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Brony (of course) favorite pony is either Luna or Twilight Sparkle but I love all the ponies. Twiluna and Twishy are my favorite pairings.

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I would be very flattered if you did. Thank you!

806286 I will try to look at your other stories when I can, read the descriptions of a few and they seem to be pretty interesting as well.

Yeah, I've had a few requests to write a second chapter or a sequel or something, but I've refrained because I like the story being left open to some interpretation. Glad you understand!

806279 It was a pretty interesting read. Almost wanted to see another chapter just to see how it ended up, but that would have messed to much with the story as a whole.

Howdy there! Just wanted to say thanks for adding One Night to your favourites! I wrote that one on a whim, and I'm happy to know you enjoyed it.

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