• Published 21st Aug 2019
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Reforming the evil - SkarinOfAtmora

Celestia's new Villian Reformation Program has put Sam in quite the predicament when three former villians are placed in his care. His efforts to lead a simple life with his marefriend are put to the test when new feelings begin to emerge.

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8 - Surprise!

Fluttershy stirred awake and found herself cuddling with Luna, the blue mare fast asleep. The pegasus smiled gently and slowly untangled herself from her herdmate. Noticing a lack of warmth beside her, Luna's muzzle scrunched up but otherwise stayed asleep. Fluttershy decided to let Luna sleep since last night was exhausting to say the least. It amazed both her and Sam how different sex was for ponies and humans. Sam was Fluttershy's first so she just assumed that's how sex should be and she didn't discuss that particular part of their relationship with her friends nor did she read about it. Shy as she was, the mare avoided anything related to sex in a wide, wide radius.

Luna, on the other hand, had experience in that particular field and was pleasantly surprised by the things Sam did to her last night. Even more so when Sam managed to pleasure her in the way only ten stallions could do before and then keep going. Turns out humans turned sex into an art form that ponies could only dream of. It was also a surprise to Sam when he found out ponies only had one position they do it in, doggy style he called it, while Luna called it normal style. Sam's ego almost went through the roof when he found out stallions could only last a couple of minutes and that was it for the night. The look of sheer lust on Luna's face when she heard how virile Sam was, made Fluttershy realize how lucky she was in that aspect. Not only did she have the kindest stallion as her coltfriend, but he was probably the best lover in Equestria. Fluttershy decided to keep that information very contained, lest she risk every mare from Ponyville breaking down their door.

The pegasus noticed a distinct lack of human in their bed and decided it was high time to get up. There were early birds and then there was Sam, getting up even before the Sun peeked over the horizon. She worried about him since Sam barely slept over four to five hours tops. He assured her it's normal for humans but Fluttershy knew that it was because of nightmares and what she presumed a life on the run.

Shaking away those dark thoughts, Fluttershy leaned down and kissed Luna's cheek, getting a soft hum and smile in response, before getting up from bed. Gathering her underwear from the floor, Fluttershy got dressed in a simple light blue sweatpants and white tank top. Feeling a bit cold, she put on her comfy pink house coat and quietly exited the bedroom.

Sure enough, Fluttershy found Sam in the kitchen preparing breakfast. With a pep in her step, Fluttershy approached Sam from the back and hugged him tightly.

"Good morning, Sam." she said, her voice muffled, what with her mouth pressed into Sam's back. He smiled and put a hand over Fluttershy's.

"Mornin', honey. Sleep well?" he used his free hand to flip the pancake he was making.

"Mhm." she nodded into his back before pulling away and coming to his side. The scent of fresh pancakes hit her nose and she hummed contently. "Luna is still sleeping."

"That's fine." Sam put the finished pancake onto the stack and poured the mix for a new one into the pan. "I remember the first time we slept together." Fluttershy went beet red when the memory resurfaced but a smile graced her lips nontheless.

"I-it was pretty exhausting." She then raised herself on the tip of her hooves and pecked Sam on the cheek. "I slept till noon that day." Both chuckled fondly at the memory.

"Ugh, I hate the smell of love in the morning." Heads turned to see an annoyed looking Chrysalis standing at the doorway, Pintsize nestled comfortably on tip of her head. "I nearly barfed last night. Tell Moonbutt to put up some sort of shield or something." She turned around and plopped down on the couch.

"Good morning to you too." Sam said with a roll of his eyes and turned to his marefriend. "Go sit down. I'll be done in a minute." He planted a kiss on her forehead and the pegasus made her way towards the couch.

"So, Flutternut, had fun last night?" the changeling tried to get a rouse out of the yellow mare, but the latter just blushed slightly.

"Very much so, yes." this tame reaction caused the former queen to frown and tsk.

"It's not fun if you don't get all fidgety." Chrysalis crossed her arms and huffed. Pintsize began quacking happily when sam entered the living room with breakfast and the small cygnet jumped right into Sam's lap. "Oh for the-" Chrysalis threw her arms up. "He's not your daddy!"

"Morning, squirt." Sam scratched Pintsize just below his jaw and the cygnet quacked happily once more. Chrysalis facepalmed and just then Thana came rushing in, jumping on Sam's lap while pushung Pintsize off. It was time for her morning belly rub.

"Umbra! What did I tell about your flea ball?" Chrysalis screamed towards Umbra's room but got no response. Meanwhile, Thana laid on her back and meowed expectantly. Pintsize then jumped back to Sam's lap and the two began their tussle for affection. Sam observed their squabble with a chuckle until Tiberius showed up out of nowhere, grabbed the two by their scruffs and dragged them away to a corner and presumably gave them a lecture on behavior. After that he turned to Sam, giving him a little thumbs up before going to the kitchen, leaving Thana and Pintsize in the corner, heads hung low, to reflect on their actions.

"Uhh, thanks." Sam said awkwardly while Fluttershy giggled. The small opposum nodded in return and jumped onto the coffee table to get some breakfast.

"It's too early for this crap." Chrysalis didn't have the strength to intervene and just rubbed her temples, trying to suppress the oncoming headache.

"Let's just eat breakfast. We have a lot of work today." Sam gestured to the generous spread on the table and took some pancakes.

"Really? Like what?" Chrysalis groaned and leaned back in the couch.

"W-well, today is Rainbow Dash's birthday, and we thought-"

"Let me stop you right there." Chrysalis raised a finger and opened her mouth to talk but Fluttershy continued.

"Both of you are going." Fluttershy said sternly and Chrysalis blinked in disbelief. "A lot of ponies will attend and Sam and I thought it would be a great opportunity to socialize."

"We don't socialize, we conquer." Umbra decided to make her presence known and entered the kitchen. "If you think we'll attend this little celebration of yours, then you are out of your minds."

"Oh well, you tried honey." Sam patted Fluttershy's head gently. "Guess we'll call Pinkie to watch them again."

"Stupid shaved monkey." Umbra growled as she stomped after Sam, Fluttershy and a very giddy Luna.

"It was either this or games night with the pink... I can't even think of a good insult." Chrysalis shuddered at the thought of another night of charades.

"You do know Pinkie organizes every party in Ponyville, right?" Sam's question got the two queens to freeze in place. "And I plan to stuff myself with brownies."

"I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends." Fluttershy then looked at the present in her hands. "I hope Rainbow will like her gift. How about you princ-,I mean, Luna?" the dark alicorn barely registered the question and simply hummed in response, her mind still on cloud nine.

"Ew." Chrysalis gagged and Umbra rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"And I want you two on your best-" two raised brows made Sam rethink his words. "-polite-" pointed looks. "Umm... Nice?" he sighed and rubbed his temples. "Don't bite anyone."

"No promises." Umbra replied with a grin and Chrysalis bared her sharp fangs.

"We're here." Fluttershy pointed towards Sugarcube Corner and there was a party alright. Ponies stood outside as there were too many of them to fit inside and the music could be heard all through Ponyville. Balloons and confetti were thrown all around and everypony seemed to have a good time. That is, until they saw Umbra and Chrysalis. It's like someone pushed pause on the party.

"Hey! What gives?" Sam could see a rainbow colored mane trying to break through the crowd. "Is it the fuzz? I already told Mayor Mare that-Fluttershy!" in a flash, Rainbow Dash tighty hugged her friend and lifted her off the ground a little.

"H-happy birthday, Rainbow Dash." Fluttershy said a little out of breath and tapped RD on the back with her present. Wasting no time, Rainbow let her friend down and quickly unpacked her present.

"No way! An autographed original Wonderbolts uniform!" another tight hug caused Fluttershy to squeak. "Thanks, Shy!" letting her friend catch her breath, Rainbow turned towards Sam.

"Happy birthday Rainbow." Sam held out his fist which Rainbow gladly bumped.

"Thanks Sam. So, what'd ya get me?"

"Oh nothing special, just an old book." Sam handed the wrapped book to a confused looking Rainbow Dash but as soon as she unwrapped the book, Sam thought her head was gonna split in half from the huge smile. "I thought you might like it."

"I LOVE IT!" Rainbow's hug would squeeze the life out of any other pony but Sam was built different.

"Thought you might." Sam patted the pegasus on the back and Rainbow pulled back, her star-filled eyes glued to the book in her hands. "So, about those brownies?" Rainbow's wings pointed towards a table in the back, her hands too busy holding on to the book in case it decides to disappear. Sam weaved his way through the crowd, greeting ponies left and right before finally reaching the chocolaty destination.

"Best wishes, Rainbow Dash." Rainbow almost dropped her precious book when she heard Princess Luna.

"Princess? What are you doing here?" the pegaus asked in awe. It's not everyday a Princess attends your birthday.

"Celebrating your birthday ofcourse." Luna handed Rainbow her present, neatly wrapped in dark blue paper.

"Yeah, but why?"

"You are Fluttershy's friend and as part of Fluttershy's herd I was invited to join her and Sam."

"Oh. Well I guess that makes-HERD?" Rainbow yelled and looked at Fluttershy in complete schock. "WHY DIDN'T I HEAR ABOUT THIS?"

"It's still fresh." Fluttershy said before taking Luna's hand in her own.

"B-b-b-but... A HERD?"

"Oh would you knock it off." Chrysalis groaned. "Just point us to the booze so we can forget this day ever happened."

"Oh no. No, no, no, no." Rainbow stood between the door and Chrysalis and Umbra. "You're NOT invited."

"Oh noooo..." Chrysalis rolled her eyes. "Guess we'll have to go home.

"Umbra! Chrissy!" the mentioned mares froze when they heard Pinkie's voice. Sure enough, the pink pony leaped over Rainbow Dash and hugged the former queens. "Oh my gosh we're going to have so much fun!"

"We will NOT!" Umbra protested as Pinkie dragged them off inside.

"I WILL NOT PLAY PIN THE TAIL!" Chrysalis's screams were in vain.

"Why are they here?" Rainbow asked her butter colored friend.

"I'm sorry Rainbow, but we don't have anypony else to watch them."

"Do not worry Rainbow Dash. We will keep an eye on them." Luna assured the cyan pegasus.

"DON'T PIN THE TAIL ON ME DUMBASS!" the changeling queen roared at Umbra who was holding the donkey tail.

"WELL IF THE HORSESHOE FITS!" Umbra shot back.

"They're loud." Rainbow sighed and rubbed her temples.

"It takes some getting used to." Fluttershy smiled as she watched Chrysalis trying to catch a laughing Umbra. Come to think of it, this was the first time she saw Umbra genuinely laughing. "At least it's never boring at home."

"That's another thing!" Rainbow looked at Luna. "How did this even happen? I want all the details!"

"And details you shall get." Luna smiled. "For now, let's find our stallion, lest some mare takes him away."

"WHO ATE ALL THE BROWNIES?" somepony screamed in horror as Sam tried to escape with a mouthfull of brownies.

"Nah, I think you're good." Rainbow snorted and lead Fluttershy and Luna inside. "Now, details. Who goes first?" she asked with a knowing smirk.

"Rainbow!" Fluttershy blushed. "That's really none of-"

"First?" Luna looked at her in confusion. "We all do it together. It's called a threesome-"


"What? There is no shame in-"

"But she doesn't need to know that!"

"This is priceless!" Rainbow laughed.

"Then what about Sam's-"

"Not if you want every mare chasing him down!" Fluttershy responded.

"Not even-"

"Especially not that!" Fluttershy was now red as the baloon she was standing next to. "I need a drink."

"Alright. But what about when he used his fingers to-" the rest of the question was drowned out by the music in Sugarcube Corner. But it wasn't enough to silence Rainbow Dash.


Author's Note:

Just a little something to let you know the story ain't dead.
Decided against the clop chapter.
Anyway, moving on...

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