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Reforming the evil - SkarinOfAtmora

Celestia's new Villian Reformation Program has put Sam in quite the predicament when three former villians are placed in his care. His efforts to lead a simple life with his marefriend are put to the test when new feelings begin to emerge.

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2 - Not the warmest welcome

You could cut the tension with a knife. All five occupant's of Sam's home were sitting around the table in a deafening silence. That is not to say mean looks weren't thrown around. Umbra decided to take a long sip of her coffee, slurping loudly on purpose just to irritate Luna. The alicorn princess merely rolled her eyes before setting a glare of her own on Chrysalis who was still full from absorbing the love from Sam and Fluttershy last night. Her enchanted ring was modified so she couldn't drain anyone but last night's activities were sustenance enough.

Luna was concerned that Chyrsalis would do something similar to what she did to Cadence and Shining. It was also a good thing that she didn't have a magic suppressor on her horn like Umbra and Chrysalis. Fluttershy was watching carefully and tried to find a way to bring all of them closer together but it would be hard. Umbra, Chrysalis and Luna could barely stand to breathe the same air and Sam was not exactly happy about his new role. Speaking of, Sam was eating his cereal in quiet, completely ignoring what was going on around him.

"How come you get to keep your magic? " Chrysalis snarled at the lunar princess "No, wait, let me guess, friends in high places? "

"Because I won't try to kill Sam in his sleep. " Luna replied coldly and received a hiss from Chrysalis in return.

"I don't need magic to kill somepony in their sleep. " Umbra growled and sent a glare towards Sam who didn't seem to notice. That was some damn good cereal he was eating.

"Not with that face you don't. " and that started a whole new argument.

Sam was happy that Luna was here, she was his best friend after all, but something told him she had ulterior motives. At first he thought Luna was here to keep a closer eye on them and report back to her sister, but after explaining her situation, that theory flew out the window. He highly doubted Celestia would punish her little sister by making her move in with her best friend. Perhaps Celestia had some ulterior motives? She could be very sneaky if she wanted to. Sam decided it was best to ride this out and see where it goes. He could always use the extra bits he'll be getting from this job and put it into something useful.

"So, umm... " Fluttershy began and all glares turned to her "Eeep! " she scooted closer to Sam for support and he obliged by gently caressing her lower back. He felt his marefriend relax under his touch and offered her a reassuring smile. Fluttershy nodded in thanks and then addressed their roommates once again "I was thinking we could go into Ponyville today and- "

"A most splendid idea! " Luna concurred with a wide smile.

"No way. " Chrysalis waved her arms.

"Forget it! " Umbra slammed her mug on the table.

"It wasn't a question. " came the stern reply from Fluttershy, much to everyone's surprise "You're here to learn about friendship, harmony and love and I'll make sure you do it properly! " a hard stare made the three other mares a little uneasy.

"You sure Fluttershy isn't the one you wanted? " Sam looked at Luna who appeared uncertain at how to answer.

"We're going to Ponyville so you can meet your new neighbors and let them know about your program. " Fluttershy then looked at Sam for support.

"Uh, right. It'll be good to let everyone know why you're here so they don't freak out when you go grocery shopping. "

"Grocery shopping? I am not a maid you can boss around! " Umbra growled at Sam who looked very unimpressed with her threat.

"Well I think that is a great idea! " Luna clapped her hands together in a decisive manner "I think it would be good if my subjects, I mean, former subjects, know why I am staying in their quiet little town. " Chrysalis snorted loudly.

"Of course you agree with him. You just want to get in his pants. "

"I do not! " Luna said a little too harshly.

"Moonbutt's got a crush on the monkey? Ugh. " Umbra rolled her eyes and returned to her coffee "I should've gone to Tartarus... "

"That's enough. " Sam looked at Chrysalis who grinned wickedly.

"Ohhh, you don't know, do you? " the former changeling queen leaned closer to Sam "Luna here- "

"Don't you dare- "

"-is in love with you. " she finished with a cackling laugh "Oh this is so precious! So romantic! And oh so disgusting! " Luna was ready to blast Chrysalis into oblivion.

"It's not nice to make fun of somepony's feelings. " Fluttershy scolded with a stern look.

"Quiet you! I still haven't forgotten what you and your... Your... " Chrysalis was gasping for air, Fluttershy not breaking eye contact "You think you're so... " the former queen pointed a finger at the pegasus "Listen here... " Sam could swear Fluttershy was trembling but from what he could tell, she wasn't giving Chrysalis the stare "Okay, I get it. You can stop now. " Chrysalis burped loudly "I'm serious Flutterbutt! " she put a hand over her mouth and dashed to her room, the door slamming behind her. Everyone looked at Fluttershy who let out a deep breath.

"What just happened? " Sam asked, clearly confused about the showdown.

"Well, you see, Chrysalis feeds on love, but she doesn't know how to share love with others. " the yellow pegasus was shuffling in her seat "So I thought I'd give her a repeat of last night's emotions and... " Sam and Luna oh'd but Umbra couldn't care less.

"Again, you sure it's not her? " Sam pointed to his marefriend who blushed slightly.

"Umm, honey? " she tugged on his sleeve "Can I use the shower before we go? " Sam knew she showered this morning, so why...

"Oh. Yeah, go ahead. " it finally clicked what emotions she was talking about.

"Thank you. " Fluttershy vanished in a cloud of dust. That's how fast she needed that cold shower. That left Sam, Umbra and Luna at the table in an awkward silence, the latter two sharing quick glances to one another. Umbra took this as a good opportunity to leave the kitchen and possibly avoid the fieldtrip so she simply stood up and left. Sam and Luna sat in the kitchen, not really sure how to approach Chrysalis's revelation. Both knew the truth was out, since the changeling could read emotions, but neither knew how to approach it.

"About what Chrysalis said... " Luna began timidly.

"Yeah, it's... " Sam scratched his head awkwardly "Huh... I don't know what to say. "

"I do. " Luna held her head high and looked Sam straight in the eyes "I love you, Sam. A lot, and, I can't keep burying my feelings anymore. " she inhaled deeply before continuing "You're my best friend, hay, probably my only true friend, but I want more. " Sam wanted to speak but Luna held up a finger "Let me finish. I know you're in a relationship with Fluttershy and trust me when I say I will not do anything to come between you two. I know your kind sees relationships differently than we do and I respect that, but, I would've told you of my feelings regardless of Chrysalis. "

"Is that why you're here? To be closer to me? " Sam asked, not annoyed but rather curious.

"Twas Tia's idea. " Luna admitted sheepishly and Sam rolled his eyes "I did speak the truth about the muffin incident. "

"I knew you had lousy aim but to miss a head that big? " Sam chuckled.

"Hey, that's my sister you're talking about! " Luna scolded before giggling "Though it is true. " both shared a laugh before Sam spoke up.

"Luna, I- "

"You don't have to say anything. This is how I feel and I wanted you to know that. " she smiled gently "Whatever happens, know that I will always be your friend, and, I hope you will be too. " Luna rose from her seat and put her mug in the sink "I shall dress myself and we can leave for Ponyville. Also, there is somepony I would like to visit, if that is okay. "

"You don't need my permission to visit someone. " Sam said with a raised brow.

"As long as I am part of this program, you are technically the boss. " Luna replied with a smirk.

"So if I tell you to sweep the house, you'll do it? " Sam asked with a raised brow.

"I would even wear a maid's outfit. " she replied with a wink and left towards her newly added room, which was in the same wing as Umbra's and Chrysalis's. Sam leaned back in his chair and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"If I stayed in Canterlot a little longer we wouldn't have had this conversation. " with a groan he then sat up and took to washing the dishes. Unknown to both him and Luna, Fluttershy heard the entire confession from the hallway that lead to their bedroom.

About fifteen minutes later, all five occupants were standing outside the house, with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

"This feels like a death sentence. " Chrysalis looked towards Ponyville with a frown. The changeling didn't have much in terms of clothes, so a gray tank-top and a black sheet wrapped around her waist, that served as a make-shift skirt, will have to do for now.

"Please. " Umbra scoffed and crossed her arms "These peasants aren't even worthy to look at us, let alone do anything else. " she then pulled on her red t-shirt that was a little too tight, clinging to her toned figure and generous chest "And I demand new clothes! These are not fit for a queen! "

"I assure you all will go well. " Luna, now without her royal regalia and in a simple light blue summer dress, waved her off "And if you two behave, I just might put up a barrier so you can get some sleep tonight. "

"How very kind of you. " Umbra growled before grinning "Will you be putting one up for yourself? Seeing as your love is bucking somepony else right next- "

"What did I say about making fun of somepony else's feelings? " Fluttershy got right into Umbra's face with the stare and Umbra bared her teeth in response but otherwise held her tongue "Good. " she adjusted the sleeves on her overly long sweater, that looked more like a dress, and put on a large summer hat. She looked up to her coltfriend with a timid smile "We can go now, if you're, um, ready. " Sam, being a good head taller than Fluttershy, looked down and kissed the tip of her muzzle.

"You're hot when you're bossy. " Fluttershy went beet red at his words.

"Oh, really? Then, I'll show you how bossy I can be tonight. " Sam looked at her in amusement "I mean, if that's what you'd like. " the yellow mare said bashfully and felt Sam clasp his hand around hers.

"Just be yourself and that's more than enough for me. "

"Ugh, so much love! " Chrysalis threw her arms up in frustration "It sickens me! Let's get this over with before I barf again. " she stormed past the two love-birds towards Ponyville, the thought of being chased by an angry mob looking very pleasing right now. Sam and Fluttershy chuckled and followed after her in case she got into trouble too early.

"What the hay happened to her? " Umbra said and slowly followed after them, with Luna "I distinctly remember her fainting the last time I remotely looked at her. "

"Sam happened. " Luna replied with a small smile "She got more confident since he's around and I think it did her good. " Luna then looked at Umbra who had a hard time believing this "That's what love does. It changes you for the better. "

"And pray tell, how did it change our amazing host? " Umbra asked sarcastically and Luna turned her gaze back towards Sam who helped Fluttershy over a muddy puddle.

"Into the stallion you see today. " Umbra tilted her head in confusion before snarling.

"What the hay does that mean? " Luna continued walking and kept her eyes forward, a small smirk on her lips.

The first stop they made was Roseluck's flower stand to pick up some snacks. The fact all eyes in town were glued on them and their companions didn't go unnoticed but they guessed as much. Ponies backed-up into walls or straight-up barricaded themselves inside their colorful houses. Umbra and Chrysalis felt a little better about their situation, seeing the ponies were still scared of them.

"Hey Rose. " Sam greeted the flower mare who was trembling in fear, Umbra and Chrysalis giving her nasty grin's behind Sam's back.

"M-m-m-morning S-S-Sam... " she barely stammered out but when Chrysalis revealed her fangs, Roseluck squealed in terror and ducked behind her stand.

"Um, Rose? " Fluttershy peeked over the stand to see the mare cowering behind it "It's okay, you don't have to be scared. They won't hurt you. "

"It's-s-s fine! I'll j-j-just stay r-right here! "

"Just get the damn flowers so we can go! This dirt hole is absolutely pitiful. " Umbra barked , making Roseluck yelp.

"T-take whatever you want! " she even threw her coin purse towards the former unicorn queen "H-here! Is this enough? " the bag landed in Umbra's hand, making her grin in satisfaction.

"Hmmm, It shall suffice for now-HEY! " faster than Umbra could see, the purse disappeared from her hand and she saw Sam handing it back to Roseluck "What in the- How did you do that? " Umbra growled but Sam ignored her.

"Look- " he handed Roseluck the purse back which she accepted with trembling hands "-I'm here to buy some flowers for my lovely marefriend and then we're out of your mane. "

"And don't worry about these two. They're here under special orders from my sister. " Luna peeked over the counter as well and Roseluck calmed down immensely.

"Princess Luna? " the mare quickly rose before curtly bowing.

"It's Princess Luna! We're saved! " random ponies began shouting from all sides before erupting into cheers.

"Wow. It's like I never saved their children from that school fire. " Sam said in wonder, though he knew how beloved the two sisters were. You could repel a dragon invasion, but if one of the two royal sisters makes an appearance to buy an apple, you better believe you will be ignored. And that was just fine in his eyes, makes life easier.

"Calm down my little ponies! " Luna said with raised arms "Tis' true that you have nothing to fear, however, I am no longer your princess. " this caused the crowd to gasp loudly "As you may or may not have heard, my beloved sister has created the Villain Reformation Program of which dear Sam here- " said human waved to the crowd "-is in charge. And... " the crowd eagerly awaited "To which I have been assigned as well, in the same manner as Umbra and Chrysalis. An evil-doer, trying to make up for her mistakes. " the uproar that followed is said to have reached the ears of Celestia herself all the way to Canterlot "Please! Calm down everypony! " Luna yelled over the roar of the crowd but to no avail. Fluttershy ducked behind the counter with Roseluck, the two mares having a bad feeling about the situation.

"This went about as I'd expect. " Chrysalis chuckled to herself before experiencing a searing pain on her temple. Reaching up she felt a warm liquid meet her fingers and her eyes narrowed to slits "YOU INSOLENT, PATHETIC-OW! " another rock hit her, this time on the arm, and while it didn't break her chitin it did hurt "I WILL BLAST YOU-" then she remembered the ring and her eyes widened in realization. She was without magic, without a way to defend herself, and in her mind, completely helpless against the angry mob. The crowd was aiming directly at them, some rocks whizzing dangerously close to Luna who tried to defuse the situation without a magical outburst. Glancing over to Umbra, the unicorn wasn't faring any better without her magic either and both were unconsciously making small steps backwards. All of this lasted for maybe ten seconds before both saw Sam step between them and the angry mob.

"PONYVILLE! " Sam's roar overpowered the crowd's and the mob stood frozen in place, none daring to move a muscle "Is this how you represent your beloved princess? " he gestured to the injured forms of Chrysalis and Umbra "By throwing rocks and insults towards those she has given a chance for redemption? At her sister, no less? "

"They're monsters! " the crowd pointed at the two former queens and began shouting once again.

"And yet you keep forgetting, so was she once! " Sam pointed to Luna and the crowd fell to silence once more. He gave her an apologetic look to which Luna nodded in understanding. She made peace with that a long time ago and still felt like she hadn't doe enough to earn her subjects forgiveness "It was with the aid of six citizens from this very village that you got princess Luna back! Is perhaps Celestia's trust in you misplaced? " the crowd began murmuring "Is Ponyville no longer a place for new beginnings? "

"She's an emotion sucking vampire! " one stallion yelled from the crowd and got cheers of support.

"Yeah! And the other's a ruthless tyrant! " a mare joined in and received the same response.

"Then what about Discord? " Sam countered, since everypony loved his occasional chocolate rains now "What about Starlight Glimmer? " the crowds murmurs got quieter "And what about me? " the last one caught Umbra's and Chrysalis's attention and the crowd went silent "Both princess Celestia and princess Luna put us in your care, trusting that you're the kindest of ponies in all of Equestria to show us how to live in harmony! These two are here for the same reason! " he gestured to his, well, charges "Do you trust your princess? " the crowd nodded in unison "Do you trust me? " the crowd nodded once more "Then have faith that her Villain Reformation Program will work!" the crowd gave u unified response "And remember this, Umbra and Chrysalis are under my protection and any attack on them is an attack on me. " the crowd looked uneasy by this statement but nodded slowly nonetheless "Good. Now, return to your lives and tomorrow, I expect a much warmer welcome! " Sam shooed them off and the crowd slowly dispersed. He immediately went back to the stand to check on Fluttershy "You okay? Did you get hit or- " Fluttershy placed a gentle hand on his cheek to calm him.

"A little shaken but otherwise fine. " she looked over at Umbra and Chrysalis who were shaking in rage "You should talk to them. I think they're more scared than angry. "

"What makes you say that? " Sam extended a helping hand to Fluttershy who stood up and dusted off her long sweater.

"W-well, If you think about it, this was the first time they couldn't defend themselves with magic. " Fluttershy pointed out "It must've been scary for them to face an angry mob like that. " the former queens were inspecting their bodies for wounds but luckily none were too serious, mainly cuts and bruises "Go. I'll be here. " Fluttershy kissed Sam's cheek and gently pushed him towards their charges.

"He handled himself well. " Luna commented as she stood beside Fluttershy who nodded in agreement.

"I must say, much better than the first time. " both mares chuckled at the memory from years ago. The yellow pegasus then turned to Luna "Um, Luna? " the blue alicorn was surprised Fluttershy referred to her without the title, but, in the end that's how it's supposed to be for now "Can we, um, if you don't mind that is, talk when we return home? "

"I don't see why not. About what? " Luna asked and smiled when she remembered that Fluttershy's home also meant her home.

"You and Sam. I heard your confession earlier. I'm sorry for eavesdropping. " Fluttershy looked at the ground in shame while Luna stood frozen. That was not how she envisioned things to go down.

Meanwhile, Sam approached his two new roommates who were inspecting their bodies for injuries.

"You two alright? " Sam asked and got scoffs in response.

"As if mere pebbles could hurt us. " Umbra rolled her eyes and Chrysalis nodded in agreement.

"That's not what I meant. " the two turned their heads towards him, not understanding his question "I meant how do you feel? Your magic is gone and you were facing an angry mob. "

"Please, why do you care? " Umbra asked in annoyance.

"Yeah, you want us gone as soon as possible! And we share that sentiment! " Chrysalis hissed at Sam.

"Gone, yes, Hurt, no. " Sam approached Umbra and the unicorn clenched her fists tightly at her sides.

"We didn't ask for your help! " she snarled in his face which was now very close to her own.

"And as long as you live under my roof, you will never have to. " he then plucked a tomato from Umbra's black mane and threw it aside, her eyes following Sam's every move "Look, I don't like this any more than you do but Celestia has given you a chance to turn things around. I suggest you take it. I'll do my best to help and who knows, maybe we even become friends. " Sam patted her shoulder to get rid of some dust that was swept up. Umbra swatted his hand away before getting very close, their noses practically touching.

"Don't. Touch. Me. Again. " she growled before storming off towards her new home.

"Such hatred... " Chrysalis licked her lips in delight and soon followed. The last thing that went through Sam's mind was the curiously sweet smell of lilac Umbra left floating around him.

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