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Writing is hard.


Vinyl Scratch, for lack of a better word, is depressed. She has been for a very long time. Everything in her life is a disaster: her job, her love life, her friendships... Then she meets Fluttershy, a mare who's so happy and in love with the world and its faults. And it all goes uphill from there.

...Or does it?

edit: featured on the front page on may 2nd, 2016! thank you so much!

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*through gritted teeth* how the hell did you do that, I've been sitting on this idea for two months now. Now I gotta come up something else...... fuckin hell

Oh, alright chapter Btw.

Wow, this was really well done. When I went through depression when I was younger, that's what it felt like but written at a much stronger level. I can't wait to see where this goes!


Aw, sorry! I've actually had this idea in my mind for a while.


Thank you very much, that's quite the compliment. (:

The description caught my interest, this will remain in my read later list until more chapters are uploaded.

Congratulations, this is the reason I still come to the site: To find these works of legitimate, and good, writing within everything else. Good job, and keep it up.

I really like the picture, and what I had read in the description, I´m going to read it later.

This is awesome, I just hope you don´t plan to let it end after a few chapters, please make it a long one, and actually show us how she is probably going to get better slowly. I like that type of story, maybe because it is about the brain, emotions, or whatever. psychology, it looks like it would go into that direction a little bit, and I like it.

However I hope Fluttershy doesn´t just have a magic touch, and everything get´s better right away, that she is able to make Vinyl get out of the bet without really trying, and stuff like that. I somehow want for Vinyl to actually believe that she s a failure for a longer time, maybe that even makes the feelings even better.

If Fluttershy is going to help her, I actually want her to have to search for the right answer, nothing of that "I´m the element of kindness, and that means you have to get better right now!!!" stuff. I have the feeling I already saw something like that somewhere. Well it is nothing bad, but because of the type of story, I don´t want it to be to easy for Fluttershy.

I know it is to soon, but I take it into my favourites, and give you a thumb up now too, I would like longer chapters, but then again I don´t want to wait to long, because this is really interessting right now.

This is awesome thing you got going. Vinyle being depress to the point of suicide. Also with the break up with Rose Luck. Wait what? I have to ask, why Rose and not Octavia? You don't have to answer, it just that Octavia and Vinyle are... you know... more common.

Now your bringing Fluttershy, before I write anything else. I like the way you didn't write Fluttershy to shy since she is seen more braver in the show. But still shy enough to not want to be out in the dark alone.

I like to say more, but it getting late and New Year and stuff.

Oh and good work on putting on the waterfall.

Putting? I'm such an idiot on my English sometime, I swear. I meant Describing the waterfall.


That's an amazing compliment. Thank you!


Thank you. (: I don't want to give anything away so I can't say much.


I don't ship Octavia/Vinyl at all. :ajsmug:
Besides, I thought doing more obscure pairings would make the story way more interesting.

Thank you!

But Vinyl wasn’t thinking about that. She was too fixated on the conversation she and Fluttershy were having as they planned their little friend date. There were no awkward silences in between them this time.

hhhhmmmm I suppose she would warm up enough to talk a bit in between the time they were walking together, she is kind of distracting her.

Thank you for all the nice comments! I was a bit worried about working on this story, but your words gave me the reassurance I needed to keep working. :heart: I'm really excited to see where the story goes, and I hope you all are excited too!

I just hope you plan to make her recover slow, maybe add a more happy sequel, if it should fit after this story is ending. Or another recovery sequel.

I can´t get enough from this, I´m so excited about this type of story, that I even had to laugh at one point, just out of excitment. This type of story is to rare, as far as I know, either that or they just never continue after a few chapters.


I have to ask, why Rose and not Octavia? You don't have to answer, it just that Octavia and Vinyle are... you know... more common.

Probably exactly because of that.


I don't ship Octavia/Vinyl at all. :ajsmug:

Besides, I thought doing more obscure pairings would make the story way more interesting.

eehhh close enough I guess, but I´m glad that you made something new, I honestly thought Octavia was already one of her ex-Marefriends.

However I hope you don´t continue this story with a week later, I don´t want to have to many timeskips, where important changes around Vinyl could happen, and I would like to see the "playdate" between them, or how I´m supposed to call it.

I get the feeling Fluttershy already has her own thought´s about what she saw, at least that was what I thought while I was reading some of her....how she was approaching Vinyl.

Oh and that was a really awesome chapter again, I have to agree with Size the day, even if other stuff is awesoe as well, there is noz much, that .....
It really feels different to read this type of story, thank you for that.


oooo this sounds great already :pinkiecrazy:

You damn tease. I don't know your plan, or that lying on the bed all cay is just talk, but teasing me-us for the "friend" date moment to happen. Instead we got Vinyle preparing for the date. I am not happy on this chapter.

No, I'm all smile of the ending. Though I do wish what would happen at the date, I must wait.

And I hope you won't keep all your viewer waiting to long.

The idea had excited her so much yesterday. She had walked home after leaving Fluttershy at her cottage with her mind swimming with possibilities and she had actually felt pretty positive

Maybe I´m just hasty, and excited doesn´t have to mean always something positive I guess, but I´m not sure if this isn´t a bit soon for her to feel rather positive already.

I´m not sure how broken she still is right now, but I somehow always imaged her to be rather dulled in her emotions right now, and that everything that is positiv like that, probably would make her feel more normal, but not exactly happy, just a bit more normal.

I think I´m only saying that, because I´m affraid Fluttershy would be something like an ultimate cure, for her emotions, and every moment she is near her, Vinyl would be normal, and because of that I´m maybe overreacting in that direction.

A bit of a filler, I apologize. I've been totally sick these last couple of days and haven't moved from my bed. :ajsleepy: I have already started the next chapter though! It should be up tomorrow, if everything goes well. :twilightsmile:

aahhh okay I understand, and after I had finished my little explanation, I just enjoyed the reast of the chapter, and it was good:heart:

Wow, am I glad I found this story. Her personality really hits homes and brings up a lot of not so good memories. But that just helps me connect with her all the more! Real interested in what you do with this story.

Hope this is still getting updates! Don't know when you posted last chapter, my phone doesn't show the date of when the chapters get posted!

This was actually really good, can't wait to read more

What thats it noo this is so good i need more write more frequently please

aagh please dont abandon this story

I would love it to see a new chapter, this was one of my new favourites.

Dose anyone know another story like this one? I just want something to bridge some time till the next chapter of this story could be out.
It would be even better if something like that would exist in combination with some kind of adoption, mybe amnesia too.
I just remember one story, where the mother of Diamond Tiara woke up, and didn´t remembered anything (not sure if she was a Human turned Pony there).
I just didn´t liked it that the kind of new person had to accept Filty Rich as his/her specia somepony, even if she wasn´t the real one.
I know it would be weird to just tell him he could go away, but I didn´t liked Filty Rich that much back then. However I thought he could have lied, like that he does´t remember him, and that he can´t force himself to just accept him back as her/his special somepony.

Sorry for that sudden description, but yea something like that would be awesome.
I even lost sight of a certain story that was about a special Unicorn Mare, with a grey Cutiemark (painting or something), and a prismatic magic colour. She was making out with Fluttershy in the hospital in the last chapter I have read.
It happened really much bad stuff to her like kidnapping too. That´s everything I remember at the moment.

If anyone can recommend story I would be happy to read it till we get another chapter.

I still get the feeling that Fluttershy is a miracle cure that works right away, and I hope it isn't that easy for her to get healed.

Fluttershy gave another laugh. “You’re so sweet, Vinyl!” She loves the way the pony says her name. Vinyl felt a strong feeling in the pit of her stomach. Anxiety? No, no. It was something she hadn't felt in a while, but couldn't put her hoof on it right now.

I really like the idea, I'm just to affraid you maybe rush her healing.

thank you for the new chapter, i just have a bit to high hopes for this story I guess, so I'm a bit picky, but it is honestly nice to read.

7146716 looks can be deceiving :twilightsmile:

7146740 I'm curious if she maybe meets someone that she knew once, and that way Fluttershy is going to notice what really was going on with her, if she shouldnt be able to look so deep into it right now.

I have to say, I like this slightly more confident Fluttershy. Great job and keep it up!

"You're late again?" Cloud Chaser didn't seem all that surprised

didn't noticed until the maschine pointed it out.

Nice to have another chapter, I think I need to be patient, till now it sometimes looks like she would only get better, but I'm pretty sure I still get the moment where Fluttershy is going to be very aware of everything.
I sort of remember that Vinyl is probably sort of used to act that way even if it should be hard for her, I mean you sort of helped me to remember that last time.

Okay now I start to think we have some sort of Love Triangle. Twilight is in Love with Fluttershy
Fluttershy seems interessted in Vinyl,
(maybe because of that she was talking to her and not because she thought she would die (I don't remember everything right now.)
Vinyl is still starting to find out what she wants,
even if I sometimes think, that she is already to happy, however this time was kind of okay, since she had good and bad moments.

I start to like it, but I still hope for something dramatic here, I probably just need to wait longer, and maybe you already told me something about it, but it would be interessting to see them finding out about Vinyl wanting to kill herself.

I just hope either there is a sequel later with the real therapy, or this story is going on for a while.

In the end I love it everytime.

Shame, i liked the old picture. I thought it captured the essence of the story more, and gave a good picture of what she looked like. This one seems like something you would see on a action story, not a drama about suicide and depression.


Thanks for the feedback!! I'm drawing a pic, but I'm super lazy about it. I'll put the old one back for now. (:

7284985 Wow thank you! Did you draw the current one?


I wish! This is the older one. My skills aren't nearly as good as that one. (:

7287996 Did you draw your avatar picture?

Wow, Fluttershy is as smooth as Nutella. You go filly.

This story should possibly have an Alternate Universe tag, since Vinyl really is a successful DJ (and is roommates with Octavia). Anyway I'm really enjoying the drama and sweetness in this.

I actually really, really like TwiShy, so I don't know how to feel about VinylShy being obvious endgame now that you've opened up the possibility. xD Either way, I am liking this tale it's very therapeutic.

You've written the kind of Vinyl I (and I imagine most other people) don't read too much.

You've written it well.

I really like it and as long as you slow down Vinyls suddenly miracle healing, then I would like to see another chapter.

I think this was where I got the feeling that Vinyl started to get better to fast, her problems that (as fas as my knowledge goes), should be far deeper, letting themself change to fast and that was probably the problem I had last time.

However I'm still for another chapter.

Rose shook her head. “I wasted so much time,” She whispered under breath, heartbroken. The words had not been meant for Vinyl, but she heard them anyways. You’re such a waste of time. The voice in her mind scrambled what Rose told her. More fuel to the fire for later.

Ugh... This. I know this. Depression is such an awful filter for reality.

You describe the desolate and weary side of depression well. Talking takes effort, and it's like there's a wall between you and the world. When you do feel anything, it's bad. The numbness is almost like a coping mechanism. You just can't deal. You can't cope. So you shutdown.

Not everyone gets that.

In a sick way, she loved having that safety net. It was almost… eerily comforting to her.

Yeah... The Plan. Actually, for me, I'd think of it even when I was "happy". End on a good note sort of thing. Depression can have seasons. During the times when I felt the least awful I'd never forget that the sadness was on its way again. The negative self perceptions didn't vanish, they were just a little quieter.

The Plan was a security blanket.

Stop crying, stop crying. She scolded herself, but she couldn’t help it. She couldn’t feel like she could stop. It was beyond her control- beyond her grasp. It made her even more frustrated. Why couldn’t she control her emotions?! Why?! Why was it so hard?

Another distorted way of thinking when depressed. You don't control your emotions. No one fucking does that. They manage them. When you get good at it, you can manage them to the point that you're relatively high functioning and capable of self-care.

When you're really depressed dishes pile up, you skip showers, and simple matters like rendezvous with friendly people seem daunting.

I'm enjoying this so far. Just what I need to read right now.

I like your Fluttershy! She's interacting with Vinyl well.


Ha! This made me laugh.

I think if an alarm clock ever woke me up with this song, I'd have one less alarm clock.

Well! I'm all caught up. I don't know if you'll ever continue this, but it was an enjoyable read. It was in the sweet spot for me, as I was feeling low.

I wasn't expecting the love triangle, and it would be interesting to see how it was resolved.

If you do keep on writing, I noticed some technical stuff that could be hammered out. I'd be happy to help with editing. I'm pretty thorough, though not the best. It's up to you though.

Thanks for writing this.

Vinyl watches as her ex-marefriend stormed out of the room, her bags in tow. Vinyl waited for what felt like hours, hoping that Roseluck would come back. Hoping that Roseluck would change her mind, and only once the front storm slams shut does her own tears fall.


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