Flim Skim's life has hit a dark point. With no business, no money, and no schemes to rely on anymore, he's a shell of the fast talking salespony he once was, drinking his sorrows away while drifting through Equestria for who knows what reason. One night when he finds himself literally thrown into an unknown town, he feels as though life has pushed him down to the ground for the last time. That is, until a certain ranch owner comes along to offer him a helping hoof.

I wrote this mainly to prove to myself that I CAN write a sad story, and because I've never seen a Cherry X Flim ship story before.

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Swift Justice has a good life in Canterlot High, he has decent friends, good grades, and a crush on a certain pink haired president of the party planning committee. He wants to ask her out, but things get complicated when a new student enrolls and Pinkie tries to set Swift up with her! Will Swift be able to get the girl without completely embarrassing himself? Probably not.

*A series that's set in Canterlot High after the events of Equestria Girls.
*Thanks to CogWing for the title, cover art, editing, and basically being the co-author at this point! You rock Cog!
*Swift Justice is my OC, pls ask if you wanna use him for something.
*Don't let the character tags fool you, there's no Flashlight.

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Trixie Lulamoon is the powerful, loyal, intelligent, (and don't forget humble) student of Princess Celestia! But after her ego gets the better of her one too many times, the princess has had it! She decides to send Trixie on a quest to defeat Nightmare Moon, and not come back until her mission is complete! The only problem? Nightmare Moon hasn't been seen in over 2,000 years! Follow Trixie as she travels the world, where laughs, adventure, and a pegasus always seem to follow her.

Cover art done by CogWing Thanks man!
Editing done by Tidal Thanks a bunch dude!

(This is inspired by a totally hype idea I got when I was watching Slayers, which is a funny anime BTW)

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In an alternate universe, where the Mane 6 are the Power Ponies, things seemed to have calmed down since they defeated the Mane-iac. But with news that a new threat is on the rise, stealing valuable treasures from museums and private collections from all over Maretropolis, The Power Ponies need to catch the thief! Can they catch this high class thief? or will some of Equestria's finest treasures be stolen from right under their noses ? Find out in this issue of Power Ponies: The Ebony Chronicles!
(I wasn't sure If I should've added Spike in the characters list, because i already added Power ponies)
*Character list and tags are subject to change as story goes

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During a visit , an old earth pony named Blank Slate recalls to his grandson on how his life was forever changed when he received a parting gift from his late uncle, and how this gift helps him meet a mare that shows him a new way to look at the world around him. A story on how some of the saddest parts of your life, can be gateways to some of the happiest.

*List of characters may change as the story goes on.

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