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Flash Sentry is frustrated that his relationship with Princess Twilight Sparkle isn't going anywhere. He makes the mistake of telling Pinkie Pie this. Shenanigans ensue.

Just a short bit of fun Flashlight.

Sexual activity occurs "offscreen" in this story, all participants are of legal age.

EDIT: Featured on 04/12/2021 because you are all awesome!

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I likw it.

Lord knows they needed it.

Before I read this, I must know: Why would Flash tell Pinkie Pie of all people?

That'll teach you to tell your woes to Pinkie Pie.

Let’s be serious for a second bot needed that

Omigod :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Can we have a sequel?

Okay, that ending was pretty funny. But Flash and Twilight got laid together, so I call it a win.

Top kek.

run pinkie. RUN!

Wasn't expecting visible horns and fireballs in this world. Bit of a mental adjustment there.

“You crossed dimensions, thinking you were confronting a man! Only to face… A god!” Flash cried. Sunset buried her face in her hands, obviously horrified at seeing Flash so twisted and corrupted.

Yes. Obviously. And for no other reason.

So, did human Twilight build Flash's props? And if so, how much did she know? And what does she plan on doing with them going forward? I feel like Sunset and Pinkie may need to worry about more than just the newly consummated couple...

Moral qualms aide, a goofy delight. Thank you for it.

Yes she did. She will probably just use them for SCIENCE!

And moral quandries, bah! Like they were going to figure it out alone.

I haven't read something this funny by you since Beating The Heat. Well-played. :moustache:

Overall funny story. Definitely enjoyed the scenario and how it played out. Two issues are that two hours is way too long and the illusions have no precedent.

True, but would that stop Sunset and Pinkie Pie from trying?

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